Washington Commanders QB Carson Wentz Underwent Finger Surgery 

Nikki Attkisson | Last Updated : October 20, 2022

The Washington commander, quarterback Carson Wentz, has recently undergone surgery. The surgery happened in Los Angeles. He had a fractured finger on his hand. He has been told by the doctors so far that he cannot play the game for 4 weeks at least because it is the minimum amount of rest period he should provide to his hand. Due to this injury, he would not be present in the 4 games of the tournament. 

The games would also include the face-off against the teams of Philadelphia and Indianapolis. He is expected to make a full recovery in a long period which can even extend to 8 weeks if he does not show signs of improvement within 4 weeks. The surgery was conducted by a successful surgeon named Dr. Steven. 

What Exactly Happened? 

Wentz was playing a match against the Chicago Bears in Washington. But within 2 minutes of the initiation of the first half, this amazing player fractured his right hand. He was getting defensive with the opposite player of the team. 

Washington Commanders QB Carson Wentz Underwent Finger Surgery 

Justin Jones acted in the opposite capacity and was responsible for throwing the ball. It was while catching this ball that the fingers were captured. But Wentz did not leave the game at all and went ahead to stay intact into the game until and unless he had scored some of the points against the opponents to make his team win. 

What is the history of the team? 

The team has been responsible for playing meticulously against all the opponents, but due to one or the other reason, it had to lose the match two consecutive times in the last tournament. The year 2022 has not been very promising for the team when it comes to defeating the opponents and emerging out to be a winner. 

As a fact of strategy, it was decided that Wentz would be responsible as a second-rounder in all the games scheduled for 2023. He was given the obligation to pay 70% of the offensive snaps. This decision was expected to increase the team’s rank from 36th to 27th. But this sudden injury has shattered the hopes of the team. He would not be present for around 4 Matches, and the lack of touchdowns would be responsible for a further push down the team. 

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What are the available options? 

The coach and the team members are deliberating on the course of action they must adopt. Heinicke is now being considered in place of Wentz, at least for the time being. Heinicke had already played 15 games in the last season. He has a record of throwing 20 touchdowns and around 15 interceptions. 

He can defend in the way Wentz used to act. In light of these developments, commanders have decided on a replacement. This is one of the most important concerns that must be considered. It was in the last season that, with the help of his talent and defensive approach, the team was able to win a combined 55 points. The total average of 10 games was calculated to be around 47, which was more than the previous record made by the team itself. The confidence reposed on this team player was backed by sufficient evidence. 


This is one of the most effective and useful pieces of information that must be considered over time. It will be helpful to bring a lot of changes so that the team’s performance would be enhanced over time. This is the practice that must be taken into consideration so that the efficiency of the performance can be boosted. 

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