Top 5 Foods To Avoid Colon Cancer

Nikki Attkisson | Last Updated : April 6, 2021

Colon cancer depends totally on what you eat or consume in your daily diet. The experts have suggested five types of food that shall be included in our diet every day to avoid colon cancer. They are veggies and fruits, whole wheat products, pulses or legumes, and different types of nuts and seeds.

Top 5 Foods To Avoid Colon Cancer

Carotenoids and flavonoids are cancer-preventing nutrients found in vegetables, says Rosenfeld- a registered dietician from mount Kisco in New York. She also stated that the risk of colorectal cancer could be reduced by the fibers contained in vegetables. It is suggested to cover half of your plate with different vegetables, including frozen veggies, as they are readily available and affordable in every meal of the day.

Top 5 Foods To Avoid Colon Cancer

The whole grain or whole wheat products may include wheat bread, whole grain cereals, barley, corn, oats, buckwheat, etc., which contain higher levels of fiber. Expert Rosenfeld said that it is always better to avoid white grains; however, they can be consumed with whole grains by mixing them. Having three whole wheat servings in a day will help you increase important minerals such as iron, zinc, copper, magnesium, and vitamin B in your body.

Legumes or pulses are known to be a great source of proteins and fibers for people with vegetarian diets. Consumption of legumes in your daily diet may help you keep your digestive tract much healthier. Small growths of colon cancer known as polyps can also be controlled by consuming legumes in your diet.

Rosenfeld- the expert dietician also suggests that the non-vegetarians shall try replacing meat twice a week with legumes in their recipes to avoid cancerous colon cells in the body. She also suggests adding all kinds of beans such as navy beans, chickpeas or channa, fava beans, kidney beans or rajma, black beans, lima beans, and cannellini beans on the grocery list.

As Rosenfeld stated, the next type of food is nuts and seeds or ‘the perfect foods.’ Nuts and seeds contain cancer-fighting qualities such as healthy fat found in the oil of these nuts and seeds, antioxidants, phytochemicals, and rich fiber. Nuts and seeds are said to be the best foods to snack on. All the fatty and unhealthy foods or snacks like chips, French fries, burgers, onion rings filled with mozzarella, etc., can be replaced by dry fruits and seeds.

Nut and seeds butter can also be used as a dip for all your loved fruits. Fill your oatmeal with chia and flax seeds and also frozen fruits to make them richer in fiber. It is always suggested to have a meal filled with colors and, as Rosenfeld said, “Eat the rainbow when it comes to fruits,” which means have all the fruits available to you. Adding to that, every fruit has its quality and property. The natural sweetness of fruits helps you avoid sugary cravings such as cakes, sweets, donuts, etc., which are usually unhealthy and might create unwanted fat in the body. Well, do not forget to add all these fibrous foods to your diet from tomorrow to live a colon cancer-free life.

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