VitaJuwel Bottles Reviews- A Tong Term Solution To Support The Immune System?

Allie Troy | Last Updated : December 15, 2020

Looking for VitaJuwel Bottles reviews? Have you ever wondered about what effect it has on your body when you drink water?

What are the processes that take place within your body that require water? 

And finally, what is the hype that surrounds VitaJuwel crystal water bottles, and are those claims legitimate?.

You will get all the answers to these questions with this unbiased and factual VitaJuwel water bottle review.

VitaJuwel Bottles Reviews- A Groundbreaking Innovation To Enhance Your Life Endlessly!

As water constitutes about two-thirds of the human body, it can be understood that your water intake regulates your life-quality.

VitaJuwel best crystal water bottles, supposedly, help optimize your water intake to influence your health, mentally and physically.

Below we will look at the extraordinary claims this humble product makes, and verify its authenticity.

VitaJuwel Bottles review is meant to help you see for yourself if this VitaJuwel Bottles can be of benefit to you.

VitaJuwel Bottles reviews
Product NameVitaJuwel Bottles
Main benefitsHelp you transform your life by strengthening your perception.
SpecificationThe water bottle comes with 17 interchangeable crystal combinations.
CreatorDr. Masaru Emoto
Price $89.00 (Discount Applied)
AvailabilityOnly through the official website
Official WebsiteClick Here

What is VitaJuwel Bottles?

As per VitaJuwel Bottles reviews, VitaJuwel is a glass water bottle designed to better the quality of life for people, as the maker claims.

These best crystal water bottles are promised to alter your drinking water to make it nourishing and enhancing your health and life. It is claimed to impart vigor, strength as well as energy to people.

It impacts your life with a very simple life-change, in how you consume your drinking water. This water bottle comes with 17 interchangeable crystal combinations that enhance your drinking water. 

How does VitaJuwel Bottles work?

Back in the year 2001, the late Dr. Masaru Emoto, renowned to have been the number one water scientist in the world, explored several ways in which drinking water affects human health.

His studies led him to various theories about how drinking water carries nutrients and interacts with the human body.

How discovered how the structure of water is changed as it is collected and stored for consumption and how much “dead” water, as he called it, deleteriously affects your health and vitality. 

Dr. Emoto asserted in his publications that there are certain structural qualities that water should have for you to benefit from it.

He claimed that natural springs and deep wells contained such “living” water that is beneficial. According to him, storing such water, however, for long periods and the processes associated with modern-day water distribution turns it into “Dead” water.

“Dead” water, as per Dr. Emoto, is not only non-beneficial to humans, it requires energy to be absorbed by body tissue. Such “dead” water contains no minerals or energy. It has to be reinstated to its previous structure to be useful. 

Dr. Emoto discovered that good water is a vital part of one’s body at birth, but depletes over time and directly influences aging and health.

He found out that this good or “living” water had a hexagonal molecular structure. Studies using nuclear magnetic resonance revealed that the hexagonal water content in infants to be about 100%, but that in adults was about 56% or less at the relatively young age of 36.

Dr. Emoto could draw a clear conclusion as to how this directly correlated to the effects of aging and general well-being. 

His findings sent him on a quest to search for ways to influence the structure of drinking water. And after numerous experiments and trials, he figured out a way to reinstate the hexagonal structure of water.

He claims that quartz crystals, the same used in timepieces, can introduce this structure into the water through their measurable yet minuscule electromagnetic vibrations.

The VitaJuwel quartz crystals found in VitaJuwel Crystal water bottles aim to do just that and transform water into “living” water.

These crystal water bottles do this in a matter of minutes, no greater than seven minutes to be precise. After being stored in VitaJuwel crystal water bottles for only seven minutes, water regains its hexagonal structure, becoming beneficial instead of detrimental. 

VitaJuwel Bottles benefits

About the creator

The late Dr. Masaru Emoto was an acclaimed water scientist who made numerous forays into his particular field of expertise.

Author of two New York Times bestsellers, “The True Power Of Water” and “ The Hidden Messages In Water”, Dr.Emoto’s studies contributed greatly to what we know about water today.

After more than a decade of research into altering water structure, he came up with his solution in 2012 and signed a contract with VitaJuwel to make it accessible to people.

Today, VitaJuwel master glassmakers handcraft these crystal water bottles in Bohemia using patented methods.

Creator VitaJuwel Bottles

Benefits of our VitaJuwel Wellness Bottles

These elegant and simple looking water bottles have such potential to impact your life positively, according to its creator.

As mentioned in VitaJuwel Bottles reviews, The crystals included in VitaJuwel water bottles are amethyst, rose quartz, and clear quartz.

These crystals have individual frequencies that affect you in various ways.

  • Amethyst is known to stimulate the mind and enhance thinking. Many cultures consider it to be beneficial to logical intelligence and critical thinking. Some regions also use it for its soothing nature that stems emotional outbursts and promotes calm. 
  • Rose quartz is a crystal that promotes peacefulness. It does this by harmonizing you with the world through its frequencies. Such frequencies of the crystals in VitaJuwel water bottles are imparted to your drinking water. These gems also enhance your youthfulness, from within as well as the outside.
  • Clear quartz is considered to represent clarity of mind. This enables you to make clear and definite choices that benefit you. It elevates your perspective and gives a different angle of vision. Hence your perception of the world, in general, is altered by this crystal. 
best crystal water bottle

The altered drinking water that you consume from a VitaJuwel water bottle is said to enhance your life in many different ways.

By reading VitaJuwel Bottles reviews, It has an increased level of oxygen in it and is alkaline after being stored in this VitaJuwel water bottle.

This oxygen is absorbed hastily by the body when you drink this water and the alkalinity increases your immunity. This leads to better blood oxygen levels and cognition.

Moreover, you will be able to manage your weight easily once you start drinking only from VitaJuwel crystal water bottles. 

Whether you want to shed a lot of weight or gain a little to look good, once you start drinking from VitaJuwel bottles, it is effortless. It strengthens your metabolism.

This results in better immunity as well as an evident increase in energy. You will feel like you did in your mid or late teens; energetic and enthusiastic. Your overall health will be better too.

You will find no physical task daunting, as you take to running or jogging since this VitaJuwel water bottle imparts endless energy to you through drinking water.

Moreover, all these benefits add up to you feeling a lot younger and looking the part. Your brainpower and memory is another attribute that is boosted by water from your VitaJuwel water bottle. 

vitajuwel Bottle working

How does VitaJuwel Bottles transform your life?

These best crystal water bottles help you transform your life by strengthening your perception. You will have a clear idea of your objectives and how to achieve them.

Be it running a marathon or achieving that next weight goal, planning out and executing such immense journeys can be a breeze for your enhanced brainpower and memory.

The icing on the cake is the incredible increase in energy and life-force that drinking from this bottle provides. It ensures that you have the mental and physical stamina to survive any such testing phase. 

Who is VitaJuwel Bottles for?

Anyone, quite literally anyone, can benefit immensely from the use of VitaJuwel water bottles.

Be it a young child headed to his/her weekly soccer training, the homemaker who is out for a jog, the techie who is stuck at a critical point in a project, the middle-aged woman heading into menopause or suffering from arthritis, or even the long-distance runner who is slated to do his first Ironman challenge in two weeks, VitaJuwel water bottle holds a treasure trove of potential for all of them.

Customer Reviews and Complaints

Their elegant design and simplicity make these bottles a fan favorite, as comments on the web enunciate how classy these glass bottles are. Some even dare call them a fashion statement.

From singers to actors and reality stars, there are many proclaimed celebrity users of this VitaJuwel Bottles who vouch for it infinitely, such as actress Drew Barrymore and singer Kreesha Turner, etc.

And come to think of it, it is just a glass water bottle. What more side effects can it have, if not benefits?

However, these are fragile as can be any glass product and despite their sturdy construction, care must be taken while handling them.

Customer reviews, almost entirely, reflect this view as none present any additional complaints or criticism. 

VitaJuwel Bottles customer Reviews

Where to buy VitaJuwel Bottles?

By analyzing VitaJuwel Bottles reviews, VitaJuwel best crystal water bottles are available for purchase from their official website at $179.

Various promotions are being rolled out this Christmas which might significantly reduce their price for the season.

Plus you get a 30-days no questions asked,money-back guarantee on your purchase from the official site.

An accessory you might want to look at is the additional amethyst loop caps that fit the water bottle perfectly costing $19.

All of these and the authentic VitaJuwel water bottles are available only on their official website given below and you must take care not to fall prey to any false marketing or illegitimate sellers. 

The official website of VitaJuwel Bottles also offers a 30-days money-back guarantee. That is a full refund for you within 30 days of purchase, no questions asked. You can make use of this offer if you do not like VitaJuwel Bottles for any reason. Just make sure that you purchase VitaJuwel Bottles from its official website to take advantage of this risk-free, full refund policy.

Final Verdict – VitaJuwel Bottles Reviews

Overall, you can see how this simple but groundbreaking innovation can enhance your life endlessly without any side effects at all.

As a long term solution that assists you every step of the way, VitaJuwel water bottles can be an excellent addition to your life. 

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