Are We Tiring Ourselves By Traveling To Multiple Destinations At Once?

Nikki Attkisson | Last Updated : February 18, 2021

Before the beginning of the pandemic many were accustomed to traveling every now and then, even for a very short period of time. Some people even flew to Europe or Asia for just 1 or 2 days only to come back home to board another flight to some other destination.

To make the most of their holidays, people were trying to fly to as many places as they could. But after the pandemic began and everyone was shut in their homes, most people realized something that they were missing – the essence of travel. They were so busy visiting from one place to another that they never slowed down to enjoy one place at a time. 

Are We Tiring Ourselves By Traveling To Multiple Destinations At Once?

Enjoying one destination is important as it will help you enjoy and even help in relaxing your mind, as said by Dr. Natasha Wendy, a psychologist. While everyone enjoys international travel, this pandemic has also taught them to enjoy by slowing down. A college student went to visit her parent’s house during the early phase of the Covid-19 virus. When she ventured out to Northern California and Utah for 2 weeks, the girl said she has never experienced such calmness in the mountains’ fresh air. The wide-open spaces made her feel relieved from all the worries. She further added that the feeling of calmness made her realize she has actually traveled somewhere, not just running frantically to places to reach somewhere.

Are We Tiring Ourselves By Traveling To Multiple Destinations At Once?

Dr. Natasha said that sometimes people are so hung up on traveling to many places that they forget to take a breather and which further makes the body more tired. Then we get more tired once we reach home and start working. We would soon start wanting more frequent breaks and traveling to different places. This vicious cycle never ends. We end up getting exhausted. But the pandemic has taught many of us to take it slow.

Now, after a year of pandemic, various vaccines are being distributed around the world as we speak. But we haven’t reached a point where we can point out a date when we can travel freely. The unequal and bumpy vaccine rollout that is combined with the emergence of more contagious strain can be seen as a guarantee for travel restrictions to continue.

It looks like traveling to nations farther than North America seems off-limits for now till at least in summer 2021. So for this year, travel for the people of the U.S. is like traveling in states or countries that are easily accessible and boarding those domestic flights after following various protocols of different states. 

The doctor recommends following for at least in travel this year to travel in countries and places with relatively fewer cases and nearby areas. One should try to travel to places and try to indulge in exploring the area rather than going to several places even after vaccination. Going to one place at a time relaxes your mind, body and soul.

Further, going to several places might not be possible now as each state or country has different rules related to quarantining. You might need to show multiple proofs of Covid-19 certificates. Even if some places do not have quarantining rules due to a change in CDC rules recently, it’s best to explore and enjoy the time at a particular place. Dr. Natasha says we are not in a race to travel to multiple destinations in a single trip, so it’s best to enjoy around. A recent survey shows that people prefer to travel to a single destination in this era.

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