Vibes XWatch Reviews – A Best Smart Watch To Track Your Fitness?

John Furrier | Last Updated : March 15, 2021

Vibes XWatch is one of a kind, a technologically-worth smartwatch with shockproof technology, health monitoring, and multi-sensor tracking. The smartwatch is compatible with Android and iOS devices and can be a perfect adventure companion. 

Vibes XWatch Reviews 2021 – Features, Benefits& My Honest Thoughts!

Vibe Xwatch has been manufactured in a facility that uses materials of the highest grade and meets all the minimum standards and quality.

Vibe XWatch has been designed elegantly and comes in a sleek and attractive design. It has vibrant features like proximity sensors, stopwatch, sedentary monitors, female health, alarm clock, camera control, and more.

Through Vibes Xwatch reviews, you will have a better perspective about why smartwatches are essential for monitoring your activities.

Vibes XWatch Reviews
Product NameVibes XWatch
Main Body Size50.8 x 50.8 x 16mm
Weight 67 grams
Watch Strap24 mm
Strap TypeSilica gel
Display1.3” IPS Color Touch Screen
Resolution240×240 px
Bluetooth VersionBluetooth 5.0 and Bluetooth 3.0
CompatabilityAndroid and iOS devices
Battery300 mAh
SensorHeart-Rate sensor
Battery Life25 days
Charging TimeTake 90 minutes
Water and Dustproof IP67
AvailabilityOnly through the official website
Official WebsiteClick Here

What Is Vibes XWatch?

Vibes Xwatch is a powerful smartwatch loaded with unique features that you would love to explore and be happy using it. It is an IP67 waterproof and dustproof smartwatch for your daily needs which comes with a 1.3” IPS color touchscreen, a heart rate sensor, proximity sensor, GPS, compasses, mini speakers, and more. It also includes digital maps, a calculator, personal organizers, and more.

Vibes Xwatch has a better battery performance that allows you to go on trekking, monitor your activities, and perform a lot more.

You can listen to music by connecting a wireless headphone to the device. You will be able to use the watch for more time when you compare it with any normal smartwatch you have seen or used.

Read further to know more about Vibes XWatch specifications and features.

Specification Of Vibes XWatch

  • Design

A matte body smartwatch with a larger display, well crafted, with a quality design display having different modes. It has a 24 mm watch strap and the strap is made of silica gel. It weighs only 67 grams and is waterproof and Dustproof(IP67).

  • Body

The body dimensions are 50.8 x 50.8 x 16mm.

  • Display

The watch has a 1.3” IPS Color Touch Screen with 240×240 px resolution allowing you to view your activities clearly. 

  • Heart-Rate

Vibes Xwatch lets you monitor your heart rate by simply strapping it around your wrist. 

  • Sleep Monitor

You can understand how many hours of quality deep sleep you will be getting each day.

  • Bluetooth

It supports Bluetooth 5.0 and Bluetooth 3.0 and allows 280 minutes of continuous Bluetooth call.

  • Compatibility

You can connect the device with android 4.4 or iOS 9.0 devices or above.

  • Battery

It comes with a 300 mah lithium-ion rechargeable battery that would last longer.

  • Battery Run Time

You can run the device for 25 days with basic watch modes, 15 days runtime through daily use modes.

  • Music Playback

You can play nonstop music for 220 minutes.

  • Charging

You will take 90 minutes to completely charge the device.

Vibes XWatch Features

Vibes Xwatch has better features than your ordinary smartwatch and the device can fascinate you in many ways including a long-lasting battery pack. With its IP67 waterproof and dustproof display, you can even use the device in sunlight without affecting your visibility.

Strap the device on your wrist and get a thrilling experience with all your notifications. You can also connect with any of your smartphones and get notified in time.

It doesn’t matter if you don’t want to connect the smartphone to the watch, you can still use the features. Check out the uses of Vibes Xwatch.

  • Heart Rate Sensor

This has been a very useful feature where you can monitor your heart rate and understand if there is an increase or decrease in the rate. 

  • Sleep Monitor

This feature allows you to know how long your body has been in deep sleep. So you will understand how many hours of daily deep sleep you get. You will be awakened when it’s time for you to wake up. You can track your sleep, rate its quality and improve it later.

  • Sedentary Monitoring

The watch won’t let you sit idle. It will keep reminding you to keep yourself busy. So you can keep your health balanced.

  • Smartphone Notifications

Whether it’s your email or a new message, through smartphone connectivity, you will get notified of any important mail or message you receive to your smartphone.

You also won’t have to worry about getting notifications from your social media platforms as you can keep updated on what’s happening. Even if you get an important call, your watch will keep beeping and remind you of a call.  So there is no chance for you to miss any important call.

  • Exercise Modes

The device comes with 10 mainstream exercise modes where you can actively track your sports activity. With the help of multiple sensors, you can record your physical data and perform scientific analysis. This helps to improve your exercise capacity whether you choose to run, walk or hike.

  • Step Counter

The watch will be a very useful one especially when you are walking. You will be able to understand how many steps have you taken and how many kilometers were covered.

  • Workout Essential

You can wear the smartwatch to a gym or while you are doing your workout. This will help you monitor the number of calories burned and can be a perfect device to start your fat-burning journey.

  • Selfie Tool

You can take selfies from the smartwatch by touching on the screen. Thus all your unforgettable memories can be well captured and saved.

  • Controlling The Brightness

By controlling and reducing the brightness of your smartwatch, you will save your battery and allow it to last for more days. Optimizing the apps and functions will improve your battery.

  • Durable Battery  

The battery consumes less power and the run time is for 25 days with basic watch modes and 15 days runtime through daily use modes. But when you will be dealing with a continuous Bluetooth call then you get 280 minutes of Talktime. 

  • Stand-Alone Music Playback

When planning to play your favorite music tracks, continuous playback would give you 220 minutes of battery. Bluetooth headset is compatible and controls your music from your wrist. Easily listen to music while doing exercise.

Vibes Xwatch

 Benefits Of Vibes Xwatch

  • A very essential and simple device that any age group can use.
  • Track your health, especially your heart beats while taking part in sports activities.
  • Monitor the quality of your daily sleep.
  • Synchronize the device with any smartphone and use it easily without having the phone.
  • Vibes Xwatch is available at a reasonable price and has all the latest features.
  • Using the Vibes Xwatch as a normal watch will give you 25 days of battery life.
  • You can choose to use different display modes.

Is Vibes Xwatch Legit?

Vibes Xwatch has been a useful smartwatch with long-lasting battery life. The smartwatch is capable of monitoring heartbeats, monitoring sleep, tracking the distance covered, calories burned, and much more.

The device has been very powerful in changing the lives of many, by making it easier. The price of the product is not at all expensive and you can order the device for a reasonable price at a higher quality. This shows Vibes Xwatch is worth every penny and not a scam.

Why Should You Buy Vibes Xwatch?

Vibes XWatch has been different from the normal smartwatches you find these days at a cheap quality. The device has been made with the highest quality materials, helps you monitor your heart health, monitors deep sleep, has a long-lasting battery, and more.

You can keep a track of your phone activity by reading the notifications and replying to messages. Hence it is a very useful smartwatch you can strap on wherever you go to.

Vibes XWatch Price

Vibes Xwatch is differently priced when compared with many other brands.

  • If you plan to order 1 piece of Vibes XWatch online from the official website, they will have to pay $99 only.
  • But if you are looking for 2  Vibes Xwatch then each watch will cost $80 per watch. You need to pay a total of $159 only.
  • Buying 4 Vibe XWatches will cost you a total of $249 only. So each watch will be valued at $62

Selecting any of the below offers will be saving your money in large

  • Order 2 Vibes Xwatch and get 1 watch free. So each watch will cost you only $199
  • Buy 3 Vibes Xwatch and get 2 free watches. You will pay $297 and each watch will cost only $59.

Final Verdict – Vibes XWatch Reviews

With many other smartwatch brands competing, Vibes XWatch has stood out from the rest and has been very helpful for everyone who used the device.  With so many features to count on, the device has been valuable because of its price, quality, and battery life.

Vibes XWatch device lets you check out your heart rate, blood pressure, deep sleep quality, and much more with this useful smartwatch. It has many more features to check out.

It’s better to decide whether you should buy a  smartwatch that has the latest features, the right quality, and the right price.

This has not been an inferior quality product and thus you need not be worried thinking if the watch will be damaged. The device has more features beyond my explanation and is considered truly worth it.

Vibes Xwatch reviews are available online that prove the product legit. Many of them have been using the device for some time and they have not complained about the product till now.

The special limited-time discounts allow you to order more pieces and get even more discounts on bulk orders. So you could gift your family members with a smartwatch having unique features. 

Well, I wouldn’t push you to order the Vibe Xwatch today. But I believe this is a watch worth every penny invested.

If you feel it’s the right decision to order the watch, get yours today.

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