Voters Are Angry, Fearful, And Anxious: 50 Days Remaining

Nikki Attkisson | Last Updated : September 15, 2020


Now, voters are feeling that they are on edge since there are only 50 days left for casting their ballots for President. There is one primary reason behind this, and that is they are all cooped inside the home to avoid deadly coronavirus. Not that, there is one more reason they are unrest since protests are going on against racism and police violence. More than anything, every American is feeling on edge since they are meantime facing financial hardships due to pandemic.

Voters are angry, fearful, and anxious: 50 days remaining

The upcoming White House race is crucial for the future of America, and it is between former vice president Joe Biden and President Donald Trump. But comparatively, Trump’s supporters look more enthusiastic than former Vice President Biden’s. Other voters are wholly uninspired and unimpressed with the choice in front of them. Rich Thau, a person running Swing Voter Project, said, “American’s are angry, fearful, and they are anxious and frustrated at the same time.” He was asked to give details about voter sentiment by USA TODAY. Thau and his group held focus groups, and they started it from March 2019. They had these with dozens of voters and mainly in seven battleground states, Michigan, Iowa, Florida, Ohio, Minnesota, Wisconsin, and Pennsylvania. The charge voters supported Barack Obama in 2012, and then they switched and supported Trump in 2016.

He also added, The moods of these charge voters recently shifted just six months ago. It was the time when COVID-19 affected the lives of millions. The pandemic has changed people’s minds, and they now understand that things are no going as expected. The emotions listed are part of new feelings that have been created in their lives now.” Parties are acting like spoiled teenagers. Biden, the Democratic presidential nominee, and Republican President are left with two major tasks. They should concentrate on motivating supporters for casting ballots. Meantime they must win over undecided voter’s dwindling pockets. There are indeed hundreds of thousands of voters who are completely unsure about whom they will support.

There are some more Americans who are not sure about going out for voting. But, it is also true that Trump won narrowly in the past election four years ago in listed seven battleground states. Now, the voters on the fence are going to decide who will sit on the White House in the coming year. A professional photographer, 42-year-old Democrat Cari Mercer, living in Mechanicsburg, which is among 9000 small boroughs present in Pennsylvania, four years ago voted for former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton. Cari Mercer said she would not vote for Trump in the upcoming election. She is a retired Air Force veteran, and she is yet to decide and not sure about pulling the lever for former vice President Biden.

She added, “I am facing a problem here that I feel both the parties are looking like spoiled teenagers. I am finding it hard to cast a vote since I have a conscience for both sides, and I felt they both are not working for the people.”
The polls have shown that Biden, Democratic Presidential nominee, is in a 7-point lead across the nation over Trump, the vote is according to the report given by Real Clear Politics average. They also reported that lead had been narrowed, and it has still narrowed in the swing states that include Pennsylvania. These states are expected to decide the entire presidency. Hence we can understand that both campaigns revealed that there are more riding voters similar to Mercer report that are yet to make up their minds.

But, USA TODAY has interviewed other undecided voters, and Mercer said she is interested in watching upcoming debates. Before making up her mind, she wants to watch one vice-presidential and three presidential debates. More about undecided Ballantoni, 58, Republican Vincent living in Clearwater in Florida, revealed that he voted Obama in 2012. But, he cast a vote for Trump in the election four years back. The reason was he viewed Trump, a real estate mogul, as a person who can represent ‘new blood.’ He thought that Trump would fight for Americans who were struggling financially. Ballantoni said “I thought, he will come in and then shake it up a bit, and I even expected that Trump would turn the world upside down. I watched the Apprentice, and I thought he has all tendencies to do so. But, he doesn’t take slack from anyone, and now I wish he should get off from Twitter.”

Ballantoni added, “Now, after four years in Trump’s presidency, I am completely undecided about the upcoming election. I am distaste for Trump’s bombastic style, and meantime, I am anxious about raising my voice for Biden, democratic side.” “Of course I think that Biden, the Democratic nominee has heart in the right place, but I am anxious since he is too soft. I feel Biden will get easily pushed. I also think that President has heart in the right spot too, but meantime, I feel he should realize he must tone down, and he should never be carried by stuff that is not true.” An independent from the Pittsburgh suburb in South Fayette, Annie Thieman, 36, is one of the undecided. She is a catering manager, and she backed Trump in the 2016 election. She voted Obama in 2012 and 2008.

She always liked policies by Trump when it comes to the economy. She also praised Trump’s policies on tax cuts and drug pricing. But, she is bothered when it comes to the President’s personality, and meantime, she is undecided because she is worried about Trump getting into unnecessary fights. Thieman said, “President Trump is arrogant, and he is conceited. I feel he is selfish as well, but Democratic nominee Biden is serving the public for 50 years. Meantime she worried that Biden might not embrace some new approach for tackling long-term problems in the country. Now, the major thing is, she cannot stand, and she is uncertain.

Thieman added, “I am feeling frustrated since we are not getting any true answers. I am a voter, and I pride myself when it comes to trying to make decisions as much as possible. Meantime I am not able to state with good conscience that I am educated enough to decide for voting either way. I have to filter through their fighting, and I must try to hear what they are trying to convey.” Now, it is once again. Many voters are using the phrase, ‘lesser of two evils’ and most of them are from the undecided band.


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