Stay Safe From CO In Hurricane Season

Nikki Attkisson | Last Updated : May 17, 2021

The US Consumer Product Safety Commission advised and warned the people who are living near the area where the hurricane is going to hit, to stay safe and evacuate if possible. The CPSC added, during hurricane season the deaths are not from the storm but mostly from the poisoning from Carbon monoxide, the loose electrical wires causing shock during this dangerous season. In North America, the hurricane season is going to run from 1 June to Nov 30.

Stay Safe From CO In Hurricane Season

There are 12 to 14 storms named, and about 6 to 7 hurricanes are identified by the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA). In the weather forecast, they said the storms will start in the dorm next week. There are 17 storms and 8 hurricanes are identified by the forecast by Colorado State University, and they stated that out of 8, four are very dangerous. 

Stay Safe From CO In Hurricane Season

As the covid-19 pandemic is still going on, millions of people from America are still suffering from it. And the cherry on top thing is the hurricane regions or the regions which come in the path of hurricane and storm are the same who are the covid hotspot.

Robert Adler, acting chairman of the CPSC, said the people are very stressed out due to the pandemic, many of them have lost their friends and family, and now this hurricane has made the situation tense. According to the reports, only one hurricane can cause a large amount of destruction because it will be so intense. He advised to be prepared for the storms, keep updated.

Mostly when this kind of natural calamity happens, such as floods, hurricanes, storms, cyclones, etc the scarcity of water and electricity arises because the electric connection broke down during heavy rain. So generally people use portable generators.

People charge the battery of the generators and use them in the time of need. The reports from the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, clearly said that every year around 400 people die because of carbon monoxide poisoning in the United States.

The CPSC warned the public do the usage if portable generators; they carry these generators, which not only caused poisoning but also caused the fire. A person can die within few minutes from the emission of carbon monoxide from the generators.

These are some safety tips that should be followed: the battery-operated Carbon monoxide alarm should be installed before the storm with a proper battery backup. The smoke alarm should set for all the levels in the home, such as in the living area, kitchen, bedroom, etc.

The generators which are used should be properly maintained, and if portable generators are used, they should be used outside the house at a distance of more than 20 feet because, using them inside the house like the garage, basement, or any such place which don’t have an exhaust fan or ventilation, and by the opening of windows and doors will not keep you safe, because it takes a seconds carbon monoxide to build up. The poisoning from CO happens so fast that and people become nauseous and eventually die. 

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