Too Soon To Lift Mask Mandates, Says CDC Chief

Nikki Attkisson | Last Updated : February 16, 2021

CDC Chief says that it is too soon to lift mask mandates. He cites the COVID numbers to support his warning. There is a decline in recent months. But it still remains double the number they saw previous summer.

The warning comes just days after the governors of Iowa and Montana lifted the mask mandates that had been there for long.

Too Soon To Lift Mask Mandates, Says CDC Chief

Experts observe that stopping another surge of the pandemic is a must to safely re-open schools and restore social normalcy until the country can attain herd immunity.

Too Soon To Lift Mask Mandates, Says CDC Chief

The possibility of walking through the streets without a mask by the end of 2021 in the US depends on how people behave at present.

New instances of COVID 19 are, fortunately, on the decline. However, the US has to go miles before it can lift the present mask mandates. In fact, country-wide mask-wearing is a must to slow the spread of COVID 19.

There still exists the threat of new variants of the virus. They are considered to be more contagious and capable of resisting vaccine-generated antibodies. Thus it is a must that people continue social distance and face-covering.

As per a news channel analysis, COVID 19 still has a strong grip on the US. Till Sunday, there are 27.6 confirmed new instances of the virus. Till now, 484,600 people died because of this viral lung-infection.

The US had a sluggish start in December in its vaccination drive. Recently, it gained momentum. The country has now vaccinated 52.9 in its population till now.

The country is still fighting to ramp up the production and distribution of the vaccines. The unusually cold winter, however, proved to be a setback in the effort. Hundreds of vaccination centres from Virginia to Texas had to be closed.

Here are some recommendations of CDC with regard to choosing a face mask:

  • Choose a mask that sits tight to the sides of your face. There should not be any gap.
  • It should completely cover your mouth and nose
  • Use a nose wire. This prevents the air from leaking from the top of your mask.
  • Do not buy a mask made of fabric that makes it difficult to breathe
  • Avoid masks that feature exhalation valves. These let the particles of virus escape from it.
  • Do not buy masks that are meant for healthcare professionals.

When buying it for children:

  • Buy a mask that is designed for children
  • Check for gaps and fitness
  • Don’t ask children below 2 years of age to wear a mask.

During winter:

  • Wear your scarf on top of the mask.
  • Take great care to wear mask the right way.
  • Wash your hands or use a sanitizer before wearing your mask.
  • Do not touch your mask while it is on your face.

When taking it off:

  • Untie the strings of the mask from behind your head. You may also stretch its ear loops.
  • Do not ever touch the insides of the mask. Hold it only by the ear loops.
  • Fold the outside corners of your mask.
  • Take care not to touch your nose or eyes when removing the mask.
  • Clean your hands with soap immediately after removing the mask.
  • If it is a reusable one, clean it at regular intervals.
  • You may include it along with your laundry.
  • You may use your regular detergent to clean your mask. Use the warmest setting possible to clean it.
  • Take it only after completely drying.

Contact your nearest health worker for more information in this regard.

Stay alert, maintain social distance, wear mask every day, get tested if symptoms of COVID 19 persist and go to quarantine if instructed. Even after vaccination, you should wear mask until the entire population is vaccinated.

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