Speechelo Review- An Advanced AI-based Text-to-speech Engine?

Nikki Attkisson | Last Updated : March 18, 2021

Speechelo is a voiceover software that promises to help you create engaging voiceovers for your videos. The software has been created by an internet and content marketing expert, Stoica Mihai who had already created and released 14 software tools. The advanced algorithm used in Speechelo software will allow you to test the market, find the right kind of content, and this helps you to get more views for your videos. This Speechelo review will look at how this AI-based software adds human-like voiceovers to your marketing or training videos. 

Speechelo Review- Features, Benefits & much more!

Continue reading the article to know how Speechelo software works and what benefits it promises you. Also, we will discuss how this could be a gamechanger for your digital marketing strategy.

Speechelo reviews
Product TitleSpeechelo
Main BenefitsTransform any sort of text into speech
CategoryText To Speech Converter Software
SpecificationAi Powered human voiceover application
Money-Back Gurantee60 Days
Availability Only through the official website
Official WebsiteClick Here

What is Speechelo software?

Speechelo is an advanced AI-based text-to-speech engine that claims to produce human-sounding Voice Overs from any text content. The creators claim that Speechelo Voiceover is so human-like that no one will recognize it as artificial.

Digital media and marketing are at the crux of any brand’s success these days. The content you generate and spread through various platforms is what brings you business. Alas, many content creators do not understand the impact of a well-put-together voiceover on their videos. The Speechelo software uses advanced algorithms to do a lot more than just Voiceovers. 

Adding Speechelo’s Voiceover to your digital content brings several benefits to your business or organization.

  • Helps generate more sales. It will allow you to test the market and find the right kind of content
  • A good Voiceover can get you more views, captivating them till the end of the video.
  • More followers or subscribers. With this, your community grows larger and so does your enterprise
  • Save a lot of money spent on creating such captivating content. Companies spend millions commissioning artists or studios for this purpose, each year
  • Last but not least, save valuable man-hours spent on such endeavors. You and your employees can be assured of one important aspect of your digital content, at least
Speechelo software

About the creator of Speechelo Voiceover Software

Stoica Mihai, the creator of Speechelo, is an internet and content marketing expert. He has been a consistent contributor to the digital marketing industry through the many software he has developed.

He started his digital marketing journey 13 years ago and has released over 14 software tools to date. His software and apps intend to do away with the time and money consuming process of content creation.

Some of his tools help businesses optimize conversions and analyze the market. With his high-end developer Vlad, Stoica is known to find ways to help you profit from social media platforms. 

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How does Speechelo voiceover app work?

Speechelo works based on a completely automated online TTS engine. The three steps involved in the working of Speechelo software to transform your text into a human-sounding voiceover are:

Step 1: Paste Your Text

Initially, all you have to do is paste the required text into their online text editor. If you do not have content ready, you can as well type the desired text into the text bar. In the Speechelo software, the AI software will do all the formatting required to add realistic pauses and delays. 

Paste Your Text

Step 2: Choose a language and voice

You can now choose your desired language. There are numerous languages provided in the Speechelo Software. You can even choose the voice model and tone. You have options between male and female and within the gender, there are a set of options and can choose from and can set it to sound serious, joyful, or normal. Also, there are options to add breathing sounds and longer pauses in the speech.

Choose a language and voice

Step 3: Generate and Download

Now you can preview your Voiceover for any further modifications and download it. It is advised that you make enough textual edits. If you need to add in a breathing sound or a ‘sigh’ you can add that in your text and the software will produce an incredible audio conversion that sounds so much more human-like. You can use it in any type of video to make them more engaging.

Generate and Download

What is in Speechelo package?

With a subscription to one of the many packages offered by Speechelo, you get complete access to this cloud-based Voiceover solution. Depending on the package, you get:

  • A powerful text editor tool that can handle long text documents. It takes the minimum period to convert any kind of text into any audio format at the highest quality.
  • Many human-sounding voice samples of both genders. With the Speechelo Voiceover Software, you can pick from different voices of both male and female that is best suitable for your content. You also get human-like audio with the advanced technological setup of the software.
  • Sounds in 23 different languages and English. English is inevitable but other than that there are international languages including German, Greek, Hindi, Hebrew, and Dutch.
  • It also provides the voices of kids and hence giving you a better experience in making your content.
  • Complete training on its operations.
  • Customization options and a commercial license with their professional package.
  • You do not have to worry about updates 
  • Speechelo app is available on mobile devices too

Who is Speechelo for?

The software is generated for anyone who is in dire need of a good narration for their video content.

Speechelo is an apt solution for people from a variety of fields. Businesses can use it in their promotional videos or for training. Training videos are an important part of both education and health services too.

From YouTubers to home-based businesses and MNCs have benefited using the beautiful, realistic Speechelo Voiceover Software. Even governments and city boards can use this for crowd control and infomercials.

Similarly, the advertisements industry can gain a lot and save even more with this capable Speechelo software.

Speechelo customer reviews

Features of Speechelo software

As explained in Speechelo reviews, there are several features unique to Speechelo Voiceover Software

  • There is no worry about finding the perfect accent or language for your content. With Speecelo you can transform any text into speech, regardless of dialect or language.
  • You can be a woman or man, but with the Speechelo software, you get voice samples of either gender.
  • It helps you to convert any type of text into a high-quality audio format with no barriers.
  • This is the only TTS software that adds natural intonations to the voice.
  • It works with 23 other languages and a multitude of dialects other than English.
  • The software provides you with more than 30 different human-sounding voices to choose from varying between men, women, and even kids.
  • If you are worried about finding the right tone for your content, Speechelo software can identify which tone is required. You can set the tone of speech as joyful, serious, normal, or as per your need.
  • You do not need to have to spend bucks on expensive artists or amateur freelancers whom you cannot guarantee to deliver what you need. Speechelo Software is far more reliable and you get to use it for a lifetime.
  • Compatible with a range of video editing software like Camtasia, Adobe Premiere, iMovie, Audacity, etc.

With Speechelo software you can create attractive, human-like Voice Overs for any content, that too in seconds. You need not worry about the dialects, tone, or voices, as it has various features that cover it for you.

Speechelo Software Review

Where can you buy Speechelo and how much it costs?

Speechelo Voiceover software is available only on the official website. This is to prevent any personal or private information from being misused. Moreover, Speechelo software is completely cloud-based and can only be operated from the official website.

Do keep this in mind to avoid the many copycats that flood the market. No such below-par software offers the advanced features and benefits of Speechelo.. 

As said in Speechelo reviews, Speechelo software is available in three different packages and pricing according to use and features. You can get a full version now at a one-time fee of $47 as part of a promotional offer.

Their pro version also costs the same but it is a recurring payment made quarterly. You can even opt for a simplified youtube only edition to recreate youtube Voiceovers at just $37. 

You can try it risk-free on their official website as they offer a 60-day money-back guarantee

Speechelo reviews – Final verdict

We have seen the importance of Speechelo Voiceover software in various fields of marketing and sales. Looking at its portfolio of successful clients, we can be certain that it is a solution that delivers on its promises.

A software in replacement for a dubbing artist, Speechelo Voiceover Software helps you to save your time as well as money. You get many features in a single software including variants of voices, dialects, and languages.

It also comes at a one-time payment as well as a 60-day money-back guarantee which seems like a great deal to grab onto.

The legitimacy of this tool comes from its famous creators and its shining track record. In this age of digital marketing, you can benefit greatly from this AI software, regardless of whether you are a vlogger or entrepreneur.

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