Vaccination Will Help Meet The Seniors With Their Family

Nikki Attkisson | Last Updated : February 22, 2021

Lupe Solis’s prayers were recently answered after she received the second shot of the Covid-19 vaccine at the mass vaccination camp located at the State Farm Stadium in Glendale. Now the lady is patient and cautious as she is waiting to worship at St. Timothy Catholic Church in Mesa in-person. 

Solis said that prayers are an important part of our life, and people could not participate in various church activities as they don’t feel safe. But after completing the 10 to 15-day time span post-vaccination, she will be able to worship now.

Some churches in Arizona have resumed in-person worship, but Solia, a resident of Chandler, still hasn’t visited the Church even after getting both Pfizer vaccine doses. She wants to play it safe and is still unsure whether to step out or not.

Vaccination Will Help Meet The Seniors With Their Family

Like 1.3 million residents of Arizona, who are 65 or older, Solis has been able to adjust her life as per the safety precautions, which has upended the lives of many since the onset of the Covid-19. Many of Arizona’s citizens above 65 years want to return to their normal activities, but with a wave of ravaging, Covid-19 remains apprehensive.

Till Friday, about more than 11,500 Arizona’s senior community have died from the virus since the beginning of the pandemic. The majority of the deaths have occurred in Maricopa county, as per the Arizona Department of Health Services. As per phase 1B of the vaccine rollout, the state is earnestly trying to make as many vaccines as possible to the senior population at the earliest. In Arizona, the senior citizens make up more than half of the 1,027,816 citizens in the state who have at least received the first shot of the vaccine. 

Vaccination Will Help Meet The Seniors With Their Family

Vaccine suppliers Pfizer and Moderna have already stated that their vaccines effectively prevent the infection of Covid-19 in those who have displayed symptomatic illness. There is still uncertainty over how effective the vaccine is in curbing the non-symptomatic virus spread, as the Associated Press reported.

Seniors of Arizona who have got both shots of the Pfizer vaccine can be considered in the low-risk category of having the disease’s symptomatic version up to a maximum of 95% as the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention or CDC. This immunity kicks up one to weeks after the administration of the second dose.

Solis wants to see her family but hasn’t been able to meet any of her families or sisters in El Paso, Texas, for more than 12 months. She is also feeling unsafe to travel around due to the pandemic and her age. She is quite hopeful that she will be able to meet that after a sufficient amount of time has passed after the vaccinations.

After waiting for almost a month, she will most probably plan on meeting her family somewhere, said Solis. We are going to be very wary and leery of going anywhere or starting anything new since they want everyone to stay healthy.

For now, the senior generation has been able to keep in touch with their family members through weekly family prayer meets over video calling apps like Google Meet, Zoom, etc. This allows them to keep together as a family and keep in touch. States have different quarantine rules for people traveling across the states, with some states even enforcing compulsory quarantines for various travelers. The different travel rules can be checked on the CDC’s website. For some time, this is going to continue.

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