Smoked Salmon Called Back By The Lox Company

Nikki Attkisson | Last Updated : November 18, 2021

Lox Company situated in Oregon has recalled many of its products which were distributed in many of the states. The main reason for calling back the products is because there seems to be listeria contamination stated a company official. The products include Aqua Nova Premium Nova Lox sliced, North Coast Smoked Salmon Trim, and many other Nova Lox products. 

Smoked Salmon Called Back By The Lox Company

The products were mainly sent out to Washington, Alaska, Oregon, and California. It has been stated that listeria could be life-threatening for many people especially old people and children whose immune systems are not strong. People with good immune systems could face diarrhea, headache, fever, and stiffness in their muscles. Pregnant women should stay away from this as this could cause miscarriages as well. 


FDA (Food and Drug Administration) has stated that anyone who has bought these products should return them or inform health authorities. Under no circumstance should this be consumed and if consumed one should go and visit a health care facility and get checked out. Stores in the 4 states have been asked to check their inventory and if any products are found they need to report them back to the company for shipping.

The company stated that there were no red flags when the product was quality tested and no illness was seen. However, during a routine check by the Department of Agriculture, it was found that this shipment has listeria. This was immediately reported to FDA who contacted the company and asked them to stop the production and to track all the shipments associated with this batch.

Lox Company stated that they are inspecting all other shipments as well and no other shipments saw any contamination of listeria or any other diseases as well. Company officials are now checking the production and distribution line to see where this could have come from. As of now, no issues have been reported in any of the 4 states due to these products. 

In other news even though the big states are seeing the number of covid cases fall, in small states the numbers are increasing slowly. Many of the doctors and health care professionals believe this is because many of the people have had only 2 shots of vaccine and this was over 6 months ago now. The vaccine`s efficacy is getting low after a period of time which is a grave concern among Americans as of now.

The American government has now approved the 3rd dose for people over the age of 18 as well to combat this issue. Pfizer stated that with kids’ vaccination they have increased the production to meet up with the growing demand. Many of the pharmacies stated that people are looking for the vaccine for future use as well. Biden administration stated that there will be more vaccination tents made available in the remote areas so that people won’t have to travel far for this.

However, the other major issue that the country is facing is many people not taking their vaccination. The number of people who are being admitted to the hospital is mostly non-vaccinated people and this helps the spread of the virus as well. With the winter season started the immunity levels of people are already at low and people need to get vaccinated as soon as possible.

Most of the companies around the country have made vaccination mandatory without which the employees won’t be allowed to enter the office premises. It has been reported that people who took the 3rd dose are much better in immunity against the virus and also out of hospital as well. 

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