The Wholesale Formula Reviews 2022 – A Simple Hack To Generate Income On Amazon?

John Furrier | Last Updated : February 24, 2022

The Wholesale Formula (Updated Report) – For all those who are planning to find and sell products online in the Amazon selling community and make some money, the Wholesale Formula comes as a sales breakthrough. It’s a highly successful working system with proven results that teaches you how to build a sustainable business on Amazon.

The Wholesale Formula systematically presents the selling guidelines, giving you all the necessary support. It is no magic pill, or a ‘get the rich quick scheme. The Wholesale Formula is an Amazon wholesale business course that formulates the strategy for you to make handsome profits on the most successful Amazon sales platform online.

The Wholesale Formula Review – Why It’s The Best Business Model On Amazon?

Plan your next success level with scalable income on Amazon by using the Wholesale Formula. Read The Wholesale Formula review to discover why it’s the best business model on Amazon currently and how you can use it to generate a steady cash flow.

The Wholesale Formula Reviews
Course TitleThe Wholesale Formula
Product TypeAmazon wholesale business course
CreatorsDan Meadors and Dylan Frost
Course Modules5 Modules
Course DurationStarting From March 2021
The Wholesale Formula Price$2,497 (one-time) or $997 (3 monthly payments)
Official WebsiteClick Here

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About The Wholesale Formula

The Wholesale Formula is an Amazon wholesale course created by Dan Meadors and Dylan Frost, to highlight the power of wholesale selling to the common man interested in sales.

This formula was created to help you utilize the power of wholesale and seek leverage against big brands online on the Amazon platform. 

The Wholesale Formula is a comprehensive Amazon wholesale business course that provides valuable information related to Amazon FBA wholesale training. It will provide you with essential information related to the following:

⚡ How to find wholesale accounts that are profitable and capable of generating sustainable income?

⚡ How to negotiate pricing with vendors 

⚡ How to increase profits with careful negotiations and product delivery

The Wholesale Formula program is comprehensive and provides detailed instructions and guidelines so that you can easily follow it even if you are new to the business and may not have sold anything online earlier.

Since 2015, The Wholesale Formula has consistently been rated as one of the best training programs for selling on Amazon. And each year it continues to thrive with more and more people opting for the course, probably because of the real results.

Dan and Dylan now accept new students once each year to teach them The Wholesale Formula, a blueprint of the exact steps they used to build their own multi-million dollar Amazon business.

The creators of the program share that, so far, the students of The Wholesale Formula have made sales worth $1,057,143,592. If that has got you interested enough, I can share some good news with you – the student enrollment for the year 2021 is just over the horizon!

This time, however, they have decided to transition to a live launch format, which means they’ll be broadcasting the launch in real-time. But that also means there will be a huge rush for the limited number of slots.

But you can now get early VIP access to one of the Wholesale Formula Workshops that are scheduled to take place on the 17th, 18th, and 19th of February 2021.

Being an attendee, you will have access to a custom interactive dashboard and will join them live as they walk you through step-by-step how you can find products to sell on Amazon just like pros.

And in addition, once you register for the workshop, you also get a free copy of The Wholesale 101 guide which details the little known business model that Dan and Dylan used to build a multi-million dollar company with only $600!

The wholesale formula workshop

How does The Wholesale Formula work?

The Wholesale Formula course has been designed by Dan Meadors and Dylan Frost.

It can be used for self-study and then apply the strategies outlined in The Wholesale Formula program for online sales on Amazon to get maximum profits. The whole thing has been designed on the concept of “Reverse Sourcing Wholesale.”  

In simple words, it means that it enables you to get your product directly from the brand owner. You can get your product from a US factory directly to an Amazon warehouse within a week, instead of getting outsourced.

This eliminates any chances of any middlemen in between. All you have to do is to deal with the product brand owner and then resell that product. 

The Amazon Wholesale business course creators have projected a simple 3 S-Formula, which you can use to get success on Amazon.

The 3 Ss stand for Scout, Source, and Sell and spell success for you if used correctly. Let us see how you can utilize these three steps to your business advantage.

✔️ Scout – The first step is to easily find and research such products that are branded and fast-selling and generate profits. The Wholesale Formula will tell you to identify such opportunities on the Amazon marketplace platform.


✔️ Source –This is the most critical step for online sales. Here you need to ensure that your products come directly from the brand owners. You can become an authorized seller of their products by providing them REAL value.


✔️ Sell- Once you have searched for the right product and got it through the proper channels, you need to sell it online to earn profits. Once your sales take off, you can plan to expand and manage your business and scale it to get further profits. 


The whole thing is simple. You buy the product at low wholesale prices and sell at high retail prices. There are sales pages on Amazon for Wholesale Sourcing that have positive reviews.

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How much money can you make with the Wholesale Formula?

The Wholesale Formula Reddit, Amazon, and other online ratings and product reviews have shown this to be a quite successful and impressive product. The Wholesale formula complaints are none. You can earn as much as you can, and you want.

The Wholesale Formula website claims that so far, 421 people have sold $510,397,441. This number is well over Half a Billion, which is a massive amount of money.  This means each member made an average of $1,212,345. However, individual sales are different, and you cannot use this as a sales benchmark.

The Wholesale Formula YouTube videos have also acclaimed the product and tell about the users’ success stories. The Wholesale Formula website also mentions related case studies of success.

The wholesale Formula Workshop conducted by the authors successfully teaches you how to use the formula to find and sell products on Amazon and make profits.

the amazon wholesale course

Who created The Wholesale Formula? 

As said in The Wholesale Formula reviews, The Wholesale Formula course has been designed by Dan Meadors and Dylan Frost, who started their Amazon Sales business in 2011 as a side hustle in Kentucky.

Dan Meadors and Dylan Frost

They began with an original investment of $600. They had to pass through several hardships to set up their business.

But as luck would have it, the two partners experimented to find a simple yet predictable way to generate income on Amazon.

Since then, they’ve been able to generate over $30million in sales on Amazon.  They have been eager to share their success formula with the common people so that everyone can get a chance to generate wealth.

Dan & Dylan Wholesale Formula guys have now started conducting professional workshops to accept new students once a year to teach them the formula. 

What’s inside the Wholesale Formula Program?

The Wholesale Formula has now become synonymous with success in online sales on Amazon. It is a simple yet powerful method to make money on Amazon, based on the concept of tapping into the reverse sourcing wholesale strategy.

As mentioned in The Wholesale Formula reviews, The Wholesale Formula program provides lifetime access to the course and training, guides, tools, and program strategies.

It has a package of 5 modules, each with its distinct and valuable information. Here is what is contained in those 5 modules:

Module 1 – Orientation

This is the starter module, where the authors introduce the users to the Wholesale Formula business model. It explains the reverse wholesale concept and walks you through the steps required to set up your business.

Module 2 – Product Analysis

This module explains how to search effectively for Amazon products online and analyze their profit potential. This will let you know if they’re the right fit for your business.

Module 3 – Scouting

Here the authors have explained in detail about scouting methods to find the most profit-generating products. They have discussed methods like Leaf Sourcing, Super Targeting, and Amazon Filtering to quickly find the best wholesale products.

Module 4 – Value Propositions

Once the groundwork is done, the authors explain how you can go about attracting product owners to increase your account approvals. Here your Amazon expertise will come in handy.

Module 5 – Sourcing

Here the authors take up the sourcing methods to contact brand owners and open wholesale accounts. Next is how to negotiate lower prices and then forecast sales accurately. Post this, you can place your orders and reorder based on calculations. 

The Wholesale Formula Bonuses

The Wholesale Formula or TWF comes with a wide assortment of bonuses:

  • Exclusive access to the TWF Alumni community is provided in a private FB group. Here you can share your experiences with other similar users or exchange business tips.
  • There are email templates to contact brand owners, spreadsheets, checklists, and other tools.
  • You get access to exclusive software like Seller Labs Pro, Jungle Scout, and Tactical Arbitrage to automate your business. You also get special discounts and free trials.
  • The course provides VA Launchpad, a detailed hiring training course, and training your Virtual Assistant. 
  • Live webinars by the authors are arranged occasionally. 
  • The package also consists of more than 12 hours of Webinar Recordings to help students understand the course material and various FAQs with detailed and informative answers. 

How can you get your hands on The Wholesale Formula?

The enrollment for the 2021 batch of The Wholesale Formula training program is not open yet. However, as mentioned before, the only way you can get early access to The Wholesale Formula system is through The Wholesale Formula workshops taking place on the 17th, 18th and 19th of February 2021. 

Details regarding the Wholesale Formula training program price for the 2021 batch has not been revealed yet. I expect those details to be shared during the live workshops.

The earlier sales batches of the Wholesale Formula Course have been priced at $2497, which you can either pay one time or choose a 3 months’ payment plan for $997 each month.  

This lifetime access to The Wholesale Formula also comes with a 30-days’, 100% refund guarantee in case you are not satisfied with The Wholesale Formula.

The Wholesale Formula customer Review

The Wholesale Formula – TheVerdict

The Wholesale Formula is a simple but comprehensive training program that guides you in making the most of online sales in the Amazon marketplace. This Amazon Wholesale course has been immensely popular and successful over the past few years, which has been justified by the statistics. The huge number of sales made by the limited number of students of the course is why The Wholesale Formula complaints are next to nil. It seems if you are determined and committed, there is no better way to make money online in 2021.

But don’t take my word for it. Participate in one of The Wholesale Formula workshops and decide for yourself!

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