Vaccination Drop Threatens Biden’s July 4 Target

Nikki Attkisson | Last Updated : June 10, 2021

The deadly coronavirus outbreak that took place in 2019 is still going on not only in one country but all over the world. Countries around the world have been trying to take control of the deadly virus, but it has been difficult in controlling the virus for the past two years. Because of this pandemic, so many people around the world have lost their families, friends, and even their lives.

Vaccination Drop Threatens Biden’s July 4 Target

This deadly virus attack is more dangerous than a terrorist attack. So many people have lost their jobs and the world economy has dropped and it might take a year or so to get back to normal only if we control the spread of this virus.

Vaccination Drop Threatens Biden’s July 4 Target

The United States of America has been top since the beginning says in technology, education and inventions, and many more. Now it is at the top of the list for the highest number of infected cases in the world. As per the current reports, the United States has more than 3.3 crore infected people and more than 9.4 lakh deaths. Even though they have been taking all the safety measures and following all the guidelines and even there was lockdown imposed, it has been difficult to control the spread of this deadly virus.

As per the recent reports, the vaccinations that the country is using have been efficient in taking the coronavirus down. Before the president took over the administration in January, the percentage of people who were partially vaccinated was only 1% of the population, but after the takeover of the administration, the reports showed that more than 60% of the population have received the first dose of vaccination and president has set a goal of reaching the target of 70% of the population to vaccinated at least the first dose. 

But as per the current reports, reaching the target by July 4 has become impossible as the vaccination rates are dropping to 400,000 per day, which was earlier 2 million per day. It has caused chaos in the office. It is believed that the second wave of the coronavirus is more dangerous than the first wave as there are different variants present, which hails from India, the United Kingdom, and Africa. The reports also show that there will be a third and final wave of coronavirus, which will mainly target children and infants. Because of this reason, President Biden is stressing to vaccinate about 70% of the adults by July 4.

But as per the recent reports, the last seven-day reports in the United States of America have dropped below 1 million per day for the first time since January. The administration also mentioned that they won’t stop vaccinating Americans even though they can’t reach the target of 70%. The White House disease expert said that July 4 is not the end of the coronavirus. Even though we can’t reach the target, we will try and reach and not give up and keep pushing. As per the recent reports, thirteen states have already reached the 70% target of first dose vaccination. Some of the states that are the cause for the slowing down of the vaccination campaign are Wyoming, Idaho, Louisiana, Mississippi, and Arkansas.

He also mentioned that the administration is pleading with the other states that are way behind the goal to step up the efforts. He also mentioned that the administration is not seeing these states as not doing their jobs, but they are acknowledging that it’s hard work. As per the data collected from the Center for Disease Control and Prevention, there was a seven-day dipped below 1 million and as of Monday, nearly 64% of Americans have received the first dose of vaccination.

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