Solomon’s Intuition Flow Reviews: An Invisible Guide To Change Your Life Destiny! 

Dr. Ricardo Alvarez | Last Updated : March 31, 2022

If you believe in the power of intuition, energy healing, and brainwave entrainment, then I’m sure you will find this Solomon’s Intuition Flow review engaging! Consciously aligning ourselves with positive thinking patterns and manifesting our wishes is something that is known to the world for a long time.

Solomon’s Intuition Flow Reviews: Does This Program Help In Eliminating Negative Thoughts Permanently?

From the Eastern religious customs to Western “mediumship” and esoteric practices, the power of subconscious thinking is well-documented and explored by spiritualists, and sometimes by the scientific community too. However, if there is a scientific basis for these phenomena, or if it is something supernatural, is a question that is open to debate.

My name is Ricardo Alvarez, a researcher on scientific anomalies and paranormal phenomena. In this Solomon’s Intuition Flow review, we will explore the mysteries of Solomon’s Intuition Flow program, and see how it helps with positive thinking and manifesting miracles in your life.

Solomons Intuition Flow Reviews
Program NameSolomon’s Intuition Flow
Program TypeDigital Form
CreatorWesley Serge and Clark Henry
Main Benefits
  • Removes “The Ironic Process”Incorporates the ancient teachings of King Solomon.Boosts the theta-level brain activity Solidifies the positive thoughtsBring happiness to the life
  • LanguageEnglish
  • Intuition Flow Alignment
  • The Ironic Process Reveal
  • The Ironic Process De-Hypnotization
  • Gratitude Intuition
  • Intuition Full-Immersion
  • Price$37
  • Clearing for Miracles
  • Solomon’s Intuition Flow Guidebook
  • 10-Minutes Millionaire Morning Hacks
  • Sacred Freedom Intuition
  • Money-Back Guarantee365 days
    AvailabilityOnly through the official website
    Official WebsiteClick Here

    What is Solomon’s Intuition Flow?

    Solomon’s Intuition Flow is an audio program that comes in 5 phases, designed to remove subconscious blocks from the mind, specifically “The Ironic Process” (we will see what it is in a later part of this Solomon’s Intuition Flow review).

    It differs from other positive affirmation audios because it incorporates King Solomon’s teachings, along with modern brainwave entrainment techniques, to instill positive thoughts in the brain at the subconscious theta level.

    The subconscious thought then gets transformed without volition into the conscious thinking activity of the person and is manifested into a physical reality that the practitioner wishes for (e.g. better health, relationships, money, etc.).

    Who are the creators of “Solomon’s Intuition Flow”?

    The creators of Solomon’s Intuition Flow are Wesley Serge and Clarke Henry. We will get into a little background story on how they conceived the idea of Intuition Flow. Serge, whose wife was in a coma, was feeling helpless and lost until he received a divine inspiration to visit Israel.

    While in Israel, out of chance or fate, he met with Henry, and after having a lengthy discussion with him, he learned about King Solomon’s secret of success, and about “The Ironic Process”. These discussions were enlightening to Serge, and he called them “revelations”.

    After listening to the audio track given to him by Clarke for 5 days, he experienced a sense of liberty, and upon his return to the US, prospered at all the ventures he had undertaken. He then modified the original audio track (TheIntuitionFlow) into a five-phase program which he named “Solomon’s Intuition Flow”.

    What is included in the “Solomon’s Intuition Flow” program?

    The “Solomon’s Intuition Flow” comprises audio tracks in 5 phases, along with Dr. Joe Vitale’s teachings named “Awakening”, all in one format that is easy to listen to and absorb.

    Phase1 – Phase one of Solomon’s Intuition Flow programs inducts a user into the program. In this phase, the intuitive powers of the listener are awakened.

    Phase 2 – In phase 2, the deleterious effects of “The Ironic Process” start to get reversed when the user gets more and more inducted into the program.

    Phase 3 – This is a de-hypnotization phase, where “The Ironic Process” is completely reversed, and the listener receives positive thoughts in their mind, to full effect.

    Phase 4 – In phase 4, the listener feels gratitude for all they have, and for the guidance, they receive from the spiritual sources. This is the beginning of the “manifestation phase”.

    Phase 5 – In the last phase, there is communion with God or higher spiritual powers, and the listener’s wishes are manifested as a physical reality (abundance, joy, wealth, etc.).

    Solomon’s Intuition Flow Contents

    How does Solomon’s Intuition Flow work?

    According the maker of Solomon’s Intuition Flow program, is based on King Solomon’s intuitive power in judging right from wrong, as mentioned in the Holy Bible. The intuitive powers gave Solomon joy, abundance, and great riches in his life.

    Whenever we are consciously manifesting a wish, for e.g., “Stop unhealthy habits, and lead a healthy, prosperous life”, then there is an autonomous affirmation of the same at the theta brain level that helps the person progress towards the goal subconsciously.

    But under stress and insufficiently developed intuitive powers, this theta level subconscious warning is suppressed, and the conscious mind may not be able to take up the wish to the conscious brain level and manifest it.

    “The Ironic Process”, is that the negation of an undesired outcome is missed by the subconscious mind (at the theta level), and hence ironically, the very opposite of what the person wishes to avoid manifests in their life! For e.g., consider the thought “Don’t follow unhealthy eating habits”.

    By the effect of “The Ironic Process”, the negative contraction “Don’t” is missed by the subconscious theta brain, and the thought “follow unhealthy eating habits” gets processed by the conscious mind.

    As a result, the person’s thinking is caught in the opposite direction of where they really wanted to go! Solomon’s Intuition Flow, in a step-by-step manner, counters “The Ironic Process” until it is eliminated completely, and the user is able to conceive positive thoughts and manifest them materially (as abundance, joy, etc.) in their life.

    Solomons Intuition Flow Working

    Solomon’s Intuition Flow Benefits

    As we have seen in several Solomon’s Intuition Flow reviews, this audio track Flow differs from other positive affirmation audios because it is based on King Solomon’s teachings, and aimed at removing subconscious blocks that prevent a person from progressing towards their ambitions. Solomon’s Intuition Flow is a five-phase program that provides the following benefits to the user.

    • Removes “The Ironic Process”, which is the reason for the subconscious blockage and contradiction of positive thoughts.
    • Incorporates the ancient teachings of King Solomon.
    • Boosts the theta-level brain activity with the help of brainwave entrainment.
    • Solidifies the positive thoughts of the listener and enables these thoughts to materially manifest in life as good health, happiness, prosperity, etc.

    What’s to like and not to like?

    Since there are several positive affirmation audio and video programs available in the market, some users are attracted to the distinguishing features of Solomon’s Intuition Flow program. In this section, let’s investigate the likable features of Solomon’s Intuition Flow program and also its drawbacks if any.


    • A modified version of the original IntuitionFlow program by adding King Solomon’s teachings to it.
    • A five-phase program that gradually enables the listener to remove subconscious blocks from their mind, and reverses “The Ironic Process”.
    • Special bonus programs are available, which further help with the inner transformation journey of the user.


    • People with seizure disorders should get advice from their doctor before using this
    • Only available on the official website

    Solomon’s Intuition Flow Customer reviews and complaints

    “I had tried several positive affirmation audios to change my negative thinking patterns, but nothing worked for me. Then I heard the reason these positive affirmation programs are not working is because of “The Ironic Process”. After trying Solomon’s Intuition Flow program for two months, which helped reverse the ironic process, I feel joyous and grateful for everything, like I have lifted a curtain off my life!

    Joseph Hill, CA

    “If you want to try a brainwave entrainment program that is effective and does what it promises, I recommend Solomon’s Intuition Flow. It is not an ordinary program that works on affirmations and hypnosis, but addresses deep subconscious blocks and clears them for once and all! After listening to the program for 2 months, my relationships, income, and health are better than ever!”

    Michael James, Detroit

    “It’s definitely not a fad program like some of the hypnosis videos available online, because it’s a structured program backed by the transformative power of ancient teachings. But though I felt happy and positive after listening to it for one month, my life’s wish hasn’t manifested yet. But I’m hopeful, and will continue listening to it for a while”.

    Mary Henry, Utah

    Solomon’s Intuition Flow Pricing

    The Solomon’s Intuition Flow program along with Dr. Joe Vitale’s teachings cost a total of $43.66 ($37.00+ a VAT of $6.66) and are only available on the official website of the program. The Solomon’s Intuition Flow audio program is not available from third-party websites or eCommerce stores such as Amazon or eBay. Make sure to buy the Solomon’s Intuition Flow program from the official website itself to avoid falling for fake programs selling under similar names. The link to the official website is given below.

    Do they offer a money-back guarantee?

    Yes, the makers of the Solomon’s Intuition Flow program offer a 365-day money-back guarantee in case a user cannot connect with their intuitive powers and manifest their life’s wishes. This is a good money-back offer for a digital mind training program, which shows the makers’ confidence that Solomon’s Intuition Flow program works as intended if it is followed according to the recommended way.

    Solomon’s Intuition Flow Bonuses

    Surprisingly, Solomon’s Intuition Flow program comes with a few bonuses (worth a total of $618) which complement the mind transformation journey of the listener.

    🔺Bonus #1 (Only For Dr. Joe’s Vitale Readers!)Clearing for Miracles ($197 Value) 

    The first bonus “Clearing for Miracles” prepares a user’s mind to remove any blocks that prevent a user from connecting with their intuitive powers. This fine-tunes your mind to receive spiritual guidance from higher sources.

    Solomons Intuition Flow Bonus Clearing for Miracles Clearing for Miracles

    🔺Bonus #2 – Solomon’s Intuition Flow Guidebook ($97 Value)

    Sometimes people cannot devote a fixed time to meditate with Solomon’s Intuition Flow program, and in such cases, they can keep a guidebook with them. By going through the guidebook, they remain in touch with the essential teachings of Solomon’s Intuition Flow audio track, and manifest joy and wealth in their life.

    Solomons Intuition Flow Bonus Solomon's Intuition Flow Guidebook

    🔺Bonus #3 – 10-Minutes Millionaire “Morning Hacks” ($197 Value)

    This is a powerful program that motivates users to manifest wealth and prosperity in their life. Complementing this “Morning Hacks” program with Solomon’s Intuition Flow program helps users do things differently to increase their income and wealth.

    Solomons Intuition Flow Bonus 10-Minutes Millionaire “Morning Hacks”

    🔺Bonus #4 – Sacred Freedom Intuition ($127 Value)

    Sometimes emotional blocks are the reason people are not able to connect with their intuitive powers and manifest their desires. The Sacred Freedom Intuition is an audio meditation program of 10 mins duration that lets your mind free of emotional blocks and relieves anxiety and fear.

    Solomons Intuition Flow Bonus Sacred Freedom Intuition

    Final Take on Solomon’s Intuition Flow Reviews

    According to Solomon’s Intuition Flow reviews, We can understand that Solomon’s Intuition Flow program is a step-by-step audio program that helps listeners open up their minds to intuitive powers and manifest joy, abundance, and prosperity in their lives.

    Solomon’s Intuition Flow audio track differs from other positive affirmation or transformative programs because it addresses the root cause of subconscious blocks – what the makers call “The Ironic Process”.

    By reversing and clearing the Ironic Process, users can incorporate positive thinking patterns into their conscious level thinking and manifest their wishes. Considering that it works on a unique method than the usual positive affirmation programs, our last take is that Solomon’s Intuition Flow program might improve a person’s motivation to bring positive transformations into their life.


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    Dr. Ricardo Alvarez

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