Unrest In Canada Due To Covid-19 Mandates – US Groups Responsible

Nikki Attkisson | Last Updated : February 8, 2022

Many political dramas are unfolding slowly in the US and Canada in connection to the Covid mandates. Firstly, it was the vaccination that had two segments in the US. Those Who supported the Trump administration chose to remain unvaccinated. However, the current administration is not in a mood to take it lying down.

Unrest In Canada Due To Covid-19 Mandates – US Groups Responsible

Now, the anti-vaccination supporters who want to blame the current administration for going against vaccination mandates, are actively spreading.

Unrest In Canada Due To Covid-19 Mandates – US Groups Responsible

The main aim seems to point towards the fact that the administration’s incapability is brought to the fore. The protests in the US are crossing the borders and also affecting the Canadian segments as well.

It has been reported that many anti-vaccination groups in the US are also funding many protest groups in Canada. Many Republicans, it seems, are more concerned about the happenings in Canada, than their own. In the last weekend, there have been rallies in Canada that aim to bring forward the message that the vaccination mandates are of no utility for the masses. However, the government seems to be holding on to its own, pressurizing citizens.

Mayor Jim Watson from Canada had to declare a state emergency, amidst all the unrest on Sunday. The police services in places like Ontario and Ottawa have been roped in to control the situation. There have been massive protests, in the form of endless honking, harassment of civilians, and traffic disruption on the roads.

The forces believe that such protesting groups in Canada are a threat to democracy. There is a nationwide insurrection at present. However, US former president Trump is supposedly backing the perpetrators in both countries. In fact, he is expressing solidarity in more ways than one, in the protests. The harsh policies of Justin Trudeau’s government seem to be behind this.

Thousands of people are demonstrating in the streets of Canada, including Toronto. It is the financial capital of the country. Such protests have led to huge unrest in the entire country. Moreover, it is also leading to various economical problems, and the livelihood and work of the common people are affected.

Since Saturday there have been noisy protests in Ottawa. The protest started when the Canadian government issued a new directive for cross-border truckers. It was initially a so-called Freedom Convoy. However, the peaceful protest has now turned into a huge ruckus.

One of the protesters in Toronto said that he and his community were tired of the vaccine mandates and several Covid-19 mandates. Everybody is looking forward to going back to normal but is unable to do so.

Some of the protestors have been seen waving Nazi flags as well. It seems that no one is happy with the vaccine mandates, and Covid-mandates do not seem to be doing anything much.

The government believes that a lot of funds are coming in from the US. Some of the protestors have been seen sporting Trump flags. They are atop horses and moving across the states. Donald Trump has also spoken in support of the truckers, saying all this harassment of the working class and general public is no good.

More than 5,000 protestors gathered in Ottawa. And, many have gathered in Toronto as well. Moreover, Quebec City also saw many such protestors, amidst their winter festivals. Many people were also injured in Manitoba. In Toronto, more than 500 people rallied and shouted anti-government slogans.

Many Ottawa residents have been harassed by the protestors. The protestors have broken glass panes and also mentally tortured residents who were following the mask mandates. It seems the cities are under siege. The government has thus had to rope in the forces to control the situation.

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