The Status Of Vaccination Of Your Workforce Determines Your Return To The Office, Announce Officials

Nikki Attkisson | Last Updated : August 4, 2021

The vaccination status of your workforce should determine your return to the office, say experts.

If your company’s workforce is fully vaccinated, the story may be entirely different.

Employers, nowadays, are planning to ask their workforce to return to the office. And officials believe that it should depend on the vaccination status of their staff. Vaccination is the only way out of this pandemic.

The Governor of New York recently issued an order making vaccination mandatory for the 68000 transit staff that runs the State’s expansive subway and bus network. Otherwise, they will have to undergo weekly tests. The order comes into effect from Monday. He also proposed the same requirements for private businesses like restaurants and bars. This announcement comes after a few days of order in the same direction for all Government employees.

The Status Of Vaccination Of Your Workforce Determines Your Return To The Office, Announce Officials

Experts also observe that the Delta variant is quite different from its original version. It mostly affects youngsters.

The virus load in those infected is 1000 times higher than that of other viruses, they say. And they are seen mostly in their noses and throats. Earlier, children generally stayed safe because the virus spared them. At present, with so many viruses in the body, they are the first to get infected.

Here are the things parents should understand about the Delta variant and children:

Americans, in general, are now concerned about the safety of their children. No vaccines are available in the country to protect those below 12. However, experts alley all concerns in the matter.

As per the recent data available, the number of new infections is still on the rise. But it is not the same with regard to hospitalization. There is not much rise in the rate of hospitalization among children because of the Delta variant. But children with underlying health issues are at higher risk than their adult counterparts. The country expects a vaccine for its children by this fall.

According to CDC, children, in general, are safe from serious complications from the Delta variant. More than 4000000 children are infected with COVID 19. But a large number of them are not hospitalized. They display only mild symptoms. Lately, there are reports of children being admitted to the ICU because of the Delta variant. But the number of hospitalization is not increasing.

In the meantime, experts are not surprised about the insight that the Delta variant affects children. A vast majority of the younger population still remain unvaccinated. They are also back to school and do other activities.

The only way to protect children from getting COVID 19 is to vaccinate the entire adult population.

For almost all coronavirus strains, children are always spared from the serious consequences of the virus. The same is the situation with its Delta variant.

Delta variant is more transmissible than its earlier versions. And the rate of infections is sure to increase among unvaccinated people.

Children are the easy target of this virus because they are not yet eligible for vaccination. Furthermore, they are back to their activities like adults because the risk of infection for them is quite low.

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Coronavirus is here to stay for a while. Thus the number of cases does not have to surprise anyone.

The country’s goal was never to eradicate the virus. Its aim is to destroy its ability to cause severe illness, hospitalization, or death.

According to the American Academy of Pediatrics, children still are at low risk of falling seriously ill from coronavirus.

Latest data available shows that among the total number of reported hospitalizations, children con come only up to 1.3%. And among children, the percentage is only 1.9. As of now, the only way to protect your child from getting COVID 19 is to get vaccinated at the earliest opportunity

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