Weight Loss With The Proper Form Of Eating & Good Diet

Nikki Attkisson | Last Updated : November 15, 2021

In today`s time staying fit is a need for almost everyone, however, just by exercising one cannot achieve this. The main mantra for staying fit is having a good diet. Even still many people follow a regular diet but are not fully satisfied. Lisa Young a nutritionist states that just following the diet won’t help it until you practice mindful eating habits.

Weight Loss With The Proper Form Of Eating

Young states that the main benefit of practicing mindful eating habits is that you eat because you are hungry and not because it is your time to eat. Following this will help you get a sense of fulfillment and satisfaction at the same time. Mindful eating is more into sitting and enjoying the food and not using any technology or reading a book. When one just sits with food, he or she experiences many different flavors which they might have not observed on a daily basis even though they might be eating the same food for many years.

Weight Loss With The Proper Form Of Eating

Young states that mindful eating will also help you answer some of the questions like – Should I be eating this much or Do I like this meal. When one gets answers to these questions they tend to eat less and only eat what is required for their body. Binge eating can be very easily avoided once you start mindful eating.

However, it is to be noted that this is not an easy process. At the start, you will be tempted to open your laptop or iPad while eating but over the course of time, you will realize that this is a much better way to eat. Eating with family or friends will also help you in this endeavor as there will be talks on food and you will experience many of the flavors which you have not previously experienced.

In a recent study, it has been found that 74% of the people in the US are unhealthy. Most of these people fall in the category of obese or overweight. Lisa Stollman who is a dietician from New York stated that people who are overweight or obese have a risk of getting heart issues or type 2 diabetes as well which are on the rise all over the US. However, if every overweight person manages to lose 5% of their total weight, then they have a 50% chance of surviving these issues.

Young states that for practicing mindful eating one should know what kind of food they like and then consult with a doctor or a health care professional to work up a diet in that particular category. Many people who want to lose weight just start on the diet their doctors suggest even though they do not like the food. This won’t achieve the wanted results and in the long term, you are bound to get back to your old habits.

Another important aspect is to eat slowly. It has been found that people who eat fast are 42% more likely to be overweight compared to other slow eaters. The best way to slow down your rate is to eat with chopsticks. People who are not familiar with chopsticks will have a hard time eating thereby slowing down their face as well.

Depression and anxiety are also other aspects that lead to weight gain. Many people when they suffer through these conditions start to binge eat so that they can shift their focus from the mentioned issues. However, this leads to overweight and another set of issues. So, one needs to always take care of their mental health as well as this has an impact on their weight.

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