Why And How To Practice Self-care In Times Of The Pandemic

Nikki Attkisson | Last Updated : July 26, 2021

We are living in stressful times. As the pandemic continues for another year, many of us have lost a loved one to the virus. We’ve seen unemployment, isolation, and many days where we didn’t know how to continue. While the COVID-19 infection is gradually decreasing, some nations are lifting the restrictions. In some countries, it is spreading and mutating again, causing further panic. These times are unpredictable. Whether we live in a country that is lifting restrictions or imposing them again, now is the most important time to look after ourselves. 

Why And How To Practice Self-care In Times Of The Pandemic

Some countries like the United States and the United Kingdom are gradually relieving the restrictions, allowing the economy to get back on its feet. However, countries like Singapore and Australia are seeing an upsurge in COVID-19 cases, hence reinstating the restrictions. 

Why And How To Practice Self-care In Times Of The Pandemic

There is no hesitation that people throughout the world are experiencing a robust of feelings walking out daily, worrying about their life. Normal days have become a war zone. Right now is the time we focus on inculcating care and prioritize ourselves for our overall well-being. 

Draw a line between work and personal life. Many people throughout the world continue to work from home because of COVID-19. This setting may allow people to work comfortably and inflexible hours but this also leads to the boundaries between work and the home is blurred. 

This could lead people to burnout, which is experiencing chronic fatigue and stress for a long time, causing long-term effects that can harm our productivity and well-being. This could also lead to an occurrence of “revenge bedtime procrastination,” in which a person tries to enjoy every bit of leisure time even when they’re feeling sleepy by holding up their bedtime. 

Experts say that it is very essential to form boundaries. People should allocate a specific room or space for work, if possible. This can create a boundary even in the person’s mind. When the person walks out of that space, they can feel the work mode switching off. Keeping aside several minutes for doing something different than usual can help, such as going for a run or listening to music. One should schedule break time and snack times. 

Tania Diggory, an entrepreneur, and a Burnout Prevention Speaker says that one way to prioritize yourself is to start the day by doing something you love. She said that self-care doesn’t always come in the form of doing things we love like cooking or reading, but it’s also about mindset. She is of the opinion that how we start our day influences how we feel the entire day.

Studies reveal that taking some time out of work for self-reflection can help better focus and concentration and reduce stress. 

In the era of social media and online news, it is right to want to stay informed about what is happening around the world. However, all the negativity that we read in the news, causes serious harm to our mental health, well-being, and relationships. Bombarding ourselves with news every day can cause news-related anxiety. We should start by taking breaks from news platforms and social media, and invest that time in doing something that makes us feel positive. We can replace that time with meditating, reading, or working on hobbies. 

Studies for years have been proving that having a peaceful amount of sleep is a cure. It is essential for keeping mental and physical health positively active. As Lee Chambers said, sleep is the key to achieving a healthy life balance. One can set alarms and follow a strict sleep schedule which can help the body reset to a proper sleep cycle.

As feeling happy and healthy is also quite subjective, it is advisable to practice things that give you peace of mind in such times.

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