Sugar Balance Reviews: Does It Really Cure Type 2 Diabetes?

Dr. Stacy Tyree | Last Updated : August 3, 2021

In this Sugar Balance review, I’ll be lifting the lid on the facts and details about this natural dietary supplement.

I’ll also be sharing my personal experience with the supplement, in the final section of this Sugar Balance review, as my father who is diabetic, has been taking the supplement for the past 4 months at my recommendation. 

If you are someone who is thinking of purchasing Sugar Balance, please make sure to read till the very end, before you make a decision.

So without wasting any more of your time, let me dive straight in to Sugar Balance Review and begin with some of the facts about the supplement.

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Sugar Balance Reviews

What Is Sugar Balance?

Sugar Balance is a natural dietary supplement that helps to fight the root cause of diabetes. According to the official product website, the composition of the supplement was developed by an epidemiologist named David Pearson who has more than 27 years of experience studying and researching diabetes.

I’ve learned that the supplement comprises only natural ingredients and is not like the prescription medication that you get from drug stores. So this is essentially an alternative for people who are looking to control their diabetes without resorting to OTC medications that come with a lot of side effects and are also quite expensive. 

Each bottle of Sugar Balance contains 60 capsules. These capsules are easy to swallow with a glass of water. The manufacturers also attest that the supplement is manufactured in an FDA-approved and GMP-certified facility in the U. S. As such, the supplement is reliable in terms of quality and safety standards.

How Does Sugar Balance Work?

According to the scientist that developed the supplement, David Pearson, Sugar Balance works by utilizing natural ingredients that directly impact the root cause of diabetes.

He developed the Sugar Balance formula based on the discovery that it is actually the fat in the liver and not the pancreas, that is causing blood sugar levels to destabilize. This theory has been seconded by other experts like Dr. Peter Libby from Harvard Medical School, and Dr. Tanya Edwards, director of the prestigious Center for Integrative Medicine.

This problem is apparently called fatty live syndrome and Doctor Pearson’s approach was to find a way to solve it. He started from the idea that you are likely to be able to reverse the problem by moving that important tiny amount of fat out of the liver.

According to him all the herbs, roots, plants, and minerals that are used in the Sugar Balance formula he developed are specifically designed to shed the fat – particularly the fat in your liver.

Sugar Balance Ingredients 

Now, the ingredients used in the supplement are clearly stated on the bottle. I personally researched each and every ingredient on the internet because I wanted to make sure it was safe and legit before I recommended it to my father. 

Surprisingly enough, there is plentiful data about each and every one of these ingredients on Government Scientific Database websites like the National Center for Biotechnology Information and online journals published by reputed institutions.

Here is what I found out about the ingredients used in Sugar Balance:

  • Astragalus Root Extract

Astragalus is a large genus of herbs native to temperate regions of the Northern Hemisphere. It has been used in Eastern medicine for centuries and is popular for its effects on the cardiovascular system, immune system, and liver.

  • Balloon Flower Root

Platycodon grandiflorus, commonly known as balloon flower, is a herbaceous flowering plant native to East Asia. The extracts and purified platycoside from the roots of this plant exhibit improved insulin resistance, and also neuroprotective, antimicrobial, anti-inflammatory, anti-cancer, anti-allergy, and cholesterol-lowering properties.

  • Eleuthero Root Extract

Eleuthero or Siberian ginseng is a species of small, woody shrub that has a history of use in folklore and traditional Eastern medicine. It is often described as an adaptogen, a non-medical term used to describe compounds that improve stress resistance. It is also used for diabetes, athletic performance, and cognitive function.

  • Licorice Root Extract

Licorice or Glycyrrhiza Glabra is a herbaceous legume native to Western Asia and southern Europe. Licorice extracts have been commonly used in herbalism and traditional medicine and are believed to fight erratic blood sugar levels and improve inflammation response in the body.

  • Lycium Berry Extract

Lycium Barbarum is a shrub found across Asia and southeast Europe. This is a glucose-supporting shrub and is considered a wonder plant for its anti-aging properties by antioxidants. It is also said to provide immune system support and help stabilize blood sugar.

  • Milk Thistle Seed Extract

Silybum Marianum, commonly known as Milk Thistle is a plant species originally native to Southern Europe and Asia. It has been used in traditional medicine for centuries for its antioxidant, antiviral, and anti-inflammatory properties. It has also been used to treat liver and gallbladder disorders and even protect the liver from alcohol and environmental poisons.

  • Sheperd’s Purse Stem Extract

Sheperd’s Purse or Capsella bursa-pastoris is a plant native to eastern Europe and Asia minor. Used for centuries to support insulin levels and maintain sugar levels in the body. Rich in free radicle-fighting nutrients that support the healthy functioning of the pancreas. Converts more of the food you eat into energy instead of being stored as body fat

  • Schizandra Fruit Extract

Schisandra Chinensis, also known as Five-Flavor Fruit, is a vine native to the forests of Korea, Japan, and Russia. The fruits are red berries in dense clusters around 10 centimeters. It has been used in traditional medicine and contains lignans schisandrin, deoxyschizandrin, gomisins, and pregomisin. It is said to help with normalizing blood sugar and blood sugar and speeding recovery after surgery.

  • Solomon’s Seal Root Extract

Polygonatum, also known as Solomon’s seal is a flowering plant distributed throughout the temperate Northern Hemisphere. It has been used in Eastern medicine for thousands of years. It helps support blood sugar balance and a marked improvement in insulin. It also enhances antibody production and supports the immune system.

  • White Mulberry Leaf Extract

Morus Alba, also known as White Mulberry, is a species of mulberry tree native to India. Used in traditional Eastern medicine that contains alkaloids and flavonoids that are bioactive compounds, studies have shown it can help reduce high cholesterol, obesity, and stress.

  • Wild Yam Root Extract

Dioscorea Villosa, commonly known as Wild Yam is a rare species of twinning tuberous vine native to North America and is on the “at-risk” list. It has been used in Native American medicine and other traditional medicines. Saponin extracts from the roots of wild yam are said to be anticoagulant, antisclerotic, antispasmodic, cholagogue, depurative, diaphoretic, diuretic, and vasodilator.

Sugar Balance Ingredients

Sugar Balance Review – My Real Life Experience

My father was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes about 9 or 10 years ago. Since then, he has been on medication and has also been controlling his diet. But despite this, his sugar levels got worse and worse over time until a few months ago, his doctors started to recommend intermittent insulin therapy. What’s worse is that I could visibly see the side effects of the medications he was beginning to show. 

And frankly speaking, I feared for his health in the long term. That’s when I decided to look for an alternative solution that was less harmful and could at least stabilize his blood sugar levels if not fully control or revert it.

The first thing I did like any other sane person would do, was to open a browser and search “buy natural diabetes supplements” on Google. And sure enough, there was a list of supplements at the very top. I checked out each and every product in the list and researched all the ingredients that were used in them because that’s the kind of person I am. I don’t take anything at face value, especially when it comes to the health of my father. 

But none of these solutions seemed legit because the ingredients used in these supplements were all associated with some risk or the other. I even wondered how these supplements even came to the top of the list. It was then that I noticed the letters “ad” written at the top corner of each of these articles. That’s right, all these were advertisements paid for by the manufacturers of these supplements!

I had given up hope when I coincidentally came across a recommendation for Sugar Balance in an online public health forum. I was expecting more of the same when I researched the ingredients in the formula, but surprisingly, everything seemed to be safe and legit.

And being the desperate son that I was,  I ordered 6 bottles of the supplement so that he would have enough to take for at least half a year. I just wanted to somehow get him off the prescription medicines that were visibly having negative effects on him.

However, I was not sure at the beginning how the supplement would affect him. I kept constant track of his sugar levels as he started using Sugar Balance and stopped other medications.

To tell you the truth, there was no change in his sugar levels as I had hoped, in the first three or four weeks. There were slight fluctuations, but I couldn’t be sure if they were the result of the supplement. I was beginning to lose hope when his sugar levels started to finally go down consistently around the sixth or seventh week.

Since then, there has been a slow but consistent decline in his sugar levels and I am glad that I made this decision for my father. Now his sugar levels are manageable and I’m hoping this will continue. I’ve purchased 6 more bottles of the supplement so that he has enough for the rest of the year.

Sugar Balance Side Effects

I can tell you that each and every ingredient used in Sugar Balance is organic and reported to be free from side effects when used in the right quantities. 

I personally researched every ingredient in the formula and cross-referenced it with many research articles and clinical trial data available on government databases and reputed journals before making my purchase.

Besides, my father has been using the supplement for the past four months without any visible side effects.

However, this supplement is not meant for everyone, as I found out during my research. Since this is a powerful supplement, certain people may be at risk and should consult a registered physician prior to use.

Here’s some information that I believe would benefit you, if you are one of these people:

  • The supplement is not meant got pregnant women or nursing mothers. The consumption of the supplement during this period could affect the health of the baby as any other medication would. So it is best that you abstain from taking the supplement or at least consult a doctor before use.
  • Those suffering from a serious medical condition, anticipating surgery, or taking other OTC medications should also consult a physician before use as there is a chance that the ingredients in the content may affect your condition.
  • The supplement is also not meant for children under the age of 18. Diabetes is a condition that affects people as they grow older. However, some children may develop diabetes due to genetic reasons and the ingredients in the supplement cannot work at the genetic level.
  • The supplement is designed for diabetic patients specifically as the ingredients are meant to lower blood sugar levels. So if those who are non-diabetic take Sugar Balance, they could feel discomfort and suffer from side effects like dizziness, nausea, etc.

The ingredients in Sugar Balance as used in precise measures that are safe for the body so as to cause no side effects. So I have to warn you that overdosing could cause side effects. It is best to use the supplement as directed on the product label.

Some people might not find positive results quickly as it can vary from person to person depending on their body type and the severity of the condition. Like I said, even my father didn’t see any worthwhile change in the first few weeks. But even if that’s the case, it is best not to increase the dosage and risk side effects.

Sugar Balance In Comparison To Other Natural Diabetes Supplements

As I said, Sugar Balance was not the first supplement that came up on the list when I began looking for a natural diabetes solution for my father. To tell you the truth, it was not even on the list. Instead, there were other supplements with prices ranging between $8 to $360, the names of which I can’t even seem to remember.

In comparison, I don’t think these other supplements will be anywhere as near as effective. One thing I’ve learned from researching these supplements is that just because a brand is really popular, it doesn’t necessarily mean that it’s good or even mediocre. It only means that the company that owns it has spent lots of money on internet ads, high-cost magazines, and celebrity endorsements.

So I suggest you do your diet pill homework before you purchase any supplement for yourself or your loved ones. And for those of you who want to know where I got the supplement from, I’ve shared the same in the next section. 

Sugar Balance For Sale

The only sad part about all this is that Sugar Balance is still only available on the official product website. It is not available anywhere else, not even in drug stores or popular online stores like Amazon.

I think it should be on the shelves of every drug store in the country. But sadly, that’s not the case, and I think I know why. Pharmaceutical companies have made a billion-dollar business selling worthless prescription medication to the millions like my father, who are suffering from diabetes and are desperately looking for a solution.

That’s why, as someone who has personally watched and experienced the benefits of using Sugar Balance, I’d recommend it to anyone who is looking for an alternate solution for their diabetes problems.

Getting your hand on the supplement is easy enough as the official website is quite safe and efficient. The prices are affordable and you can make your purchase with just a few clicks. The supplement will arrive at your doorstep within a few days.

However, I must also warn you that there are fake websites offering junk products using the same name and likeness, as I found out when I bought the second batch of supplements. Thankfully I realized my mistake before my money was stolen, as I had already bought the supplement before and knew exactly what it looked like.  

So make sure you purchase Sugar Balance only from the official website. I have shared the link to the official website with this review, for your benefit.

Click Here To Order Sugar Balance Supplement From The Official Website

Dr. Stacy Tyree

Dr. Stacy tyree is an American surgeon and author. She specializes in vascular surgery and bariatric surgery. She is also known for helping morbidly obese people to lose weight. Dr. Stacy tyree owns Doctor of Medicine degree and completed a Rotating Surgical internship at St. Johns Hospital. She has written several scholars on obesity.

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