If Luck Is On Our Side, WHO Officials Say We Could Have A Hold Of The Outbreak Next Year

Nikki Attkisson | Last Updated : July 22, 2021

It has been said by the World Health Organization’s officials that the world can have control over the next Covid-19 if we are lucky. As the delta variant is surrounded as fast as it can across the globe, WHO officials are seen as optimistic world leaders who shall bring the pandemic under control by the coming year. We are not helpless but we surely can be careless hence maintaining all the CDC guidelines for the Pandemic shall continue strictly.

If Luck Is On Our Side, WHO Officials Say We Could Have A Hold Of The Outbreak Next Year

As per Dr. Mike Ryan who is known to be the executive director of WHO’s health emergencies program, the pandemic shall not end this year even though, he says, he would love to state and feel something like that.

If Luck Is On Our Side, WHO Officials Say We Could Have A Hold Of The Outbreak Next Year

The global pandemic could end sooner if all the countries make sure the vaccines are distributed equally to the poorer countries, social distancing is practiced, and adequately fund hospitals- as Ryan was answering a question that was thrown at him by the son of one of his colleagues who is the Covid-19 technical lead, Maria Van Kerkhove.

Countries that are having high vaccination rates shall witness the end of the pandemic sooner than the countries that do not have higher vaccination rates, he said and added, by criticizing world leaders for not distributing or sharing vaccines equally only shall delay the process.

Ryan said, answering Cole Van Kerkhove’s question that kids should be asking the governments that why aren’t we sharing? He says, that for him is a massive problem we are facing right now. We are not sharing enough and being fair. He adds we know learned that one in school.

It has been reported and stated by Van Kerkhove, that many parts of the world are still witnessing a spike in covid-19 cases. In the past seven days, he says, at a global level, there has been an 11.5% increase in cases and a 1% increase in deaths. Many regions around the world say an increase in cases. Europe witnessed an almost 21% increase, southwest Asia experiences a 16.5% increase, the Western Pacific region witnessed a rough percentage of 30% increase and the Eastern Mediterranean saw a 15% increase in cases.

So, the whole world is experiencing this rise and hence we all must ensure we take all the measures seriously in order to solve this pandemic situation we got going.

Deaths caused by the virus have also been increasing in four out of six regions that come under WHO, in the past one week. The western Pacific witnessed an increase of 10%, in deaths and Southeast Asia witnessed an increase of 12%. The eastern Mediterranean has witnessed an increase of 4% in deaths and the African region is known to be still suffering from the latest spike in transmission.

Agency officials have said that, as experts have witnessed Covid-19 infections that bypass vaccine protection, these cases are almost mostly mild. What still is a possibility that new variants could cause a spike in the breakthrough cases. As per Van Kerkhove, the delta variant shall not be the last variant of concern that we will be talking about.

The longer people among us live unvaccinated and social distancing is not followed, the risk only gets higher and more dangerous as it shall be seen emerging soon. WHO officials mentioned that traveling internationally should only take place if it is an absolute emergency, as everything one does in a pandemic either results in an increased or decreased risk. There is nothing known as zero risks as it is about minimalizing the risk, as said by Dr. Ryan.

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