Vaccines Mandatory For 1/3rd Of The Americans

Nikki Attkisson | Last Updated : December 23, 2021

On 9th Sept the President of America – Joe Biden made the most powerful action by ordering a 100 million vaccine requirement for the Americans and said that this must be distributed to all the front-line workers and people working in the private sectors as well.

This is an all-out effort in containing the new variant of the coronavirus – the Delta variant. The Delta variant first appeared in India and now has made its way all through America infecting countless people and the numbers are increasing on a daily basis.

Vaccines Mandatory For 1/3rd Of The Americans

President Joe Biden stated that there are tons of people who have not yet been vaccinated and that this is helping spread the new Delta variant to other people as well. The president further stated that the state gave the people enough time to get vaccinated and still people did not come forward and now this will be a mandatory process to get vaccinated for everyone who is eligible.            

Vaccines Mandatory For 1/3rd Of The Americans

Many people praised Joe Biden for this aggressive action as they think this is the need of the hour however many of the council people have opposed this stating that there should be a discussion first before making any such mandate rules for the people.

Joe Biden stated that all the employees who are at an executive level or contractors who perform business with the Federal government directly should be fully vaccinated which accounts for several millions of people.

This was announced on the Thursday afternoon address to the press from White House directly as been commented as a new type of action plan to contain the latest Delta variant. It has been found that the Delta variant is infecting many of the kids who are not eligible for vaccination as of now and since the schools have re-opened it is becoming hard to track the source of the virus at many places.

The President two months before had declared that the nation is independent of the virus but now the US is seeing a 300% rise in cases even though 2080 million people have at least got one dose of the vaccine. This has created a state of chaos within the hospital administration and in the government body as well.

The US is seeing twice the number of deaths as it had seen in the same month last year. It has also been found that more than 80 million people who are eligible for the vaccine have still not got even their first dose of vaccine and this is quite a worrisome issue.

The CDC has observed that the Delta variant doesn’t infect the fully vaccinated people but gets into their body and stays dormant and when this person comes in contact with a person who is partially vaccinated or not vaccinated at all then the virus transfers to them and infects them. This has led to CDC coming to a decision that wearing masks should be mandatory for everyone even fully vaccinated people as well.

Even though the government gave few months for voluntary vaccination many people have stayed back which has lead to more than 1000 deaths per day in the US which is affecting the economy as well. Also in addition to this strict measures are to be taken against any airline passenger who refuses to wear a mask while traveling and this comes as a direct order from the President.

President stated that they will be increasing the vaccination center and the test kits so that more people can be tested, and the new variant can be contained as much as possible.

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