Work Out Every Day, Burn 200 Calories; You will Stay Heart Healthy

Nikki Attkisson | Last Updated : August 5, 2021

A new study reveals that combining aerobic exercise with the reduction of calories would work miracles for the obese elderly. It found out that such a combination helps them keep their heart health than those who opted only for daily exercise.

Scientists took aortic stiffness, a measure of cardiac fitness that affects cardiac health for the study.

Taking good care of your heart helps you in many ways. Preventing strokes and heart attacks are just two among them to mention.

It is often said; exercising and dieting are the best ways to shed those unwanted pounds. This, as you know, implies that weight loss is key to staying healthy. But this saying may prove frustrating if your efforts here fail to give the desired results.

Work Out Every Day, Burn 200 Calories; You will Stay Heart Healthy

As per the findings of a recent study, reducing calories will help you stay heart-healthy even if you are unable to shed pounds.

Researchers published their findings in the journal of the American Heart Association. It found out that older adults who combined aerobic exercise with a reduction in calories could improve their cardiac health than those who chose only exercise or regular workout with dieting.

Work Out Every Day, Burn 200 Calories; You will Stay Heart Healthy

In the past, scientists believed that aerobic exercise alone will slow down age-induced aortic stiffness. But this finding shows that exercising alone may not be enough. Those who reduced 200 calories in their diet were able to have numerous benefits than those who focused on exercise alone.

The findings, according to experts, are amazing. A combination of aerobic exercise and reduction of calories reactivates blood vessels.

The study was a randomized controlled trial done among 165 older adults. The participants belonged to the age-0range of 65-79.

The team randomly assigned the participants to three intervention groups for 140 days.

The first group continued its usual diet and exercised a lot. The second group exercised and reduced 200 calories from their diet a day. The third group exercised and reduced 600 calories per day.

Scientists prescribed half an hour on the treadmill four times a week as aerobic exercise for the participants. In the end, the team measured everyone for aortic arch pulse wave velocity and distensibility. They made the following findings:

  • Those who reduced 200 calories a day and exercised experienced a 21% increase in distensibility (the ability of the aorta to expand and contract). They also experienced an 8% reduction in pulse wave velocity (the ability of the aorta to expand and contract)
  • The team did not notice any significant change in aortic stiffness measurements in those who only exercised or those who reduced 600 calories a day.
  • They also observed that changes that affected body mass index, body fat and abdominal fat happened in those who reduced 200 and 600 calories from their diet.
  • Loss of weight remained the same in all groups irrespective of the amount of calories they reduced.

The study shows that to improve the health of your heart, you don’t have to resort to crash diets and a stringent workout routine. All you need is a reduction in the calories consumed and moderate exercise.

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The only question is; how to reduce 200 calories from the diet? Crash diets are tough to adhere to. People drop off from them within no time.

The best way is to introduce a few small changes in your lifestyle and diet. Within a short time, you will start seeing noticeable results.

Minimize junk foods, reduce soft drinks and avoid processed foods. All these contain excess sugar that contributes mostly to unwanted empty calories. Quit smoking and have a well-planned exercise routine. You will stay heart-fit for years to come.

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