Slugs And Snails Are Not The Only Sources Of Rat Lungworm Disease In Humans

Nikki Attkisson | Last Updated : August 30, 2022

Scientists from the University of London have been able to analyze 140 scientific studies to find 32 species of freshwater crabs and fish, including sea snakes and lizards, which can act as a carrier of the rat Lungworm parasite. The list is not limited to these species but extends to flatworms and centipedes, including pigs and snails. These 32 species are responsible for spreading the infection not only to humans but also to different animals. 

Of these 32 species, around 13 are specially responsible for transmitting the disease to humans, including crabs and fish, lizards, and frogs. This transmission occurs at a very high speed and usually affects the human body. Not only this but also this concept of getting infected with the help of these organisms is in the position to increase the cause of worry for most individuals. 

Concept Of This Infection

It is essential to mention that people usually get infected with this kind of infection after they come in contact with these species or directly consume the same. In such a situation, humans become accidental hosts because by directly eating the infected seafood, they also get infected by this disease. 

Slugs And Snails Are Not The Only Sources Of Rat Lungworm Disease In Humans

But this infection inside human beings is always ineffective until and unless a factor stimulates the same to affect not only the body but also the mind of the organism. It is believed, according to research, that this kind of infection usually targets the brain. They take time to grow inside the human body by consuming the nutrition; accordingly, after spreading the enzymes and proteins inside the brain’s neurological system, they die. 

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The after-effects of these kinds of infections are hazardous to the human body. It is believed that inflammation inside the human brain can even increase swelling. This is the first symptom of this problem. But it cannot be detected so early, and by the time it gets detected, it becomes difficult to cure the same in light of the persistent complications. 

This infection is caused not only to human beings but also to other animals. After coming in contact with these kinds of 32 species, every kind of organism becomes a parasitic host and hence becomes a carrier of this infection. Concerning every kind of organism, the brain’s functioning is directly affected. This affects the organism’s functioning in the long run and hence increases the type of risk it faces. 

Increasing incidence

This disease is primarily confined to the tropical area of Southeast Asia, including the countries of China and Japan. It is also being reported in the country of the United States of America. According to the pattern of the occurrence, climatic change is another factor increasing this infection. 

But for the time being, Hawaii is the Global Centre of this disease. The government and the scientists are working relentlessly for the development so that a proper diagnosis can be administered to them as only as possible. This will be effective in preventing the rate of infection. The complications are likely to increase if they are not treated within the time. It is responsible for affecting the functioning of the human brain in the long run.


It can be concluded that the infection is increasing rapidly, and the need to develop a diagnosis is felt. It is only due to effective functioning that a good cause-and-effect relationship can be established. This particular infection can be cured with the help of simple precautions. Accordingly, it becomes the duty of every individual to control the incidence of this disease with the help of simple and effective methods.


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