Test To Treat; New Covid Plans Launched By The US Government

Nikki Attkisson | Last Updated : March 3, 2022

It has been two years since the outbreak of the coronavirus pandemic. This problem has affected the lives of many people economically. Due to lockdown all over the world, the regular lifestyle of the people got changed and all works came to a halt. But now the situation is getting better slowly as the cases of coronavirus have decreased and the death rates are also less. President Joe Biden has announced numerous ways through which people can get back to their work with proper safety and abiding by the protocol.

Test To Treat; New Covid Plans Launched By The US Government

In the State of the Union President Joe Biden has announced that the administration will be launching a “test-to-treat” campaign that is going to provide antiviral pills at pharmacies for free to the people who are tested positive for the virus. President Joe Biden also stated regarding the various developments made during the pandemic period since the previous year like decrease in the coronavirus, sufficient availability of the vaccine doses, and also with new curative methods against the deadly virus.

Test To Treat New Covid Plans Launched By The US Government

These announcements were made in the White House by president Joe Biden on Wednesday. Joe Biden on Wednesday gave words of inspiration and ensured to move forward with safety and be consistent on the developments made in the past year.

President Joe Biden also announced that he has given orders to all the hospitals to do a free round of corona tests for all the people in the United States of America with effect to the new antiviral campaign. An official in the White House gave some information regarding the tests to treat initiative. As per the information given by him, the “test to treat” campaign will be available across various pharmacies in the country and also in CVS, Walgreens, and Kroger regions. The antiviral pills will be given on the spot for quick use to the people who will be tested positive for the virus at the testing site.

Pfizer, the pharmaceutical and biotechnology corporation has demonstrated an antiviral pill that reduces the threat of covid 19 by 90% and Pfizer also stated that they will produce one million pills by the end of the month and double of that will be ready in the month of April for use.

President Joe Biden has shared some data in which it is clearly shown that since the launch of COVIDTest.gov by the government, it has given 270 million free test services to 70 million households and they are planning to launch 4 more tests for the household in the United States of America.

There was a spike in the number of coronavirus cases due to the deadly Omicron variant in winter but these cases were nearly gone since last summer and in the present situation, everything is normal. It has been observed that cases of serious illness or death have occurred with people who are either unvaccinated or who did not receive booster doses of the coronavirus vaccine.

Last Tuesday, Biden expanded the national government’s 100 percent repayment of COVID-19 crisis reaction expenses to states, clans, and domains through July 1, the White House declared on Tuesday.

White House COVID-19 organizer Jeff Zients informed lead representatives on a phone call that Biden has approved the expansion of Federal Emergency Management Agency backing to assist in proceeding with FEMA-supported endeavors like inoculation facilities, mass testing destinations, and flooding clinic assets to manage neighborhood case spikes.

Ongoing instances of FEMA financing had included $1.2 million given to Ball State University for Indiana keep going month to cover nearby testing and $91.8 million to Wisconsin to repay for COVID-19 testing expenses and flood staffing in treatment places.

Biden, a Democrat, first marked a request guiding FEMA to cover 100 percent of state crisis costs connected with the Covid on his second day in office through September 2021.

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