Superimposed U.S. Surge: Warning By Dr Anthony Fauci

Nikki Attkisson | Last Updated : November 30, 2020

In America, people could see a ‘superimposed surge over the surge which they are already facing’ as per Dr Anthony Fauci. He estimated the same if Americans fail to cut down on gatherings and wear masks in public places. Fauci says, ‘we will getting into what we call precarious situation.’

Superimposed U.S. Surge: Warning By Dr Anthony Fauci

By Dec.7, England will start vaccinating its health care professionals. By Dec.10, the U.S. may receive the emergency usage of authorization for vaccine and start using it after ten days. For the majority of the Americans to get inoculated, it will take a few months. Dr Deborah Birx, who is working as the head of the White House Coronavirus Task Force, has warned young people involved in gatherings in recent weeks. He said, ‘they should enter their house with masks, and they should follow it even indoors.’

Superimposed U.S. Surge: Warning By Dr Anthony Fauci

The U.S. has recorded over 4 million new cases just in November. The count is more than twice when compared to the cases recorded in October in total. The U.S. surpassed 200,000 total numbers of daily patients on Friday for the first time. Currently, the hospitalizations have risen to a record of 91,635. Syed Ahmad, Ohio physician, stated on Twitter, ‘I was already notified that University of Cincinnati Medical Center is full just because of COVID-19 cases, and I have cancelled at least eleven surgeries.’

Ahmad added, ‘Currently I am driving home, and I saw a restaurant which was filled. I am shaking my head now, and frustration can be an understatement.’

What has the NFL ordered? It has warned to close all kinds of team facilities to in-person activities by early next week. As per the NFL, it can slow down the spread of COVID-19 among staffers and players.

Kings County in New York, where in Brooklyn, is now considered the second county that reached 7500 reported deaths. In the next place comes Los Angeles in California. Almost thirty countries have already reported 7500 deaths based on data by Johns Hopkins.

The majority of the government leaders have made clear and strict moves towards slowing down the spread of the virus. On Monday, leaders have ordered a three-week-stay at home in Los Angeles. Being the nation’s very popular country, hit an average of 4500 cases per day on Friday, and the same continued for the five days is the reason behind the order.

Pfizer vaccine: The first shipment is sent to the US

Pfizer’s COVID-19 vaccines, the first load, were reached the U.S. from Belgium on Friday. It is considered a milestone for Americans in the fight against the coronavirus.

There are no authorized coronavirus vaccines in America, but preparations for vaccine distribution are ramping up. Based on Food and Drug Administration rules, it is impossible to ship the vaccine to actual administration sites without the U.S.’s license or authorization. By mid-December, Pfizer’s vaccine may get a green signal for distribution.

It may receive authorization, and then it can be delivered to doctors, but the vaccine can also be prepositioned at defined distribution sites. The same will allow for accurate and quicker delivery soon after it is authorized, which may begin by Friday.

In England, hospitals have been told that they may receive the first doses of the vaccine by the early week of Dec.7, and it is Pfizer’s vaccine. They will receive it if it gets approval as per reports by the Guardian and other U.K. media outlets.

The U.S. vaccination program hopes to start inoculating some of the citizens within one week later. And the process will depend on Food and Drug Administration approval. As per the British government, ‘nursing home residents and front line workers will be the first to be vaccinated in the country among 67 million people. After that, the next line will be aged, starting with over 80. The entire plan works down the age considering the risk groups, and it continues until everyone 18 and over is thoroughly inoculated.

Second Austrian minister: now gets infected

Klaudia Tanner, Defense Minister, is now the second member in the Australia cabinet to contract the coronavirus. Tanner’s office said, ‘she is recovering and doing well, and now she is in quarantine since she has come in contact with another person who was infected.’

Alexander Schallenberg, Foreign Minister, tested positive in October. He later returned to the ministry in the same month showing no symptoms. In Austria, after November 17 deepened measures have been taken to control the virus spread.

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