What Is Meloxicam? What Are The Side effects Of It?

Nikki Attkisson | Last Updated : September 17, 2022

Meloxicam is one of the essential anti-inflammatory drugs. It is used to provide release against chronic arthritis. The patient on prescription can only consume this kind of medicine. This is because it is a very strong kind of medicine that also has the potential to provide certain types of side effects to the individual. It has got the tendency to affect the liver. All those people who consume this medication have shown an increase in liver infections for a temporary period. 

The side effect can be short-lived, but they can be responsible for damaging the liver to the worst. A detailed explanation concerning the functioning of this kind of medication has been given, along with the possible side effects and the risks associated with the same. 

What Is The Purpose Of This Medication? 

This medicine is used to reduce pain in a person with arthritis. It is responsible for reducing the kind of enzymes inside the body which are responsible for inflammation. It also helps to reduce the side effects of arthritis, such as joint pain and swelling. It is a very common drug that is usually used to prevent even a minor tenderness in the joint. 

What Is Meloxicam What Are The Side effects Of It

Since it has become the most common pain killer for this purpose, there is possible damage this medicine can have on the human body. According to the research, liver damage is one of the most potential side effects of this problem. No doubt liver damage is always a short-lived side effect, but it can have a considerable impact on the functioning of the liver, which may not be a very positive sign of this medicine. 

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Side effects

The possible associated side effects of this medication are increased liver enzymes such as AST and ALT. The high enzymes inside the level usually increase the risk of liver failure in people with a weak liver. The chances of liver failure increase by up to 15% due to this kind of illness. It can be concluded that once the person reduces the consumption of this medicine, there are sufficient chances that the level of enzymes inside the liver will return to normal numbers. 

But once the increase in the enzymes inside the liver has been reported, it becomes possible to generate the maximum amount of Return over time. It is possible to leave an impact on the functioning and structure of the liver. Sometimes it can also permanently damage some parts of the nipple, which cannot be cured even after reducing the level of enzymes. It is a serious cause of the issue which can also take a person up to the level of Liver transplantation. If the medicine is born without a prescription, the risk of liver transplantation increases. 

Reported incidences

A lot of reported incidences have come into being due to which the problems related to the liver have also increased after the intake of this medication. But it is essential to note that the number of fatalities has not increased to a great extent. But before this immunity is developed, it is crucial to find out ways of growth and development. This can only be with respect to the possible ways to safeguard oneself from this problem. 


It has to be concluded that excess of everything is bad and taking any medication without a proper prescription can also prove to be fatal to the human body. It is only after the necessary precautions that any kind of medicine must be taken so that it becomes possible for the individual to rescue at any point in time.


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