The Land Management Director Removed After Serving Unlawfully For 424 Days

Nikki Attkisson | Last Updated : September 28, 2020

A judge from the federal department stated that the land management director must be removed from his place because it has been noticed that he has been serving unlawfully. Judge Brian Morris has issued the statement and has removed Pendley and has said that he has ruled against the laws for more than 424 days. He has also said that there should be someone who can immediately sit at his place and act as the head of the management as the person who leads can only be appointed by the President and the head of the Senate.

The land management director removed after serving unlawfully for 424 days

Law is the same for everyone, and in the nation that is known for its strict rules, you just cannot do anything wrong and get saved. No matter how much the higher authorities know you, if you go against the law, then you will have to bear the consequence. The judge has given ten days to both sides to prove their facts. In these ten days, both parties will have to make all the facts clear. Morris will have to show by what practices did he notice that the head of land management was not following the rules and was involved in the unlawful practices. On the other hand, Pendley will be having a lot of time in these ten days to bring out the evidence that proves that he is innocent and has not been doing anything that will spoil his name. It has to be checked properly as the position that Pendley holds is not a small one, and the accusations made by Morris are not light either.

These claims prove evasive and contradict the established system of safeguards and balances. Morris argued, noting that Pendley was officially referred to by the government as the head of the department. But there were complaints against him, and they were being ignored. But once the same was checked thoroughly after putting pressure on the officials proved that Pendley has been doing unlawful things from the past 424 days and should be punished and fined, and all the money that he has made with these acts must be confiscated. Morris has also demanded that the bank accounts and property must be checked and after the analysis of the same in a proper manner must be taken away.Conner Swanson, the spokesperson for the Interior Department, told CNN in an email that the government would appeal immediately.

Though this is a serious claim, and if it is not proven, Morris can be in real trouble. But Morris is rigid and has said that the claims have been made after proper study. He also said that he has been observing Pendley from the past many days, and after that, he has given such a decision. Swanson also added and marked that It is an outrageous decision that is far beyond the bounds of the statute. The hearing will involve the highest authorities, and the President will also be taken in the loop, and he is the one who appoints the head. A proper case will be made, and the acts of Pendley will be taken into the picture for the entire period of 424 days. It is not going to be dealt in a hurry, and after proper checking, only will the President be informed.

In a close Senate election, Bullock, who is opposing GOP Sen. Steve Daines, tweeted, The decision today is a triumph for the Constitution, the rule of law, and our public lands. Morris is a man of his words and has never given a wrong statement. It is true if he has noticed that the head was not following the rules and was taking the things against the laws. This case has also come into the notice after the niece of Trump has filed a case against him related to land and property. Morris wrote in his view that Pendley served and appeared to serve illegally as the Acting BLM Director. His rise to Acting Bureau of Land Management Director did not follow all of the appropriate pathways laid out in the U.S. Constitution or the Federal Vacancies Reform Act. The President did not appoint Pendley, and the Senate did not approve that he served as Bureau of Land Management Director.

He added that, under the FVRA, Secretary Bernhardt lacked the right to appoint Pendley as an Acting Bureau of Land Management Manager. Beyond the 210-day limit required by the FVRA, Pendley illegally took the temporary position. Since the President forwarded his permanent nomination to the Senate for confirmation for another breach of the FVRA, Pendley illegally acted as Acting BLM Chief. He also said that this case must be registered under the illegal act for a strict punishment given to the accused. In the United States, the Bureau of Land Management controls 244 million acres of federal land — one out of every 10 acres of land in the country — along with 30 percent of the minerals in the world. Pendley exercised considerable power as acting director of the Bureau of Land Management over the sale and use of land for mining, tourism, and discovery and extraction of oil and gas, as well as ensuring environmental security for federal lands.

At present, the department is taking action to transfer its headquarters and staff to the west. Last year, following the resignation of Director Neil Kornze less than a year into the Trump presidency, Pendley became the fifth person to head the bureau temporarily. In July, Bullock filed suit challenging Pendley’s control. In July 2019, Pendley, a conservative blogger, columnist and lawyer, was named as acting director by Bernhardt. But he did not take the position seriously. Because of his foolish acts, he has been called off from the position and will be facing some serious charges against him. Morris wrote that it is required by statute that the appointment of a director of the Bureau of Land Management be approved by the Senate. The Trump administration argued that Pendley did not technically have the position of acting director, so the law does not apply.




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