Smart Tips To Overcome Body Image Anxiety After Lockdown!

Nikki Attkisson | Last Updated : July 20, 2021

The most powerful treatment for body image anxiety is engagement with those who accept themselves as they are.

The world is trying to get back to normalcy. Countries are relaxing restrictions in phases. Being able to converse after staying for months indoors is definitely an exciting opportunity. But it brings with it one trouble; body image anxiety. You start worrying excessively about how you look. 

Smart Tips To Overcome Body Image Anxiety After Lockdown!

COVID 19 pandemic changed lives in numerous ways. And it had serious implications both for the mind and for the body. Gyms remained closed. Self-care got ignored. Homeschooling consumes so much time. Combine it with the financial strain the lockdown had on everyone. It also restricted man’s existence as a social animal. Social support systems collapse and there is no way to exercise in the outdoors.

Smart Tips To Overcome Body Image Anxiety After Lockdown!

People turn for comfort to other things that may cause more harm than good.

A study conducted in Australia found out that people started binge-eating. For Italians, the prevalent coping mechanism of the time was emotional eating. And in the US, people became obese. This naturally makes them anxious over how they look when coming out from the lockdown.

What does body image mean?

Body image is a person’s inner view of his body. It can be negative, positive, or even neutral. Situations and the people someone with whom a person interacts too affects body image.  The following scenarios can cause negative body image:

  • Finding yourself unable to fit into your favorite dress
  • Seeing age-induced changes in your appearance
  • Reviewing your not-so-good body and comparing it with that of an influencer on Facebook

The pandemic is the cause of negative body image for a large majority of people. It has also increased in the instances of binge-eating and stress-induced eating for many. It makes others worry so much about their body weight and appearance. If you belong to this general group, there is good news. There are smart ways to overcome this trap named body image anxiety. Following are a few among them:

  1. List the things that you appreciate about your body

Try to change your perception of your body. There are a great many things that it does for you. Your stomach digests the food you consume. It gives you the energy you need to move around. Your legs carry you everywhere. Your brain helps you read and understand this write-up. Prepare a list of these positive attributes about your body. Keep them before your eyes. And read them when you obsess about their appearance. 

  1. Be kind to yourself

Your body assisted in your efforts to survive a complete lockdown. Be kind to it. If your loved one faces a tough situation, you are sure to be kind to him. Treat your body in the same manner. Your fellow beings too are facing the same anxiety. Known as self-compassion, it helps you overcome your obsession with your body image.

  1. Learn the techniques of mindful movement

Move around in such a way that you feel rejuvenated. Your movements should help you listen to it. Techniques like yoga are great options worth exploring in your efforts here. Yoga, according to scientists, boosts positive body image.

  1. Set aside some time for self-care

Listen to the indications your body gives you. It needs good sleep, good food, and exercise. Give it what it requires. Develop a timetable and include a few minutes to care for yourself in it. Spend some time in the company of nature. Listen to good music. All these are sure to make you feel good about yourself.

You should also avoid comparing your body with those of others. Remember, everyone is unique. And stay safe from crash dieting and other dietary misadventures.

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