Things That Will Keep The Americans Alarmed

Nikki Attkisson | Last Updated : November 12, 2020

The election of the United States of America has always been dramatic to the worst possible extent. However, this time the people have witnessed the worst of the tussle between the people. This tussle was further aggregated by the win of the Joe Bidden who had been in the position to defeat the existing president Donald Trump.

Things That Will Keep The Americans Alarmed

However, things have not been that easy for the former president to digest. Until now, he has not been in the position to accept the fact that he won’t be in the position to provide for that fact he has lost the election. Therefore he is undertaking various kinds of ot activities which can prove that he is yet alibi and at the same time is politically active as well. 

There have been many changes that have been reported so far, and hence, at the same time, it is essential to say the same. The party organization of the Trump administration is undergoing a vast kind of overhaul. He is shuffling the resources in the worst possible manner. Also, an attempt is made to changes the offices. Many of the people have themselves resigned. James Anderson who used to be the undersecretary as resigned from the pentagon office owing to the indifferences which were observed between the parties.

The next things which would be taken in mind are to ensure that, Adam Smith, who had the person who had been arranging for these things online in the best possible manner. Also, an attempt is being made to comment on these changes in the worst possible way, and it has been called as drastic by Adam so far. This is because of the reason that there is no specific reason for shuffling in the internal organization that too after being defeated in the system. Also, these people have the guts to ensure that the main aim of the peoples these days is to raise the voice against the injustice. However, the people expressed their happiness that the Trump power is no more ruling them in the worst possible manner.

President Trump made significant shifts in the highest civilian leadership of the Pentagon, which began with the dismissal of Secretary of Defense Mark Esper and continued across senior ranks on Tuesday. Three top officials, including strategy and intelligence undersecretaries, resigned on Tuesday. The CEO of Esper has also withdrawn. Capitol Hill was worried about the possibility that chaos in the Pentagon could impose U.S. enemies during the presidential transition.

James Anderson, Pentagon’s temporary political sub secretary No. 3, resigned Tuesday and was replaced by Anthony Tata, a former General of the military. The latter once named a “terrorism tyrant” President Barack Obama, before a controversial confirmatory hearing in the Senate. Tata removed his name to the Pentagon post in August. He was then forced into another position without a hearing.

Many top-level officials have expressed their concerns that the department which would be the most affected one would be the office of defence since it the only office which is accounting for the maximum shuffling. This will be helpful to provide for the fact that these policy decisions right after the defeat in the elections are raising eyebrows of the people as they fail to understand the reason for which these are shuffling among the officials in being reported. The next step in line is to provide for the reasons in which this could be done. The Trump officials have actually been forced by Trump himself to resign or leave the services. This is purely unconstitutional, and at the same time, they are undemocratic as well.

Therefore at such times, an attempt must be made to assure the fact that the people are in the position to assure that these uncouth behaviours are not at all tolerated in a democratic country like the United States of America. This was likely to affect the tenets of democracy in the best possible manner. This was also in the position to provide for the fact that the main aim of the people should be to provide for the fact that these overhauls after the elections would have a deleterious impact on the working of the defence mechanism of the country.

Therefore during such times, the people of the United States of America should realize the power of democracy and hence put up a tough front against it in the best manner. This will be playing down the foundation stone of every kind of task and at the same time assure that the reliance is placed on the facts in the best manner. The Trump administration should realize that it is high time for them to reduce to such tactics for promoting their publicity. 

Nikki Attkisson

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