These States Are Declining Vaccination The Most

Nikki Attkisson | Last Updated : August 24, 2021

Vaccine hesitancy has contributed the most to the surges of infection rates recently in the US. The US Census Bureau’s recent survey says that 10.4% or more than 25,900,000 Americans, who are eligible, say they will probably never get vaccinated.

The eligible population who decline the vaccination varies from state to state. The Northeast states have the largest share of the eligible population who are open to getting vaccine shots.

These States Are Declining Vaccination The Most

Most US citizens are hesitant for three reasons- either it is hard to get an appointment for vaccine shots, or they are worried about vaccines’ side effects, or they want to wait until they know it is safe.

These States Are Declining Vaccination The Most

In the country, more than 16,300,000 people, which makes almost 6.5% of the total eligible population, believe that COVID-19 vaccines are not trustworthy. Around 2.8% of the adult population, or 6,980,000 Americans believe COVID-19 is not a big threat, and 5.5% of the adult population, which makes it 13,800,000 Americans have not taken the vaccine shots because they have no faith in the government.

Amidst this, the infection continues the surge. The country has witnessed more than 36,547,639 confirmed positive cases of the COVID-19 virus and more than 616,711 deaths from the pandemic. According to data from the CDC, since the vaccines have been given emergency approval, 51.1% of the total eligible US population, or 169,592,873 Americans have received vaccine shots.

In the state of Alabama, 15.4% or 571,144 of the total eligible population will probably or definitely never get vaccinated. 35.8% of the total population of 1,752,243 residents have been fully vaccinated. Alabama has reported 634,897 confirmed COVID-19 cases and 11,798 deaths in the pandemic.

In Alaska, around 10.1% of the total eligible population will probably or definitely never get vaccinated. 46.0% of the adult population or 339,304 residents have been fully vaccinated against the COVID-19 virus. Alaska has reported a total of 76,343 positive cases and 395 deaths in the pandemic.

Arizona has witnessed more than 965,462 confirmed cases with more than 18,464 deaths from the COVID-19 virus, and yet around 14.6% of the adult population or 817,762 residents are likely to decline the vaccine shots. Around 47.3% of the total population of 3,393,771 residents have been fully vaccinated.

In Arkansas, 17.1% of the total eligible population or 385,012 residents will likely decline the vaccines. The state has witnessed 419,807 confirmed coronavirus cases with 6,467 deaths.

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6.0% of total eligible Californians, which accounts for around 1,791,009 residents are most likely to remain unvaccinated. Around 54.45% or 21,515,794 residents are fully vaccinated. The state of California has reported around 4,190,238 positive cases with 64,183 fatalities in the pandemic.

In Colorado, 589,526 positive cases with 7,032 deaths since the beginning of the pandemic. Around 8.9% of the total eligible population or 398,094 residents are likely to never get vaccinated. Around 3,208,698 adults are fully vaccinated.

In Delaware, 72,230 residents will likely never get vaccinated. Around 54.4% of the total population or 525,774 residents are fully vaccinated. The state has reported 114,486 coronavirus cases with 1,838 deaths.

In West Virginia, more than 171,997 residents contracted the virus and 2,976 succumbed to it. Around 198,708 people will most likely never get the vaccine shots. 705,215 residents are fully vaccinated.

Amidst the increasing cases every day, politicians, officials, and medical experts are urging people to get vaccinated.

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