Warnings In Vain: People Have Started Travelling

Nikki Attkisson | Last Updated : March 23, 2021

Millions of people are being scanned every day at the Airports because traveling is on the rise. You could say that now people are traveling despite the experts have already warned about the virus. 1.3 million passengers were screened by officials at the Airport and it is not a small number. CDC had warned against traveling but still millions are traveling to varied destinations all at once. The data estimates that almost 5.4 million people have flown to other places in the last few days. This is a huge number of passengers and it has increased in the times when the fear of the virus variants is the most prominent.

People Have Started Travelling

These have the busiest few days on the Airport amidst the pandemic and the airlines are hoping for some recovery with this heavy influx of passengers. The available flights are completely overwhelmed and the airlines are adding more new flights for attracting more customers. The spring break is here and people have increased traveling even when everybody knows the pandemic has not ended yet. The airlines are healing from the loss they incurred when travel was completely restricted.

Warnings In Vain: People Have Started Travelling

The Airlines have also received 40 billion dollar help from the Federal government for their revival.

Coronavirus testing facilities have been installed at the Airports for rapid checks being conducted on the commuters. The chain of spas, ‘Xpres Spas’ has added to its venture and opened these rapid covid-19 testing points named ‘Xpres check’ on the Airports. The rapid coronavirus test costs $200 on these Xpres Checkpoints at the Airports. 11 of these rapid testing points have opened across the country and the number of such points is only increasing.

The medical representative at these rapid testing points asks you some medical questions, check for a negative coronavirus test and then only clear you for flying. The Airport and Airline employees are frontline workers and they come in close contact with many people. These numbers can go up to thousands on a busy traveling day. These rapid testing points are a way to help them keep healthy and non-contagious from the virus. This is a great initiative as the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention is advising and recommending people to get tested more and more before traveling.

These rapid tests on the airport consume less of your time and are more convenient. Especially because they are on the go, right after you have arrived and are ready to go back to your residential place, that is when you as a passenger and a responsible citizen should consider getting tested for coronavirus. Many countries have very stringent methods for allowing travelers inside. When traveling to the Netherland, you need to get tested 72 hours before your travel date and also need to get the rapid tests done 4 hours before you board the flight.

The reason behind these restrictions is that there is still a lot of fear surrounding the covid variants and people need to be very careful. Now that the virus is mutating and almost every country has developed an indigenous variety, the situation has got even scarier. Ignoring the travel restrictions would not be much advisable in these uncertain times. Although this is a grave situation, Airlines are rejoicing this chance of the much-awaited revival. It is expected that the cases might go up due to so much travel. The Experts have already asserted that there is no way out of this pandemic until people follow the protocols.

We just hope that amidst people stepping out of their houses in such large numbers, everything remains calm and a panic situation is not created.

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