Studies About Microdosing Have Led Us To Rethink

Nikki Attkisson | Last Updated : February 26, 2022

Research proves us wrong when we think drugs only harm us. Recent research regarding micro-dosing has made us think twice about our thoughts.

Studies About Microdosing Have Led Us To Rethink

Micro dosing is the process in which people are given small doses of drugs for studying the behavior and reaction aftermath of the drug. Today drugs may even have some benefits for children which are yet to be discovered.

Studies About Microdosing Have Led Us To Rethink

Slowly as days go by pharmaceutical companies have started inculcating micro dosage processing as a part of their medicines /drug development process.

LSD or lysergic acid diet alamode is a psychedelic drug that intensifies your thoughts, emotions, and the working of your organs. Small doses have many seen to be causing some visual here visual, hearing, hallucinations with increased body temperature the effect of the substance usually stays for one to 20 hours depending on your dosage. Due to its heightening your personality, it is used as a recreational drug for several hospital spiritual reasons. 

LSD being such a famous drug is found in several forms in the market. Firstly, it is found in blotter paper ( it is the form where colored papers with soaked LSD are consumed in small bits ). Secondly tablets /capsules, these tablets are known as microdots. Thirdly, Liquid form of LSD. In this one, the liquid of LSD should be put on sugar cubes while eating.

Fourthly, you can get the LSD solution as a pure liquid but remember this is the most potent version of the drug and can cause side effects and many more problems which are rarely caused. Last but not the least, gelatin. It is shaped like squares and is famously known as window panels. 

Some of the advantages of micro-dosing are:-

  • It is said to have increased focus after consuming the substance . Levels of concentration are said to be more powerful than before. 
  • Better energy levels and no sleeping feeling. 
  • Since the mind stays at a calm and intellectual state it helps in solving problems. Cognition and other related activities become easier. 
  • Social advantages, this means you get the confidence you require for public speaking when you would be under the influence of the drug. 
  • It can cure anxiety, till a point. 
  • It unlocks the creative abilities hidden under your subconscious  mind .
  • You feel very positive and which can in order turn into a better mood even after being under the influence of the micro dose. 

LSD is marketed as a non-addictive drug with low chances of getting abused. LSD is still one of the most famous psychedelic drugs. 

However, in research conducted by Prof. Harriett de Wit ( Psychiatry And Behavioral Neuroscience, University Of Chicago), there were 56 total participants. Some of them were given microdoses of LSD around 13 mg or 26 mg whereas in the earlier study the participants were given 100 to 200 mg in 19th-century experiments.

The recent patients got the microdoses separated in 5 hours sessions four 4 times, gaps of 3 to 4 days were also given for resting. After getting them cleared up mental performance and drug overdose sessions were conducted to check the mental performance of participants. The study concluded and the results were that LSD in some particular quantity was safe to use without any negative effects. 

LSD works with the serotonin system, it is the neurotransmitter through which antidepressants like SSRIs work, so there’s some undiscovered neurobiological reason for thinking there might be some validity. 

Although the results are not confirmed, we can see a glimpse of hope regarding the studies moving forward, and the researchers using harmful drugs to make useful medicines is what we all are simply waiting for. 

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