Suicide Warnings On Labels Of Anti-Seizure Meds Must Be Observed

Nikki Attkisson | Last Updated : August 6, 2021

According to the new study, there are no pieces of evidence found with the risks of newer medications but, since 2008 there were drugs called anti-seizure which had carried the warning that increases the suicide risk.

Researchers found that there are five medications which are approved in 2008 and have not shown any links of suicidal risks of patients. Those patients are listed as participants during the clinical trials conducted for drugs.

According to the U.S. Food and Drug Administration, there are some findings of the warnings against the “blanket” which is required for all the medications such as anti-seizure. 

Suicide Warnings On Labels Of Anti-Seizure Meds Must Be Observed

Dr. Michael Sperling is the senior author of this study says that “opinions are taken about lumping the drugs together are unfair and not good”.

The anti-seizure medications are described for epilepsy which is commonly known as a broad term for different chronic disorders. These medications are used for further conditions such as bipolar disorders and migraines.

They have different effects on the human body and doubtlessly the same is checked by various researchers but taking them together may lead to such health issues from where recovery may be impossible. Hence it is better to let the user know the side effects of such medicines which can otherwise harm him permanently.

Researchers state that “in the year 2008, FDA had proposed warnings about the anti-seizure medications” because they are tended to rise the risks for suicidal behavior which might lead to the death of the person. Hence it must be taken seriously now to have quick actions that can save the lives of people who unknowingly go for such a combination of medicines.

Suicide Warnings On Labels Of Anti-Seizure Meds Must Be Observed

Based on the analysis of 200 clinical trials with 11 medications, some listed drugs carry higher risks of suicidal attempts compared to the intake of placebo drugs.

On the other note, there are only two medications listed which shows the significant statistical increase of risks. Whereas; another two medications are linked with the decreased possibilities of suicidal risks.

Sperling the lead author of this study says that “FDA is required for anti-seizure medications which include approves of suicidal warnings given from 2008”. 

Based on the latest study, the research team had analyzed the data of 17 clinical trials which are conducted for five new drugs named; Cenobamate (Xcopri), Perampanel (Fycompa), Cannabidiol (CBD), Brivaracetam (Briviact), and Eslicarbazepine (Aptiom).

On this note, 4,000 patients are included for clinical trials on the random assignments for taking the anti-seizure medications whereas; 2,000 patients were given placebo drugs as medication.

Researchers say that “during the trial periods, analysis were found among the patients based on the medications which are likely for attempting the suicides compared to the placebo patients” 0.3 percent of patients are in both groups with suicide experiences.

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Dr. Andres Kenner is the lead author of this study clearly says that “this theory is not necessary for the drugs” because he was not involved in this study.

Researchers had explained the problems within recent trials, those trials had excluded the psychiatric patients who are having increased risk of suicidal thoughts and attempts. The excluded patients are described as vulnerable patients with suicidal risks on anti-seizure medications. 

Kenner stated that “labeling of anti-seizure risks will scare the patients” these are identified to be methodological problems based on the analysis of FDA which are prompted with warnings in the year 2008. 

On the concluding note investigators say that every year nearly 1,000 people are dying because of epilepsy, the cure of this death cause had no fundings where researchers are trying to bring the funds to create an epilepsy drug.

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