The ACV Secret Reviews – Does UpWellness Moisturizing Cream Really Lighten Your Skin?

Dr. Stacy Tyree | Last Updated : September 10, 2021

Hi beautiful, if you are wondering whether you should go for The ACV Secret anti-aging cream to reverse your age, here in The ACV Secret review, I’m exactly going to direct you to the right path.

The ACV Secret Reviews – Is It A 100% Safe And Effective Skin Care Cream?

My mom, afraid she is aging more than she should, came to know about the ACV Secret anti-aging cream and since then she’s been all excited about the surprising benefits of apple cider vinegar. I was intrigued too. So, I decided to see, judge and conclude, whether this is the ultimate anti-aging cream, everyone should have. 

In this ten-minute read this The ACV Secret reviews, let me guide you through every detail before your purchase.  

The ACV Secret Reviews
Product NameThe ACV Secret
CreatorSusan Patterson
Item FormCream
Net Weight 1 oz/28g
Health BenefitsHelps to eliminate wrinkles, necklines, and saggy skin
Main IngredientsApple Cider Vinegar, Vanilla, Hyaluronic Acid and much more
Side effectsNo side effects reported
Age RangeAdults
ResultsWithin 2 to 3 months
Multipack1 bottle, 3 bottles, 6 bottles
Money Back Policy60 Days
Official websiteClick Here

What is ACV secret?

ACV Secret is an anti-aging moisturizer, made with seven natural ingredients. The balanced pH matches your skin’s pH level, thus making the cream neither too harsh nor too mild on the skin. The anti-aging moisturizer adapts the skin to absorb more Vitamin D. 

The main ingredient being Apple Cider Vinegar, the ACV Secret is a product made with 100% natural ingredients.

Not only is it an anti-aging cream, but it also makes the skin healthier, and adds a natural glow to it.

The ACV Secret Manufacturer

She did not like it when, due to an irregular lifestyle and stress, wrinkles started appearing all over her face. She wasn’t ready to use the chemicals sold in markets. 

As a health coach, she could not afford to use the harmful chemicals, even after knowing about their disastrous effects. So, she came up with the amazing and all-natural formula which not only reverses aging but also makes your skin healthy.

Certified health coach, Susan Patterson, after a lot of trial and error, concluded that the unbeatable benefits of apple cider vinegar, combined with some other natural ingredients, can work marvels. 

The ACV Secret Manufacturer

The ACV Secret Ingredients – Are Used Ingredients All-Natural & Safe?

Let’s get to know what’s inside this miraculously beneficial anti-aging cream:

Apple Cider Vinegar – Yeps, guessed right. The ACV secret is the Apple Cider Vinegar’s secret. Turning the cream to a ‘natural healing powerhouse’, apple cider vinegar is known to have not only anti-aging properties but is also, anti-inflammatory, anti-fungal, and anti-parasitic. 

Hyaluronic Acid – Known for its amazing healing properties, the acid also makes the skin smoother, softer, and radiant.

Vanilla – Sounds tasty? Lemme tell you a secret, Vanilla is very useful when it comes to reversing skin damage caused by free radicals. It contains antioxidants that fight to age. 

Castor Oil – The benefits of castor oil for hair and skin are not untold. It prevents loss of water from the outermost layers of the skin, thus keeping it hydrated and healthy.

Chamomile – It nourishes the natural moister in the skin, making it glow without any artificiality. 

Thyme – It has medicinal properties to heal wounds. It can also strengthen and freshen up your skin.

Lemon Peel – The homemade remedy for anti-aging solutions also finds its place in the ACV secret. It has antibacterial properties and helps to prevent pimples caused by certain types of bacteria.

The ACV Secret Ingredients

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How does The ACV Secret Cream work?

Patterson describes three factors that contribute to aging and worse, sometimes premature aging. What are those, and how the ACV Secret fights them? Let’s dig in.

  • Loss of elastin – The structural protein in your skin, the elastin starts losing elasticity from the age of 18 and the count continues decreasing by a rate of 1% per year. As a result, the thickness of the skin decreases by 7% every ten years. 
  • Loss of collagen – Elastin collagen, another structural protein and the skeleton of the skin, starts decreasing by more than 1% every year from the age of 18 to 20.
  • Toxins from everyday products and even the air, need to be removed regularly from the skin, otherwise, it builds upon it and clogs the pores, trapping dead skin.

As Patterson likes to call it, the ‘powerful ancient superfood’ or the ACV, serves a list of purposes. It is anti-aging (that’s what adds it to the ACV secret, right?).

It has anti-fungal and anti-bacterial properties. Along with these, the ACV is anti-inflammatory. What’s more? It has antiseptic properties as well. The other six ingredients just add more value to the already existing properties of the ACV.    

The ACV Secret Benefits

The individual ingredients used in The ACV anti-aging cream are known to have numerous benefits. Combining them together makes the product more capable of fighting signs of age. 

✅ The anti-fungal and anti-bacterial properties help to eliminate any kind of germs growing on your skin.

✅ The antiseptic property helps to prevent sunburns on the skin and increase vitamin D absorption.

✅ The anti-aging property helps to eliminate wrinkles, necklines, and saggy skin.

✅ It prevents acne and pimples.

✅ The castor oil used, hydrates your skin, locking its natural moisture.

The ACV Anti-Aging Cream Side Effects

Sometimes the hyaluronic acid, used as a main component in the ACV Secret cream, causes allergies in people. Symptoms include redness, itchiness, pain, and swelling. But most people do not suffer from allergies due to hyaluronic acid.

Otherwise, there are no side effects of using this The ACV Secret cream, as it is made from 100% natural ingredients that are a blessing for the skin.

The ACV Secret Dosage and how to use it?

Using the ACV Secret anti-aging moisturizer is very easy. It is specially designed for people who want a skincare routine, but cannot, due to a heavy work schedule. 

All you need is a minute from your day. Take a dime size amount on your palm and rub gently on your face, neck, and neckline, once every day.

The ACV Secret Results and longevity

Customers are happy after using The ACV Secret cream. They say the results are unbelievable. 

As it is made with 100% natural ingredients, with zero chemicals, visible results are noticed in 2 to 3 months’ time. 

For the results to last longer, Susan recommends continuing to use The ACV Secret anti aging cream for 1 to 2 years.

With a proper diet, a healthy lifestyle, and a stress-free life, the cream works like magic.

The ACV Secret Results

Is The ACV Secret Cream legit?

The producers of the The ACV Secret cream assure a 60-day moneyback guarantee if the cream does not work for you. It is made using the ingredients that are known to work miracles in our bodies since the age of Cleopatra. 

So, is the anti-aging moisturizer legit? With such firmness from its producers that the anti-aging cream will work on you, yes, it is legit. 

The ACV Secret Customer reviews and complaints

A verified customer says, and I quote, “ACV is the best anti-aging cream, I have ever tried. My skin has been changed for the better.”

The ACV Secret reviews from customers are positive, mostly. They are satisfied with the all-natural ingredients used in the cream and they highly recommend the cream to everyone suffering from aging issues.

The ACV Secret Pricing and where to get it?

The ACV Secret is quite affordable in comparison to most of the anti-aging creams in today’s market. It can be bought from the official website of UpWellness. 

Please note that the anti-aging cream is not available in any retail stores or e-commerce sites. So, while looking for it, go to the official website of UpWellness. 

There are three packages of ACV Secret available. Let’s see what the creator has to offer:

1 month’s supply (1 jar) for $47+ free shipping (US)

3 month’s supply (3 jars) for $37 per bottle+ free shipping (US)

6 month’s supply (6 jars) for $27 per bottle (the package providing the largest savings) + free shipping (US)

Along with these, you get an additional 10% off on your purchase if you sign up for the ACV Secret auto-ship program.

I’ll provide the link to the official website for your easy navigation.

The ACV Secret Bonuses

For every purchase of The ACV Secret anti-aging cream, you not only receive just a jar of cream. There are a lot of freebies that come with this.

Let’s have a flavor of what bonuses you are going to have with The ACV Secret cream.

✅ The apple cider vinegar miracle cookbook – It consisting of 35 of Patterson‘s favorite ACV fused recipes worth $37, comes free with the anti-aging cream.

✅ The apple cider vinegar miracle – 81 ways to clean your body and house and more of value $29.95, absolutely free.

✅ The vinegar bible – how this ancient elixir cleanses your body and slashes fat, worth $37, again free with your purchase.

Final Verdict On The ACV Secret Reviews – Should You Buy The Product?

As mentioned in this ACV Secret review, If you want to reverse aging or want to prevent it, the product is for you. Along with that, if you want healthy, glowing, and fresh skin, I see a yes. 

As Patterson would say, ‘The ACV secret is ideal for anyone who wants to feel more beautiful. 

If you have a busy schedule and do not have time for a skin-care routine, The ACV Secret cream is definitely made for you. 

Do the criteria match yours? Then go for it. 


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