Study Finds Possible SIDS Biomarker For Sudden Infant Death Syndrome

Nikki Attkisson | Last Updated : September 23, 2022

A group of scientists in Australia has identified a potential kind of biomarker that can depict the occurrence of sudden infant death syndrome. But this is only a single leg of the research and hints there is much more to be discovered in this capacity. According to the statistics that have been recorded, around 3400 babies die every year from this kind of syndrome. The exact cause of the disease is not even detected, according to a recent remark and statement by the United States Centre for Disease Control and prevention. All the results have been published in e biomedicine. 

It becomes essential to evaluate the composition of the newborns as early as possible so that it becomes feasible to understand why this syndrome develops in some children and does not develop in others. To conduct the research, a sample of 6700 new ones was taken, and accordingly, the body of these children was studied to find out the possible reasons why they died of this syndrome as compared to others who did not. 


According to the study, the researchers discovered that the children who died from this syndrome had higher levels of an enzyme inside the body. This enzyme was called butyrylcholinesterase. The incidence of this particular kind of enzyme was very low in the blood samples of all the children in the study. 

Study Finds Possible SIDS Biomarker For Sudden Infant Death Syndrome

These children were the ones who died because of this syndrome. The focus of the research was to discover the negative effect of this enzyme, due to which the possibility of Counteracting this syndrome increased to a great extent. Technically, this kind of syndrome is completely attributed to the enzyme level in children’s bodies. The available difference can be easily adjusted with the help of better efficiency over some time.

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This usually happens to children when they sleep. It is probably associated with the conjuring function of the brain that regulates the process of sleeping and baking up. This kind of enzyme is an essential part of regulating this condition. It also controls blood pressure. Accordingly, the child who develops this syndrome encounters problems in all these processes. It is helpful for the prevention and associated disease detection. 


As already mentioned, there is no specific cause, due to which the incidence of this kind of disease is very high. But one of the most common reasons why the syndrome is increasing is the process of smoking during pregnancy. Of course, family history and the premature birth of the individual are also responsible for the happening of this syndrome. Still, the first factor is one of the most important ones. 

Smoking reduces the enzyme level inside the body, and within the first 6 months of birth, a child can easily develop the symptoms, causing very early death. The body’s functioning gets compromised, and automatically, the child cannot sustain the basic nervous functions. Only the infant’s brain is very active in the initial 6 months of birth. Still, due to this particular syndrome, negative effects can also be experienced with respect to that organ. 


It has to be concluded that this is one of the most effective results obtained from the study. It will be a long game to evaluate what is helpful for the human body and what is not. This brings a huge amount of impetus so that the parents think of every kind of consumption at the time when they decide to carry the baby so that the baby does not get affected by the syndrome.


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