Twitter To Close Key Offices

Nikki Attkisson | Last Updated : July 30, 2021

There are conflicting reports and forecasts about the spread of the Delta variant of the Sars-COV-2 virus in the United States. Health experts differ in their forecasts. Some say cases are reducing, some say they are increasing. There are still some other experts who believe that there will be a surge in cases during the coming fall.

Twitter To Close Key Offices

Almost all agree, however, that vaccination is necessary to reduce the flow of cases of infection and more to prevent those getting vaccinated from very serious aftereffects and even death. New studies are emerging that indicate that while vaccinated people are protected to a large extent, vaccinated people can develop mild infections and transmit them just as unvaccinated people do. These conclusions led the Centre for Disease Control and prevention to release an advisory on Tuesday 26 July 2021, asking all people to wear masks. A large number of corporations have made vaccination mandatory and have begun asking for proof of vaccination to allow their employees back to their workplace. A large number of unvaccinated Americans, however, are still resisting vaccination. In the midst of all this activity, vaccines are being found to have reducing efficacy with time and some vaccines are even developing side effects, though on a lower scale.

Twitter To Close Key Offices

The social media giant Twitter has been watching all these activities and the preventive action being taken and has taken a drastic step of deciding to shut down their offices in New York and in San Francisco. Making this announcement on Wednesday 28 July 2021, a spokesperson from the company announced that these two offices would be shut down immediately as cases of the Delta variant of the Sars-COV-2 are surging all over the United States. The spokesperson also mentioned the postponement of the reopening of other offices. 

Other social media and IT companies have also delayed the reopening of their offices. These include Google and Apple. Google CEO Sundar Pichai emailed his 130,000 employees whom he calls Googlers, asking them to continued working remotely until they may be called back to offices after October 2021. CEO Pichai has asked his Googlers to get themselves vaccinated and show proof of vaccination when they report back for work.     

UCSF (University of California San Francisco) Infectious Diseases specialist Monica Gandhi observed that employees are returning indoors as the Fall and winter seasons arrive in the United States and that vaccinated people together in the workplace is a low-risk setting.

The postponement action by Google and the office closure decision have led other tech and social media companies to follow suit. Another social media giant Facebook has also followed Twitter and Google and another cybersecurity Exabeam has also made similar announcements.

Meanwhile, the flurry of activity across the United States with stricter rules for vaccination, reintroduction of masks and social distancing, and major companies delaying the opening of offices has increased anxiety among Americans who are beginning to realize that the coronavirus pandemic is not over and that governments and health officials are gearing up for more possible variants of the Sars-COV-2 virus to appear periodically. Several instances such as the relaxing of protocols for the Euro cup in the United Kingdom resulted in a huge surge of cases up to 2000 in a single day in a single area.

There is constant pressure from the government and health officials from the CDC and the FDA  for vaccination and even reintroduction of Covid protocols

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