World Not Ready To Handle An Influenza Pandemic

Nikki Attkisson | Last Updated : November 20, 2021

A recent report released by the National Academy of Medicine stated that an influenza flu-like in 1918 could be worse than the current pandemic. Dr. Fauci from NIH stated that the world is not ready to see another pandemic and is certainly not equipped as hospitals are currently full.

The report stated that researchers and governments should work together in order to create next-generation vaccines. The main idea of this should be that it should be easy to make and so that the smaller countries can make their own vaccines and won’t have to depend on the wealthy countries.

World Not Ready To Handle An Influenza Pandemic

In the covid 19 pandemic, many of the smaller countries had to wait months before getting their first batch of vaccines while the big nations started their 2nd round of vaccination.

The report also suggested that covid 19 did affect millions of people however, it was not as bad 1918 – 1919 which killed more than 50 million people worldwide. One of the main differences between the 1919 flu and the covid 19 virus is that now people have become more aware of the safety measures and the hospitals and doctors are better equipped with modern technology.

World Not Ready To Handle Pandemic

As per the National health Academy results the flu kills around 600,000 people every year globally. Covid 19 as of now has killed around 5.1 million people and the numbers are still increasing at a slower pace. However, if the influenza pandemic comes it could wipe out 33 million people. Researchers are positive the flu will soon hit the Earth however no estimated time has been known.

Experts are certain that the influenza flu will hit however if it comes during the covid 19 pandemic the end result would be very sad. It is being estimated that more than 1/5th of the world’s population will be in danger if it comes during the covid era pandemic. Researchers are now trying to develop a universal flu vaccine that would be effective against the future as well as the present ongoing pandemic.

Researchers also stated that this cannot be done by one country alone and all the countries need to come together and share their data so as to make this happen. The report also states that the world should at least have 4 to 8 billion doses ready to go if an influenza pandemic strikes so as to keep the people safe.

Dr. Victor Dzau who is the President of NAH stated that the covid pandemic has shown how ill-prepared humans are against such issues. Many new laws have come into place now and more funds are being redirected to research and development which is a good sign.

However, as long as there is no awareness among the common people as to what measures need to be taken no research will be helpful. People need to report if they are facing some issues and how to safeguard themselves.  

The report also states that WHO (World Health Organization) should work with all the countries and make sure the research materials are easily accessible so as to avoid another pandemic. The covid pandemic has also shown that simple measures like face masks and social distancing are highly effective.

One of the main things to consider is to stop the transmission of the virus from one person to another and self-isolation can be done for this.

Many of the pharma industries have also started to develop a universal vaccine and one of the challenges that the companies are facing is the time limit and not enough resources at their disposal.

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