There Is A Spike in Coronavirus Infections, Relaxed Restrictions And Spring Breakers Cause Concern, Says CDC

Nikki Attkisson | Last Updated : March 27, 2021

An increase in the number of vaccinations is encouraging, say, health officials. But according to them, not enough numbers of people are vaccinated to curb the spread of the virus. Furthermore, the relaxation of restrictions when combined with the swelling crowds of spring breakers may prove disastrous.  The footage of spring breakers violating COVID 19 safety measures is really concerning. The country has to hang in there for a bit more, they observe. The vaccination drive is at its peak. Within a few months, the US will reach a point when it can stop the spread of the virus.

There Is A Spike in Coronavirus Infections, Relaxed Restrictions And Spring Breakers Cause Concern, Say CDC

The few weeks ahead are of utmost importance. There is a slight increase in the number of coronavirus infections. And new variants of the virus are being detected. If the US relaxes restrictions at this point, it may see another surge, warn certain experts.

According to CDC, if Americans invest in preventive measures now, they will be able to come out of the pandemic faster and with minimum loss of life.

There Is A Spike in Coronavirus Infections, Relaxed Restrictions And Spring Breakers Cause Concern

The US is getting closer to that magic herd immunity with every passing day. But it has not yet reached there. The country still is seeing thousands of infections and hundreds of deaths every day. At this stage, the country cannot say that it has emerged victorious in its fight against COVID 19 pandemic. CDC is still of the view that the US has to do what it is doing at the moment: vaccinate as many people as possible within the shortest time possible and continue to follow COVID 19 safety measures.

Even in the midst of this confusion, there is good news. Vaccination drive is making a difference. According to the CDC, over a quarter of the US population has received at least one dose of the vaccine. Up to 14% is fully vaccinated at present. The speed of the vaccination drive is at the highest now.  And at present, more than 70% of those above 65 years of age have received at least one dose.

The amazing news is that the instances of COVID 19 hospitalizations and deaths are the lowest among the elderly. Their contribution to the instances of coronavirus infections is now just a small portion. This is truly amazing when taking into account the situation a few months earlier.

At the start of the vaccination drive, the country gave utmost priority to the elderly living in nursing homes. The instances of COVID 19 are the lowest from the time when experts started monitoring the situation in May. Numerous studies conducted recently suggest that vaccines protect healthcare staff.

The news should serve as a ray of hope to the country. And it should motivate others to roll up their sleeves and receive the vaccine when it is available. According to the CDC, vaccines saved at least 40000 Americans from possible hospitalization and death. Vaccines are effective; they are safe; they are powerful; experts repeat.

More and more States are now expanding vaccine eligibility. Many States have announced the date when the vaccination drive becomes open for all. The only vaccine available for those 16 years of age and older is the one from Pfizer. The other two are meant for people above 18 years and older.

Given below are the updates in this regard:

  1. North Carolina will open a vaccination drive for everyone above 16 by April 7.
  2. The same will happen in California by April 16.

These are the latest to join the bandwagon at present.

Experts are now waiting for a time when hesitation to vaccinate will become a hurdle. They expect it to happen within almost six weeks.

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