Thyroid Glands Can Have A Significant Impact On Cardiovascular Health

Nikki Attkisson | Last Updated : January 24, 2022

Not many people worry about the health of thyroid glands in a big way. However, the thyroid can significantly affect cardiovascular health and other functions of the body in a big way. The underactive thyroid gland has many ill effects on the body and the heart.

Thyroid Glands Can Have A Significant Impact On Cardiovascular Health

Similarly, the overactive thyroid gland also has many adverse effects on the heart and other functions. Even though the abnormal functioning of the thyroid gland results in small changes in the body, it can go a long way in impacting cardiovascular health.

Thyroid Glands Can Have A Significant Impact On Cardiovascular Health

The problem with abnormal functioning of thyroid glands is that they are often subtle in nature, and many people would ignore such problems. However, if proper treatment is not provided at the right time, it can lead to cardiovascular problems in the long run.

The basic function of the thyroid glands is to secrete hormones that regulate different actions of the body. This aids in metabolism and other actions of the body. Apart from that, it can also impact the heart due to various issues. When the person is suffering from too much hormone production in the body, it leads to an irregular heartbeat. This can lead to complications like blood clots and stroke in many people. In extreme cases, it can even lead to heart failure.

In the same manner, when the body does not produce enough hormones, it can slow down the heart rate by a considerable margin. This, in turn, contracts the blood vessels and increases the blood pressure in the body. All these factors can lead to higher cholesterol levels and affect the heart.

Treatment is readily available for thyroid problems, and many people get better with proper medication. In extreme cases, doctors may perform surgery to fix the issues associated with thyroid glands. It is estimated that nearly 20 million people suffer from some form of thyroid problem in the US.

Interestingly, women are the most affected by thyroid problems, and they are often more likely to suffer from thyroid problems than men. The worst thing about such thyroid issues among women is that it goes undiagnosed in nearly half of the cases. Many people do not report severe symptoms, so a proper thyroid examination can be done. Due to these issues, such problems persist for many years and lead to several complications.

Health experts believe that people at high risk of developing heart ailments should regularly go for a thyroid test. In this way, problems can be fixed in the initial stages before they get complicated. It is very easy to undergo thyroid screening with a simple blood test. However, most people do not go for a regular thyroid test unless suggested by the doctor.

As it is not possible to test everyone for thyroid problems, doctors suggest watching out for symptoms of malfunctioning thyroid glands. If there is a sudden increase or decrease in weight, it should not be taken lightly as this is a serious indication of a thyroid problem. In the same manner, severe cold intolerance and problems with a heartbeat can often indicate a problem with the thyroid glands.

When such symptoms are noticed, it is important to go for a thorough medical checkup to determine any thyroid gland issues. Some people have to take medication for a long time to relieve thyroid problems. As women are more likely to suffer from such problems, they should be more vigilant about the symptoms and consult the doctor if they are suffering from weight problems. This can keep them away from health complications related to the heart and other organs in the long run.

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