Specforce Alpha Reviews- Natural Way To Get The Right Masculine Body?

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You are here probably because you heard from someone about the new Specforce Alpha Tactical Fitness System and wanted to find an authentic Specforce Alpha review that can tell you if Specforce Alpha program really works. Then let me tell you, you’ve come to the right place

We’ve all been there – we’ve all looked with envy at those men who seem to attract attention just by being. Most of us have longed for that rock-hard, muscular body to make us feel attractive and confident. We’ve all wanted to be him. We’ve all wanted to be the Alpha male!

Specforce Alpha Reviews- A Technique To Sculpt Muscles Using Your Own Bodyweight!

It is common knowledge that Alpha males are those at the top of the social status hierarchy. They are natural leaders, comfortable with responsibility in a way that Beta males can never be. So naturally, they have greater access to power, money, and women.

As such, an Alpha body and mentality is ideal if you want to feel happy and also attract the opposite sex. And that is exactly what SpecFore Alpha program is promising to offer.

What’s even more surprising is that apparently, you do not have to give up on drinking beers or eating your favourite burgers and pizza.

So in this Specforce Alpha review, I will go through these claims to see if Specforce Alpha is, in fact, the real deal. I will also analyze in detail, Specforce Alpha training, its benefits, cost, and everything else you need to know about the program.

Specfore Alpha reviews

What is Specfore Alpha program?

According to the official website, Specforce Alpha is a Tactical Fitness System created by Todd Lamb, that makes use of Target Focused Training, to create what is being called the “Alpha Shape Effect”.

The Alpha Shape is the body shape, that according to human behavior specialists attracts the attention of the opposite sex and also causes other men to recognize your Alpha status. 

This unique Tactical Fitness System is based on the same strategy used by Special Ops units when Todd Lamb was part of Canada’s Military. His extensive knowledge, experience, and background in Special Forces are what inspired him to create this unique training program. 

Specforce Alpha system is designed to give you ripped upper, middle, and lower abs, full-body rock-hard functional muscle, and maximum fat burning.

How does Specfore Alpha work?

There are two ways in which muscle-building can happen – sarcoplasmic hypertrophy and myofibrillar hypertrophy. 

Sarcoplasmic hypertrophy refers to increasing the volume of sarcoplasmic fluid in the muscle cell. But other than the muscles looking swollen, there is no actual increase in muscle strength. This is what most mass muscle building programs do.

On the other hand, the Alpha Shape Effect requires increasing the size and strength of muscle fibres. This is referred to as myofibrillar hypertrophy.

When this process takes place, the number of myofibrils – the contractile portion of muscle fiber – increases, which in turn increases the muscle fiber density and strength.

SpecForce Alpha Tactical Fitness System makes use of a 3 Mission Target Focused Muscle technique that is designed to give you the fastest route to achieve the Alpha Shape Effect.

Specfore Alpha results

Specforce Alpha 3 Mission System

The Target Focused Muscle technique uses a specific sequence of strategically chosen bodyweight exercises to help you quickly achieve the Alpha Shape Effect:

  1. The Alpha Mission

The Alpha Mission is designed to quickly build your stamina and work capacity. This will lay the foundation for your rock-hard Alpha physique.

Within a few short weeks of beginning this mission, you should begin seeing a leaner, more muscular version of yourself. This mission also improves your recovery time, setting you up to accelerate your transformation in the next missions.

  1. The Bravo Mission

The Bravo Mission is designed to help you sculpt denser muscle and uncover more of your six-pack. Due to the subtle changes in your body proportions, others will begin to notice you. This is where you start enjoying the Alpha Shape Effect.

  1. The Charlie Mission

The Charlie Mission is the final mission that is designed to bring out the ultimate version of your physique. In this mission, you apply new workout and nutrition knowledge to achieve the coveted body shape that you desire.

Once you achieve the Alpha Shape Effect, it will be easier to maintain it because by the end of the mission you will have perfected the same secret training skills practised by special operatives around the world.

What are the features and benefits of Specforce Alpha?

Inside Specforce Alpha program, you’ll discover previously undisclosed muscle building and fat loss secrets.

  • The exact 7-day training cycle followed by special forces operatives around the world
  • Target Focused Muscle technique to sculpt your muscles using your own bodyweight
  • A set and rep scheme that increases natural growth hormone production
  • Diet plan based on your personal Macronutrient Profile to optimize testosterone levels
  • Mindset and focus “shifting” techniques to help to look, act and think like an Alpa male
  • How to build functional strength to lift loads as much as nine times your bodyweight
  • What to do before every workout to optimize male sex hormones after the workout

The biggest benefits of following Specforce Alpha program are:

No need for expensive equipment

Most fitness programs require you to purchase expensive training equipment, or you will at least have to find access to such equipment at a gym.

Specforce Alpha program however does not require you to purchase any such expensive equipment. You can easily follow this SpecForce Alpha program in the comfort of your home.

Transform not just your body but also your mind

Most training programs are focused only on improving your body. This is a false approach it will not attract the attention of the opposite sex.

But unlike these, Specforce Alpha follows a holistic approach not just to transform your body, but also your mind.

Great for every man

Specforce Alpha program is designed in such a way that it is suitable for any type of man. It doesn’t matter if you are lean or fat, extrovert or introvert, athletic or artistic – Specforce Alpha program will benefit each and every man who is motivated and dedicated.

Specfore Alpha customer reviews

In addition, you also get two exclusive bonuses with each purchase – the MacroFlex Nutrition System & App,  Exclusive Access to the Alpha Male Club, and The 7 Day Testosterone Solution.

  • The MacroFlex Nutrition App will tell you exactly how much to eat for optimal muscle gain or fat loss.
  • The 7 Day Testosterone Solution is a nutritional guide to help boost your testosterone levels to their peak.
  • The Alpha Male Club is a place where you get direct a chance to directly interact with the author.

Is Specforce Alpha fitness program a scam?

Absolutely not. Specforce Alpha program is inspired by the same strategies used among the Special Forces around the world. That in itself is a guarantee. 

Besides, you are also eligible for a 60-days money-back guarantee if you purchase SpecForce Alpha program from the official website, in case you are not satisfied with the results (even though that is unlikely).

However, you should take note that results can vary from person to person depending on their motivation, dedication, and also body type. Although, the hundreds of positive Specforce Alpha customer reviews suggest that it has worked for most of them. 

It is also recommended that those with a known physical condition should stay away from Specforce Alpha program, as it consists of short intensive exercises. So naturally, there is a risk of injury.

How much does Specforce Alpha cost?

The complete SpecForce Alpha program including the bonuses is actually worth $491. You would have to pay even more if Todd were to sell the rights of the system to fitness trainers.

However, he wants more people to get access to his program, which is why you can get the complete program for just $37!

That’s right, you can get Specfore Alpha program for just $37 only from the official website. 

You also get the MacroFlex Nutrition System & App worth $197,  Exclusive Access to the Alpha Male Club for 30 days worth $97, and The 7 Day Testosterone Solution worth $39.95, with each purchase, absolutely free of cost.

The official website of Specforce Alpha also offers a 60 days money-back guarantee. That is a full refund for you within 60 days of purchase, no questions asked. You can make use of this offer if you do not like Specforce Alpha for any reason. Just make sure that you purchase Specforce Alpha from its official website to take advantage of this risk-free, full refund policy.

Where to get Specforce Alpha?

The only place to get access to Specforce Alpha is the official website. The website is convenient and user-friendly and you get instant access once the payment is received.

However, you should be extra cautious while making your purchase, as many fake websites are using the same or similar names to sell fraudulent products.

The number of such websites has increased tenfold during the pandemic. As such, you will do well to make sure that the website that you are purchasing Specforce, is in fact, the official website.

Besides, you are only eligible for the 60-day money-back guarantee, only if you purchase it from the official website.

I have attached click a link to the official website along with this Specforce Alpha review, just so that you can be sure.

You can purchase Specforce Alpha directly from the official website without any worries by clicking on this link.

Specforce Alpha reviews – Final Verdict

Hundreds of hundreds seem to have benefitted by following Specforce Alpha program. You can even find testimonials from professional athletes and fitness experts if you go to the official website. 

It is also incredibly cheap, considering its value. Besides, you are covered by a 60-day money-back guarantee, if you are not satisfied with the results.

So you don’t have to worry if it will burn a hole in your pack. All these seem to suggest that Specforce Alpha program is worth a shot. 

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