Sleep Well To Escape Depression

Nikki Attkisson | Last Updated : June 11, 2021

If you are one of those who bounce out of bed early in the morning full of zest and ready to go, then your natural sleep habits, or circadian rhythms, are aligned with traditional 8 to 5 work schedules and school drop-off times for most people. However, you may also be one of those who snooze the alarm and continue sleeping. A recent study noted that when you are a night owl, it could work to your undoing. A recent molecular psychiatry study gathered sleep data that confirms that you are primed to perform better in the afternoon and evening and stay up late when you work better in the night. The data gathered from sleep wrist activity monitors worn by more than 85,000 and all their health information undertaken

Sleep Well To Escape Depression

Researchers compared that the sleep information to self-reports of mood and found that people with a misaligned sleep cycle more likely to report depression, anxiety and have fewer feelings of well-being. The health problems associated with being a night person are likely a result of being a night owl living in a morning person’s world. This leads to disruption in their bodies and heart rhythms. Sleep specialist Kristen Knutson who is an associate professor of neurology and preventive medicine at Northwestern University Feinberg School of Medicine noted this, but she was not involved in the study.

Sleep Well To Escape Depression

Ignoring our internal body clock appears to be highly associated with levels of depression, and low moods. This also results in of “having a higher misalignment of emotions was associated with higher odds of depression, the study author Dr Jessica Tyrrell, a senior lecturer at the University of Exeter Medical School in the UK.  has said  There have been prior studies that have identified a relationship between depression and odd sleep cycles, “.The strongest of this evidence is from shift workers who Dr” Tyrrell said, that there are some studies that suggest that these individuals have a higher prevalence of  developing  depression and low general health and well being.”

On the other side of things, a new and important finding” of the study is that those who love getting up in the morning were less likely to have irregular sleep timing than night owls, Knutson said

Morning people are more likely to be upbeat and are less likely to have depression. They are more likely to report higher well-being. Morning people are less likely socially jetlagged and therefore have a healthy status. Socially jetlagged people go to bed late and wake up late .this makes the people operate in different time zones. This results from the body consequently operating in a situation with the discrepancy between the daily timings determined by society and the individual’s biological rhythm. Other options that result in low well-being in night owls is that they have less exposure to sunlight which is a remedy for depression, While those who rise early have more exposure to sunlight, making them more healthy with general well being  Knutson said.

“Light exposure is greater among morning types and may be reduced in those with greater sleep variability. Indeed bright light therapy is a treatment for some forms of depression,” she explained. 

“Circadian misalignment in the body could also lead to inadequate sleep duration and sleep quality. This could also impair mood and exacerbate mood disorders,” Knutson said.

The problem comes first from fatigue or depression, which often plagues research that can only show an association, not causation. It’s also possible that people with depression have more irregular sleep schedules, which would need to be explored in future research.

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