Trip For Spring Holidays Come To A Standstill As The Restrictions Seem To Be Increasing

Nikki Attkisson | Last Updated : February 9, 2021

Every year there are annual trips in late winter and early spring. Factory workers in China are heading home to celebrate Lunar New Year.

American college students also enjoy their holidays by going on a road trip or bumming the beach for spring break.

Trip For Spring Holidays Come To A Standstill As The Restrictions Seem To Be Increasing

Britons and Germans like to travel around the Mediterranean region around Easter. But this year, everything stands cancelled or in great doubt due to the presence of the Covid-19 virus.

Trip For Spring Holidays Come To A Standstill As The Restrictions Seem To Be Increasing

People fear the new variants of the Covid19 virus, and the restrictions on the movement have increased. This happened as people were expecting to travel overseas during the break.

This amplifies the problem of hotels, airlines, tourist destinations, restaurants and other tourist destinations. They are already under the burden and struggling over more than a year into this pandemic era. This means a slower recovery for the country where tourism meant a big boost to the economy.

Colleges in the U.S. are canceling their spring breaks so as not to allow students to go traveling around. Jacki Sylvester, who was going to celebrate her 21st birthday in Las Vegas, had to abandon her plans as the Indiana University situated in Bloomington had arranged three-day wellness ceremonies with compulsory attendance.

Instead, she had to decide on celebrating her birthday closer to her home, which is 50 miles away from her home. She said she was looking forward to staying out the whole week in which her birthday falls.

She wanted to enjoy the whole week with her friends and have some fun. She also wanted to travel to another city and enjoy herself, as said by Sylvester.

Now she will just have to enjoy her birthday at a nearby place where she can have some fun and dance and implement a mini version of what she was planning to do in Vegas. But at least she will be celebrating the day closer to her home.

Another report states that all trains and bus stations in China are free of the crowd. There is no sign of the Lunar New Year rush.

The Chinese government has recently asked the public to avoid unnecessary traveling following the new covid-19 outbreak in China.

Only 5 of the fifteen security gates are opened at the Beijing central railway station. The sea storm of travellers, which are usually seen every year, is missing. All plazas are empty. 

The holiday generally commences from 12th February. The world has seen this event the biggest movement of the masses where hundreds of millions of Chinese people leave for their hometown or tourist spots.

Some even travel abroad. For those millions of migrant workers, this is the only chance to visit their hometowns. This year the companies are promising extra wages if they stay at their workplace.

The government said they are expecting 1.7 billion trips this holiday, but this is down from 40% in the year 2019.

The forecast says that there will be a drop of 75% in the departures from Chengdu and Beijing in the southwest. This is as per the data from travel associations.

With each news cycle, there are newer and stricter restrictions by President Joe Biden. The president recently added restrictions on travelers coming from at least 12 countries, including European countries, Brazil and South Africa.

While Americans returning to the country are expected to show a negative Covid-19 certificate to return to the country.

There is no hope for the tourism industry to revive for a short while. With so many different restrictions of every country, we have seen that people are not willing to travel to other countries. The Biden government has given $200 billion for the industry’s revival.

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