Tactic Air Drone Reviews – A Right Choice For Photography?

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Have you ever thought of purchasing a tactic air drone? You don’t need to check your wallet or even think of an installment scheme to purchase one. Don’t worry you can get your hands on the tactic air drone at an affordable price. You may be passionate about photography and Tactic Air Drone is limitless as it is built to travel with your skills. The quality foldable drone admits you with a crystal clear HD camera on its front. It’s not alone, another 480p camera is also available at the top of the drone. 

Tactic Air Drone Reviews – Is It Affordable And Easy to Use?

You may doubt it may suit your skill. But Tactic Air Drone is easily adaptable whether you are a beginner or skilled. It is built of excellent flight time that lasts around 20 minutes where you can explore your photography skills. Are looking for an affordable and easy-to-carry drone will all the super cool features? Tactic Air Drone will be a perfect fit for you depending on your skills, adaptability, and features. Read the following Tactic Air Drone review to know more about it. 

Tactic Air Drone Reviews
Product NameTactic Air Drone
Main BenefitsFlying easier and capturing or recording 4k resolution videos and pictures.
Specification⚡️Smart Follow Me Mode / Private Photographer
⚡️Dual Camera & Picture-in-Picture Display
⚡️Intelligent Gesture Recognition Control
⚡️Motorized Active 4K Camera
⚡️Modular 20 Min Long Fly Time Battery
⚡️Optical Flow Positioning
Camera Resolution4k
Flying modeHD
Flying Speed30 meters per second
Official WebsiteClick Here

What is Tactic Air Drone?

According to the Tactic Air Drone review, It is developed by Hyper Sls LTD. The air drone is accompanied by a remote control that can be easily used. As designed with great features Tactic Air Drone is highly reliable with its attractive features. It is built to shoot 4k resolution videos with its wide-angle that can be easily controlled with your hands.

It has a foldable design which makes it easy to carry to explore more of your skills in photography. The Tactic Air drone comes to you with its dual cameras that can be used together or independently. Users can also control the drone along with an app to access the camera functions. The Tactic Air drone is inbuilt with attractive specifications they are;

Weight: 0.7 lbs
Maximum flying distance: 150 metres
Frequency: 2.4G
Bottom camera: 720p
FPV: wifi connection
Remote controller distance: up to 150 metres
Wifi distance: 90 metres
Drone battery: 3.7 V 1800 mAh Li-Po
Remote controller battery: built-in 3.7 V 350 mAh
Charging time: 28 minutes

Tactic Air Drone is designed with an aerodynamic body with a spacious appearance, it also loops remarkably and strides better in the air. It is built with a strong body that is torn free. It has the stability to stride in the air while confronting collisions or mild accidents. 

Tactic Air Drone Camera Features

✅Smart Follow Me Mode

When the feature gets activated, the drone shadows the movements of the user to capture videos and pictures. It is easily accessible and adapts the drone to follow him within his control. 

✅Blue tooth 4.2 connection

The accessibility of Bluetooth 4.2 enables the user to control the drone to a computer program. With the blue tooth availability, the user can easily move the data to the computer or other electronic devices. 

✅Dual cameras 

The dual camera feature makes the drone unique and enables you to capture and record at the same time. 

✅Battery Life

The Tactic Air Drone is fulfilled with a 3.7V 1000 mAh Li-Po battery that can last up to 15-20 minutes for the charging time of 30 minutes. 

✅Motorized Active 4K Camera

The Tactic Air Drone is built with a 4K camera. With the highest resolution camera, the user can capture high-quality videos and photos with a speed of 30 frames per second. 

✅Intelligent Gesture Recognition Control

The feature enables the user to control the drone with his hand gestures. It works best with the Smart follow me mode which we discussed earlier. The user can easily capture the best photos with different camera angles. Beginners can benefit from this feature as they can capture their desired photos. 


The camera stabilization feature allows it to capture quality aerial videos and photos. The video will be recorded in a stable format. The camera automatically adjusts its comfort when the drone experiences any turbulence. Your camera snaps the best pictures even when the climate is disturbed. 

✅Foldable Design

The air drone is built with a compact structure. The wings are foldable and it makes you carry them easily. It also protects the drone from any harm when it is not in use. It can be easily foldable and can be stored in a storage container. 

✅Tactic Air Drone Mobile App

The app is built with features to edit videos and photographs. It contains numerous filters and effects that make you easily edit your data. 

✅Portrait follow

The feature makes the user control the drone to follow a target with your smartphone. It helps the user to capture selfie videos and photos and can be used to preset focus by shifting the target. 

✅Trajectory Flight

With the feature, the user can program a predetermined flight path for the drone. The user can fulfill it by drawing the path with his smartphone. While using it the drone will follow the flight path as scheduled. 

✅Remote Controller

The Tactic Air Drone carries a small remote controller. It is lightweight and easy to use. You can also attach your smartphone to its bottom. It summons you with a single button for takeoff and one for landing and the other for recording aerial videos and photos. The remote controller easily controls the drone up to 150 metres. It can also be controlled using a mobile app. The mobile app allows you to shift the momentum into different flight modes and capture videos/pictures or even a live stream. 

Tactic Air Drone Camera Features

How Does Tactic Air Drone Work? 

The Tactic Air Drone is designed for both beginners and skilled users who are passionate about photography as per the Tactic Air Drone reviews. It is easy to use and it includes an Android app for controlling the device. You can record a live stream and make you explore anything around your shadow. The remote controller is easy to use and is lightweight and easy to handle. As other drone devices offer a range of 100m Tactic Air Drone is controllable for up to 150 metres using the remote controller. 

After using it for 20 minutes you can easily recharge the inbuilt battery of the Tactic Air Drone within 28 minutes. Tactic Air Drone is a trusted product for years and has trusted customers worldwide. The drone camera is easy to use, easy to handle and can take with you on your journeys. 

How Does Tactic Air Drone Work

Is Tactic Air Drone legit? 

Tactic Air Drone is a trusted product from users worldwide. People who are passionate about photography search for the best cameras, drones and equipment to polish their skills. A passionate photographer desires to get his hands on the best product. Tactic Air Drone is easy to carry, easy to use and explores the best in you. The product is torn-free and can stride the air by avoiding and defending mild collisions. Tactic Air Drone is legitimate and can be worth your money. 

Tactic Air Drone Customer reviews and complaints 

The customer reviews of Tactic Air Drone is mostly positive. The product is trusted in the market and has received high ratings from its users. Customers have shared positive experiences of its mobility, adaptability and the quality of its pictures. They also admit the product’s ability to capture aerial photos and videos with intelligent flight modes and a long-lasting battery. 

There are mixed Tactic Air Drone reviews regarding the availability of the product as some customers are unhappy with the companies policy of restricting the sale only on the official website. 

Tactic Air Drone Pricing and availability 

Tactic Air Drone is available at affordable prices. The company has restricted the availability of the product only on its official website. The product is available in affordable value packs. They are: 

Buy 3 Tactic Air Drone and get 2 free- $59 each – Total of $297 

Buy 2 Tactic Air Drone and get 1 free- $66 each – Total of $197

1. Tactic Air Drone – Total of $99

2. Tactic Air Drone – $80 each –  Total of $159

4. Tactic Air Drone – $62 each – Total of $249

All the users need is to enter the official website and fill your purchase details on the page. The product is only available on the official website and is available nowhere in other online or local stores. 

Final Verdict on Tactic Air Drone Reviews – Is Tactic Air Drone worth buying? 

Tactic Air Drone has a passionate following from its trusted users. The Tactic Air Drone reviews are mostly positive and the product is highly rated in the market. The word of mouth of customers suggests that it is affordable along with all its great features. It can be easily used and can snap intriguing photos and videos of high quality. It is built with a dual camera with 4K resolution. The inbuilt battery is made to last for 20 minutes and is quickly rechargeable. It contains numerous features that the user easy to adapts and glorifies his passion. The product is available at affordable packages and can get your hands with your budget. Tactic Air Drone is recommended for buying and can value your investment. 

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