Vert Shock Reviews – Adam Folker’s Advanced Training Strategies & Special Workouts Exposed!

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Hey champ, I am here with my brand new Vert Shock review, which will explain to you an easy way to make you a pro in dunking. Because Vert Shock program has become the latest talk among athletes and sports lovers who are quite interested in novelty and the new trends in the athletic world.

Vert Shock Reviews – A Proven 3-step Vertical Jump Training Program!

If you consider yourself as a nasty dunker, you would see how this Vert Shock program could change lives as it was successful among thousands of people just like you. 

I can guess how curious you must have become to know more about the program in detail. Then don’t waste your time and plunge into this Vert Shock review, to transform yourself into a dunking machine.

So, let’s go on to find out how helpful this program could be as well as whether it is worth your time, energy and money. Keep reading Vert Shock review to know more.  

Vert Shock reviews
Product NameVert Shock
BenefitsHelp you maximize your ability to jump higher.
CreatorAdam Folker
Specification3-steps vertical jump training program
Duration8 weeks
Results9-15 inches
Money-Back Guarantee60 days
Official WebsiteClick Here

Vert Shock Program Blueprint

Vert Shock Program is a proven 3-step jump training program that is intended to help you maximize your ability to jump higher.

Created by Adam Folker, who got inspired by the famous dunk king Justin “ jus fly” Darlington, this Vert Shock program is targeted to add a minimum of 9-15 inches to your vertical jump. And that would take only up to 8 weeks to turn you into an expert dunker, even if you have a height that is less than 6 feet. 

You see, Darlington is nicknamed the ‘dunk king’, and the world’s #1 highest dunker, after his incredible abilities caught the attention of the mainstream media and the athletic world. His extraordinary hopping abilities were even featured in Slam Magazine and Bleacher Report. 

Vert Shock is supposed to be the only available system that is proven to boost anyone’s hops regardless of age, height, genetics, or athleticism.

And that doesn’t include any pointless jump tutorials, heavy squats, crazy box jumps, annoying deadlifts, or the like. Vert Shock program can provide you 100% real results as the way it helped thousands out there who are just ordinary like you.

Creator of Vert Shock

As I hinted to you before, the man who designed the Vert Shock program is Adam Folker, an international basketball player who was greatly influenced by the world-famous dunker, Justin Darlington.

He wanted to upgrade himself and tried almost everything available to improve the way he jumps. After 10 years of continuous search, he could successfully reach effective training methods. And currently, he is ready to share his proven techniques with everyone who also wants to have the skills like him. 

Phases of Vert Shock

Vert Shock is an exclusive worthwhile program, with which you can conquer heights and draw the attention and cheer from your teammates.

And as it lets you draw massive dunks within seconds, chances are there for you to expand further national and international opportunities in sports and athletics. 

And to change you to be a dunking pro, there would be 3 easy phases on which you will get effective training through the Vert Shock program. Let’s have a look at them.  

Step#1: The Pre-Shock Phase

The pre-shock phase of the Vert Shock program has a duration of 7 days. And the training will be given for four days with a 30 minutes session for each and intended to prepare yourself to be ready to fly.

Where you will be introduced to the unique movement patterns and exercises included in the program. Don’t be confused, as it would not be hard on your joints or let you be exhausted with intense training methods.

Whereas they are quite easy to follow smart strategies. Besides, you will see everything introduced to you through this phase would be based on unique jumping exercises along with precise sets and reps. 

Step#2: The Shock Phase

Designed to push the limits, this phase will ‘shock’ your body into jumping extremely high, and you need to stick with it for 6 weeks. On average it will take only 3 days per week, with 40 minutes sessions.

The movements included in this phase will carefully target the neglected elastic fibers in your muscles. Every jump you make during this phase should ensure that you explode while making them. Because, this way, you will consistently reach the MAX vertical jump velocity after strengthening those elastic fibers.

And by the end of these 6 weeks, you would definitely be able to jump to a height that is far more than the capacity of anyone in your or even among those players out there on your campus. 

Step#3: The Post Shock Phase

This is the final phase included in the Vert Shock program which is just like icing on top. This stage is quite relevant as whatever you learned through the previous phases will get cemented in your muscle memory.

It is a one-week phase, where the training will be given for 4 days. Approximately on each day, the training will take 30 minutes only. Here, the main purpose is to back off the intensity and allow your body to unleash a fury of vertical jump potential.

So that you will be ready to throw down massive rim rocking dunks on command. Because it will help you to feel much lighter and springier on your feet. 

Vert Shock Training program

Benefits of Vert Shock Workout

As the Vert Shock program targets to enhance the elastic fibers in your muscles, there will be an array of benefits to be awaiting you once you complete the training sessions. 

???? Maximized vertical jumping skills.

???? Hiked confidence levels.

???? Improved body flexibility.

???? Heightened endurance power.

???? Enhanced strength.

???? Better recovery rate.

???? Increased muscle strength.

Vert Shock workouts

Scientific Explanation on the Vert Shock Training Program

Vert shock is a scientifically proven program that is powerful to bring certain positive changes in your body to improve your hopping skills. Basically, it is a Russian training regimen that really can benefit your vertical and upgrade it up to 9-15 inches. And, that is likely to occur within 8 weeks after you start following the training sessions. 

It was originally developed by a Russian sports scientist named Dr. Verkhoshansky in the late 1960s. His discovery of the Shock method was a success and greatly helped Soviet Union’s athletes to perform well in the Olympic high jump.

And back in history, you can see the clear evidence while looking at the Olympic seasons which were held after 1960. In each season, the Soviets continuously brought Olympic medals to their home country, because they dominated the high jump category with the shock method. 

Since when it was discovered, there have also been several studies conducted on the shock method and its efficacy so far. And a majority of them could conclude the method as an effective one that truly works to bring impressive and faster changes on vertical jumping.

Through the current Vert Shock program, you would be able to train a unique subset of your muscle tissue or the elastic fibers. These elastic fibers build up tension when you bend your legs and at the time it is extended, they get released.

With effective moves which target to strengthen them, you can improve the flexibility of your legs, letting them act like rubber. Once the elastic fibers get stronger, you can expand the tension in your muscles, to result in a higher vertical.

Who can use Vert Shock?

As you hear it targets to expand dunking abilities, the first picture that comes to your mind will be of a basketball player who is hopping higher to score.

Even Though it is intended to benefit basketball players, it can give quite a hand to certain others too. So, it is equally beneficial for others in the athletic world including: 

⚡ Volleyball players.

⚡ Football players.

⚡ High jumpers.

⚡ Those who want to be a pro in hurdles.

Pros and Cons of Vert Shock Workouts


  • Easy to follow.
  • Well explained training. 
  • Doesn’t require any well-enhanced platform.
  • No equipment is needed.
  • Uplifted jumping abilities.
  • Professional training.
  • Can be followed by anyone.
  • Proven methods. 
  • Ensured results.
  • Free and useful 11 bonuses.
  • Money-back guarantee.
  • Risk-free.


  • No theoretical explanation is given.
  • exclusively available on the official website.

Is Vert Shock Legit or not? 

You can rest assured as the Vert shock training program is totally legit. Because it is a proven and NSCA (National Strength and Conditioning Association) certified program.

With which you are guaranteed to have 100% satisfactory results, after sticking with the program consistently without skipping any sessions. What more, there is also a full money-back guarantee, for 60 days after the purchase, if you couldn’t see any results after completing Vert shock as per the given instructions. 

What to expect from Vert Shock?

From the effective Vert shock workouts, you are expected to enhance your skills and capabilities in vertical jumping. As per the program tutorials, you can achieve it in less than 8 weeks. And that would cost a bit of dedication and consistency from your side.

Once you complete the entire training program, you will gain a lot of strength and flexibility apart from improving your dunking skills.

Better endurance, stamina, as well as heart rate, would be other grants you can expect. All these are expected to last until you completely give up, which is less likely to happen. 

Vert Shock results

Vert Shock Customer Reviews & Complaints

The official landing page of Vert Shock is filled with genuine testimonials of the customers along with plenty of video footage of their maximized dunking skill.

All of them are happy with the changes they could enjoy after checking this program out and sticking with the training sessions. Even the Vert Shock reviews that have appeared so far seem to be quite positive.

Vert Shock Customer Reviews

Vert Shock Price & Availability

Vert Shock Training program is exclusively available right now to buy from the official website at $67 with all discounts. Remember that the program is only accessible through its landing page. So ensure that you are at the right source to make your purchase. 

Vert Shock Bonuses

There are 11 free bonuses that you can have along with Vert shock. They include:

???? Ballin’ Bonus#1: The 4 Vertical Jump Killers (worth $17)

Here you will get the ideas to ditch the BS, which kills your vertical jump power, the #1 common mistakes all players make, and also the techniques to avoid misconceptions while training. 

???? Ballin’ Bonus#2: The 5 Dirty Secrets to Jumping Higher (worth $29)

Here you will get access to 5 of Justin’s dirty secrets which help you conquer more heights. 

???? Ballin’ Bonus#3: Weekly Check-Ins (worth $49)

It is a simple email check-in system to increase your consistency and help you get results through solid behavioral psychology. 

???? Ballin’ Bonus#4: The Jumper’s Diet Checklist (worth $19)

This will cover the everyday foods which help you increase your springiness and maximum jump potential. 

???? Ballin’ Bonus#5: NBA Jump Secrets Revealed (worth $59)

Through this, you will discover the MCV secret to instantly increase your vertical jump capacity by altering your approach velocity. Besides, it will provide you with several other tips including an easy but effective launch pad secret, and the reasons for you getting pulled aggressively to the ground before you jump. 

???? Ballin’ Bonus#6: The ‘Power Leak Fix’ for Overnight Hops (worth $25)

???? Ballin’ Bonus#7: Olympic High Jump Hacks Revealed (worth $25)

???? Ballin’ Bonus#8: The Slingshot Secret to Instantly Jump Higher (worth $25)

???? Ballin’ Bonus#9:The VERT SHOCK Maintenance Program (worth $39)

???? Ballin’ Bonus#10:The ‘Dunk Now’ Visualization Workout (worth $26)

???? Ballin’ Bonus#11:The VERT SHOCK Vert Tracker Workbook (worth $17)

Vert Shock bonuses

Vert Shock Reviews – Some Thoughts To Wind Up

Vert Shock training program can be a great helping hand when you find nothing that can help you to heighten your vertical jump capacity. Since it is the skill most athletes and sportsmen lack, you will see countless tips and programs while browsing the internet.

However, what makes the unique Vert Shock program different from others is its effectiveness itself. When most of the baseless programs fail to give you any change, this program is all set to transform you within 8 weeks! And the perfect example is the famous Justin Darlington, as he already gained wide attention for his extraordinary dunking skills.

There are also thousands of people around the U.S who could achieve what exactly Justin has after following the Vert Shock program. 

If you consider giving this Vert Shock program a try, I will tell you it can be an effective and safest option. Because you can rest assured that you will not be risking anything while choosing it.

To be clear, it doesn’t include any intense or harmful training strategies. Also, it is backed with a full refund of your money, if you failed to meet your expectations after following Vert Shock correctly. On top of that, you will be provided with 11 free bonuses along with the training to ensure real transformations out of it.  


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