Travel Industry Changing For The Better In 2021

Nikki Attkisson | Last Updated : January 14, 2021

The travel industry across the US is undergoing a lot of changes in the last few months. Industry experts feel that the tourism sector will change for the better in 2021 due to the covid-19 situation.

Even though the pandemic has severely affected most businesses across the world, the tourism sector is undoubtedly one of the most affected among them.

Travel Industry Changing For The Better In 2021

Tourism across the world was literally shut down for several months in 2020. This had a huge impact on the millions of workers in the industry and several companies had to downsize their workforce by a huge margin.

Even to this day, most of the workers have not got back their jobs in the tourism industry. Many of them are surviving with the unemployment benefits offered by the Federal government.

Industry experts believe that there is some hope for the tourism industry in 2021 due to the arrival of multiple covid-19 vaccines in the market. As of now, two vaccines are available in the market and the Federal government is distributing the vaccines across the country.

According to the latest reports by the FDA, the agency is likely to approve more companies for providing covid-19 vaccines in the near future.

The tourism industry is banking on the mass vaccination program and they hope that things will change in a big way once a majority of Americans are vaccinated by summer.

Health experts are of the opinion that it is possible to reach the level of herd immunity in the US when close to 80% of the population are vaccinated. According to Federal authorities, they will be able to achieve this target in the next eight months.

Meanwhile, the tourism industry has made some long-lasting changes to its operations in the last few months. Many businesses in the tourism industry now use online platforms to offer service to customers.

This has not only improved the quality of services but also reduced the requirement for manpower in many ways.

The restaurant industry has widely implemented online menus and online payment systems due to covid-19 restrictions.

Even though they had to alter the seating capacity in order to meet the guidelines prescribed by the CDC, they are now able to use food delivery apps and other online resources in order to provide service to customers.

Even in airports and tourist places, customers are now able to access online menus and also order the dishes by using their own smartphones.

In this manner, there will be less contact between the hotel employees and the customers. Apart from that, it also saves a lot of time for the restaurant owners and they will be able to process the orders in an organized manner within a short duration of time.

Not only that, several Airlines are also using the latest technology-enabled kiosks to provide information to the travellers. In most cases, passengers can now access information through their smart device and they need not even touch the kiosks at the airport.

Passengers can also interact with customer support executives in the same manner and this is done keeping in mind the covid-19 precautions.

Apart from helping the airlines to provide better service to the customers, this also has many benefits as the manpower required to provide information is very less in this situation.

As most people now prefer to get information through their smart devices, there is very little queue at the information counter at several airports.

In the same manner, the airports have even upgraded the parking systems and most customers can now book the parking slots online.

Apart from that, the payment is also collected online and customers need not wait for long hours at the parking counters.

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