The RMBC Method Review- A Simple Four-Step Method For Copywriters?

Nikki Attkisson | Last Updated : October 16, 2020

I first started hearing about this foolproof copywriting system that I am going to reveal through the RMBC Method review from my friends.

I know that copywriting is an art and science of writing copy. A copywriter has to create a clear, compelling copy to sell products or to educate and engage customers.

The RMBC Method Review: A Perfect Solution To Write An Attractive Sales Letter!

Copywriting is always a high income skill. So I always insist on learning copywriting.

So what skills do you need to be a  copywriter?

I researched many things. But at the end of the day, I couldn’t create an attention-grabbing, conversion-popping sales copy.

The RMBC Method program created by Stefan is a popular system even used by legends to copy and write sales letters.

So I decided to use the RMBC Method program and this RMBC Method review is from my own experience of using the system.

It wouldn’t be a forced decision for you to order the RMBC Method program.

Read on this RMBC Method review till the end and understand whether it will be perfect for you or not.  

The RMBC Method review

The RMBC Method program is a foolproof copywriting system that allows anyone to pump out attention-grabbing, conversion popping sales copy at a fast rate. Let us discuss more in the RMBC Method review.

Product NameThe RMBC Method
CategoryOnline Training Program
SpecificationA 4-step system online
Main BenefitsHelps you to write an attractive sales letter and eliminates all the headaches from writing a copy.
Price$997.00 (One-Time Payment)
Money-Back Guarantee60 Days
AvailabilityThrough Official Website
Official WebsiteClick Here

Click here to order the RMBC method (Discount Applied)

What is the RMBC Method program?

The RMBC Method was created by Stefan in 2014 and it has helped him to write 12 sales letters per month for his client. 

Through this RMBC Method program, Stefan reveals the entire 4 step system online so you can begin using it for yourself today.

Many business owners and retailers use Stefan’s RMBC method system to Copywrite about their products and services.

This helps them to double or triple their revenue. If you want to know exactly what this 4-step system is and how it can transform your copy, then read on. 

About the creator

The RMBC Method program is the brainchild of Stefan Georgi.

He is the hottest copywriter alive because he had 7 of the top 10 highest performing sales letters on Clickbank at one time.

From working as a copywriter, now he has owned a multi-million dollar supplement company and had to set up his own call center because his sales letter created so much demand.

Creator of the RMBC Method

How does the RMBC Method work?

According to The RMBC Method review, Stefan’s RMBC Method is a simple four-step method that helps you to write an attractive sales letter and eliminates all the headaches from writing a copy.

Now, it may be impossible for you to write high converting sales letters in 3 days.

But the RMBC Method program is something that allows you to begin consistently producing a good sales letter in less time. So even a beginner, intermediate, and advanced copywriters write alike.

The RMBC Method is a four step system. The four steps are:

1. Research

2. Mechanism

3. Brief

4. Copy

Once you get access to The RMBC Method download, you will get a video in which Stefan explains about each step.

For each stage, you will get copies and transcripts and copies of his notes, demonstration videos, etc. In each video, Stefan has concentrated to include each and every point of copywriting from the scratch.

As mentioned in The RMBC Method review, the RMBC Method program has also included a video of members of his elite copy accelerator group.

The legend copywriter’s in that group provide demonstrations on how to use RMBC Method sales letters in 3 days. The RMBC Method program also includes 10 powerful modules. They are: 

Module 1: Welcome

This is the first module of the RMBC Method program and it includes a video overview of how RMBC works, how to use it to get best results, and includes all of the ore components from RMBC.

Module 2: Research

This module initially provides a walkthrough video where you will get four over-the-shoulder videos of Stefan and some of the best marketers in the world.

Module 3: Mechanism

In this module, Stefan gives you a detailed walkthrough of what the unique mechanism is, how it works.

Module 4: Brief

In this fourth module, you will get a detailed video breakdown of each of the 12 questions asked by Stefan. Each of them will be explained with examples.

Module 5: Copy

Inside this module, you will get a full video walkthrough of Stefan’s entire sales copy outline and the 53 sub-bullets.

He also explains why each of those bullets is included in the place that it is, and he even composes a sales letter verbally on the spot. 

Module 6: Fascinations

Fascinations or curiosity bullets can be used in the lead of your copy, in ad creative, in headlines or when selling a product.

This module helps to improve your copywriting. Stefan includes the following points in this module:

  • Show you the 11 key fascination types that turn boring copy into gold
  • Walk you through multiple examples of each of the 11 types
  • Shows dozens of fascinations on the-spot so you can see exactly how fascinations get created in the real world.

Module 7: Attention grabbing leads

This module provides an in-depth video breakdown about the 6 different leads that Stefan has written in different niches.

Module 8: Writing killer headlines

This eighth module gives you a 7 step checklist for writing killer headlines.

Module 9: Subject lines and ad creative

Here, you will get a subject line matrix and an over-the-shoulder video about using the subject line matrix in real time.

Module 10: The AOV money close

The AOV money close is a template approach to writing the verdict of the sales letter. Module 10 includes:

  •  A detailed video breakdown of exactly how the AOV money close works
  • Tells you which lines you need to include where
  • Then hands you the AOV money close from two super high-grossing sales letter

Benefits of the RMBC Method

  • Convenient for freshers, intermediates, and experienced writers
  • Helps to write mind grabbing sales letters
  • Once you attend this program, then you might be able to write sales letters in record time
  • The RMBC Method program includes videos and demonstrations which will be easier to understand than simple lectures.
  • The system allows to free download the transcript of the classes given by Stefan

Does the RMBC Method really help to write a sales letter in 3 days?

Yes, the RMBC Method program really makes it possible to write a sales letter in 3 days.

In this RMBC Method review, the RMBC Method program is divided into 10 modules and each module contains videos and demonstrations that may help you to write a better sales letter.

The whole system makes the copy-writing simple, unique and attractive.

Who needs the RMBC Method?

RMBC Method program can be used by anyone who wants to write an attractive sale letter.

Now it is mainly used by business owners to write copywriting about their products and services.

Also, some freelancers use this system to write mind grabbing sale letters for their clients.  

How much does the RMBC Method cost?

If you wish to purchase this RMBC Method program and want to transform your copywriting with the RMBC Method, then you can access it from the official website at a one-time payment of $997 or at four payments of $397. 

The RMBC Method customer reviews

Click here to order the RMBC method (Discount Applied)

Bonuses of the RMBC Method

Bonus Module 1: Using the RMBC Method to write a new keto sales letter from scratch

This is a copywriting masterclass where you get to watch over-the-shoulder as one of the world’s best copywriters creates a new promotion from start to finish.

The only way you could access these recordings was to become a member of Copy Accelerator (which costs $30,000 per year).

Bonus Module 2: Writing advertorials with health Wilcock

In this bonus modules, most popular copywriter Heath, breaks down his entire advertorial writing process including,

  • The 5 essential questions every advertorial must answer if you want prospects to respond.
  • What PAS stands for, and why using this nifty little framework in your copy can increase clickthrough rates by over 200%.
  • The 4 advertorial archetypes that virtually all successful advertisers follow.
  • And Heath’s specific advertorial structure he uses every time he writes and that you can use to eliminate the mystery from writing advertisements for good.

Bonus module 3: Big idea explained

This bonus module includes:

  •  World’s best definition of the big idea
  • Share Stefan’s simple, two step criteria for evaluating if your big idea will truly work
  • Show you what Big Idea have in common with bestselling business books and memes
  • Give you a specific, step-by step system for generating Big Ideas on demand.
  • Then answer several of the most common FAQs people have about Big Idea, including how they are different from USPs.

Bonus 4: Coming up with unique mechanisms for health offers

Inside this bonus module, you can see:

  • Quickly and easily find dozens of exciting new scientific discoveries.
  • Rapidly filter through these discoveries to select the unique mechanism that I think is strongest.
  • Then write out the Unique Mechanism in a matter of minutes.

Bonus 5: Writing Facebook Ads with Mike Buontempo

Mike Buontempo was one of the first to hire Stefan and had paid him $149 per sales letter. In this module, you can see:

  • How Mike’s Ad agency manages 7 figures of ad spend per month
  • Mike shares his detailed process for crafting killer ads that work on Facebook and other major traffic sources.

Bonus 6: Writing mini sales letter

This module takes you through two mini sales letter:

  • A VSL script for a client in the sports entertainment niche(1300 word script)
  • A FB video Ad script that a stefan’s friend wrote in the health niche(1200 words long)

How can you get hands-on it?

To get hands-on with The RMBC Method program, head to its official website and process the payment right now.

Once You have done with the payment, you will get instant access to the digital version of the RMBC Method program. So it will be convenient for you.

Click here to order the RMBC method (Discount Applied)

Final verdict

As with most of the online programs, the question is: does The RMBC Method really work?

If you are looking for a perfect solution to solve all your problems related to copywriting, then we can say with a degree that accessing The RMBC Method might solve your issues beyond a certain extent.

All the facts provided in this The RMBC Method review are based on my own experience.

So if you are convinced, then head on to the official website without any further delay. 

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