State Strengthens Rules For Health Care Workers On Vaccinations -Striving For A Secured Future

Nikki Attkisson | Last Updated : July 27, 2021

The people of California will be facing stricter mandates on Covid 19, as the number of hospitalization cases is on the rise. The state officials have declared that all the state employees and health care workers, either need to get vaccinated weekly or need to produce proof of their vaccination status.

Californian Governor, Gavin Newsom, has said that individual choices of whether to get vaccinated or not, is pushing the state towards the disaster. Mass vaccination is a must to prevent the progress of the severity of the situation. An increase of 16 % in vaccination rates has been recorded recently. The daily increase in the number of infected cases is pointing towards the need for immunization drives. The state officials attribute 80% of new cases in the state to the new variant. Newsom has also said that as for masks, vaccination drives will wipe out the necessity of using them when asked about the mask mandates that have been generated. 

State Strengthens Rules For Health Care Workers On Vaccinations -Striving For A Secured Future

The state employees need to submit their vaccination documents by the 2nd of August, and those who will be unable to produce any such thing will be required to showcase their negative Covid test reports at least once a week.

The new health care policy for hospitals staffs require them to provide Covid immunization proofs or get tested negative twice a week. People who are unvaccinated need to wear an N95 mask, it stated. Even health care employees taking care of outdoor patients are recommended to get tested once a week. The policy is to take effect from the 9th of August and all the health officials need to comply with the rules by the 23rd of the same month.

State Strengthens Rules For Health Care Workers On Vaccinations -Striving For A Secured Future

The US Department of Veterans Health is also taking necessary steps to take care of the health care professionals working in the Veterans Health Administration Facilities The Federal Agency is the first of its kind, who in order to ensure Veterans safety, have mandated the need for vaccination, and has given the employees a time span of 8 weeks to get the shots completed.

More recently, the New York City Mayor, Bill de Blasio, is walking on similar steps. He has said that all municipal and health care workers, must provide proofs of test reports by 13th of September, failing which, they are bound to get negative tested weekly and those who remain unvaccinated, should wear masks at work. The guidelines will be effective from the 2nd of August.

Even the San Francisco Bar Owner Alliance, representing 500 bars in San Francisco, is requiring its customers to produce negative test results for Covid within 72 hours or get vaccinated. The rules are starting from 29th July onwards. The bar people in order to maintain safety is encouraging visitors to follow the mandates for a safer indoor experience or else they would be requested to stay outside. The choice is in the hands of individual bar authorities whether to enforce the laws or not.

The newer stringent laws of the state, override the previous rules, which gave leniency in matters of wearing masks indoors and proofs of vaccination status. How far can the state protect its people by making documentation of negative testing mandatory before entering the premises? 

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