Swaying Through Coronavirus With Alcohol Use And Drug Problem

Nikki Attkisson | Last Updated : October 8, 2021

During the pandemic, it was reported that many individuals have been having a “breakthrough” Covid-19 with alcohol and drug usage. As per Dr. Nora Volkow who is known to be the Director of the United States of America National Institute on Drug Abuse

. She added how important it is to encourage individuals with drug and alcohol issues to get vaccinated and much more important to acknowledge how they are at a higher risk of the infection, even though they are fully vaccinated. There are a few steps to be taken to protect themselves.

Swaying Through Coronavirus With Alcohol Use And Drug Problem

Researchers, for a study, have analyzed 580,000 electronic health records in the USA that are known to be fully vaccinated, between 1st December 2020 to August 14th, 2021. These records are of those individuals as well, who have not had Covid-19.

Those with drug and alcohol issues, which were 7% of the population, had breakthrough infections, compared to those without problems with substance abuse, which are 3.6% of the population.

Swaying Through Coronavirus With Alcohol Use And Drug Problem

Infection rates for tobacco users ranged from 6.8% to 7.8% compared to those who used cannabis. A study found, people with disorders relating to substance use disorders, have higher risks of severe outcomes.

All this increased risk of breakthrough infections is owed to the poor health conditions and health conditions in poverty, as mentioned by the Journal-World Psychiatry. Such people are particularly vulnerable to the Coronavirus, stated by Rong Xu, a study co-author and director of the enter of Artificial Intelligence at Case Western Reserve University, which is in Cleveland. With good health conditions by eating clean food, drinking clean water, and breathing pure air, which is known to be hard to find in the present days, one can make poor health conditions much richer.

These explain that the vaccine is effective. The same risk factors are known to be applied to breakthrough infections, mentioned by Xu.

Due to the pandemic, many individuals have been occupied or having a breakthrough of Covid-19 infections, due to substance abuse, like drug problems or alcohol use. Due to much free time and all comfortable at home, individuals dwell in substance abuse, to kill time, and this only makes folks more prone to the infection, which means a higher risk of the virus. This, in turn, shifts to many patients in the hospitals, more hospitalization, and fewer beds. These folks are only inviting for chaos. Severe illness and death among fully vaccinated people have been found and reported. It does not matter if you are vaccinated with two of your doses of Moderna, Pfizer, Johnson, and Johnson. If you use substances or have a substance use disorder, you are more prone to the infection compared to those who are not.

It has been recorded that among people with substance use disorders who were known to have had a breakthrough infection, 22.5% of the individuals have been hospitalized, and 1.7% of those individuals, died. Among people with Drug And Alcohol issues, respectively, the rates were 1.6% and 0.5%, no there was no breakthrough infection.

Good health is indeed wealth. If you have good health you can explore and live life to its fullest. Drugs and alcohol switch that part of your ability, off. Now, being vaccinated is also not the final option, you can be at a higher risk even though you are vaccinated with two doses. We live in an environment that isn’t either healthy or is not real, keeping that in mind, the least we can do is keep pouring clean food inside your body to keep the infection dead, even if inside the body.

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