WT2 SmartWatch Reviews – An Elegant And Sporty Watch in 2022?

Nikki Attkisson | Last Updated : November 3, 2020

Are you looking for genuine WT2 SmartWatch Reviews? Now you are in right place.

Although the essential purpose of wearing a wristwatch was defeated with smartphones becoming the general norm in our society, the integration of fitness trackers and smartwatches has given rise to a new way of improving the quality of our lives.

WT2 SmartWatch Reviews – A Good Investment For You!

From simplifying tasks in our smartphones, such as managing calls and notifications, to providing round-the-clock fitness surveillance, smartwatches have earned their place among the list of some of the most useful devices in the world today. 

In this WT2 SmartWatch review, we are introducing one such device, the new WT2 smartwatch!

WT2 SmartWatch Reviews
Product NameWT2 SmartWatch
CategorySmart Watch
Main BenefitsCan monitor your heart all day long
AvailabilityThrough Official Website
Official WebsiteClick Here

What Is It?

The WT2 is a brand-new addition in the smartwatch segment that seems to be providing all the important premium features at a budget price!

It is developed and distributed by fitness enthusiasts across the country that have come together to provide an alternative to most of the overpriced devices dominating the market today.

With the current discount offer in effect, the WT2 smartwatch costs only around $94. 

So, it costs less than 1/4th the price of its main competitors such as the ‘Apple series 6 smartwatch’ where its GPS only variant will cost around $399. 

You must be wondering how can such a relatively new product in the market compete with the big brands at such aggressive pricing?

Well, it’s all thanks to: – 

  1. The team of developers who have prioritized the practical utility of the device over flamboyant features, and;
  2. Its group of global investors who have courageously forsaken initial profits to capture the market and provide a cheaper alternative to fitness trackers. They believe that fitness trackers are a necessary gadget that should be integrated into our daily routines.
  3. Direct sales with the customers through their official online store, cutting out various distribution channels and low advertisement costs

The aggressive pricing does come with its set of drawbacks, of course. 

WT2 Developers had to compromise in certain areas such as having a simple LCD screen instead of the new trendy OLED screens, and omission of certain other unnecessary apps and features.

But they certainly didn’t cut back on its aesthetic design though.

A stylish blend of retro and modern designs is their specialty. 

You have 5 different variants of strap material and color combinations to choose from such as: –

  • Metal black strap
  • Metal silver strap
  • Black leather strap
  • Brown leather strap
  • Black silicone strap

So, what is lacks in certain features, it certainly makes up for it with its slick and sturdy designs with customizable options. 

Most valuable features of this device?

The most valuable, and potentially life-saving features that this device is equipped with are its heart rate sensor (ECG) and blood pressure monitoring system. These features enable this device to track and monitor your body’s vitals in real-time and alert you of any dangerous developments or irregularities. 

In one recent incident, an elder man was alerted by his smartwatch that detected dangerous arrhythmic patterns at night while he was sleeping. 


He was soon diagnosed with ‘low ejection fraction’ and successfully underwent a ‘Mitral Valve replacement surgery’ thereafter. 

He is now safe with his family and recovering from his surgery, all thanks to his smartwatch.

WT2 smartwatch uses the special LEDs embedded at the case back for optically measuring the body’s vitals. 

Based on WT2 SmartWatch review, it can also detect the body’s blood oxygen saturation level, which can be very useful for those with anemia or asthma-related conditions.

What else does the WT2 have to offer?

A large HD Display screen:  Well-built, clear, and crisp easy-to-read display with large screen space for a smooth touch. 

Long Battery life:  The large screen space provides room for a bigger battery compartment. A full charge should last 4-5 days of continuous use. 

Step counter and Calorie monitoring:  Measures your distance traveled and provides an estimated calorie burn info. 

Sleep Monitoring:  With WT2 smartwatches, you can track your quality of sleep and measure other physiological signals your body gives off at night. 

Wireless control of your smartphone:  WT2 smartwatches also have built-in Bluetooth functions that allow you to take calls and manage notifications on your smartphone easily. This makes it great for exercising outside.

iOS and Android compatibility:  As long as your phone is smart and can connect to an Appstore. You can use WT2 smartwatches very easily with your mobile device.

IP68 water resistance:  Makes this smartwatch-cum fitness tracker immune to rain or submersion in other water bodies for 1.5 meters deep. 

Stunning and Sleek design:  With a combined style of retro watches and digital smartphone features. This device is a sure stunner and will look great on any wrist.

Supports a host of various other apps and features:  GPS functioning, remote control of your phone camera shutters, set alarms and stopwatches, get weather info, pay for stuff with google pay, or apple pay installed on the device, etc. 

How to use your WT2 smartwatch

If this isn’t your first time dealing with a smartwatch, you’ll probably know how to do the initial set up and configurations in this device as they are practically the same. 

First, take out the magnetic charging puck and connect it to a power source. Then place your WT2 smartwatch case back over the magnetic puck and charge your device full. 

Install the WT2 app from the app store on your smartphone and run the app to connect your phone to your smartwatch.

Now, simply wear your smartwatch around your wrist and see check to see how the vital sensors are working. You should be getting a reading of your heart rate every 5 mins on your watch screen. 

You can leave your phone at home when going for a jog or exercising as you can manage important notifications and calls on it.

Your WT2 smartwatch will automatically detect your motion, count the steps you take and give you an estimated reading of your calorie burn. 

Wear your WT2 smartwatch overnight to monitor your sleep patterns and assess the quality of sleep. 

With the IP68 water resistance rating, you won’t have to leave it out of the swimming pool as long it’s not more than 1.5 meters deep. 

 Is WT2 Smartwatch Scam or Legit?

Definitely Not! The delay in delivery due to the covid19 pandemic is probably the main cause of this confusion.

Since they already have limited distribution channels for cost efficiency, the pandemic made it even harder to move goods out of the country. 

Just as WT2 SmartWatch review, WT2 is a potential market leader of smartwatches in the future and so they have no reason to run scams across the country.  

Just be sure to make your purchase from their official online store to avoid replicas and duplicates which are also harming its reputation. 

User reviews and complaints

“I have a very similar one and it is a luxury watch. I love it, it is one of the best gifts they have given me in recent years. You can dress sport or formal and it always looks good. It also has all kinds of functions.”
“I have been able to answer calls in the shower with no problems. It sounds clear and good. Although the battery lasts me about three to four days only, and in the review, it says up to a week. Does the WT2 model have a power-saving mode?”
Elderly caregiver
Unfortunately, no Mr. Clever the WT2 smartwatch doesn’t come with an inbuilt power save mode. You can always turn off the device whenever you feel like you won’t be needing it, however of course. 
-Asks Clever, who is a diver.

Generally, we couldn’t find any serious complaints related to the device in terms of bad quality or damages so it seems like the WT2 team has done a great job in keeping their customers satisfied.

How do I get it?

As of now, WT2 smartwatches are only sold through their official online store. So, beware of WT2 devices sold through other websites as there are a lot of fake products and replicas circulating on the internet. 

You should select your preferred strap variant and follow the simple hassle-free procedures to confirm your payment.

You have the option of choosing a 1- or 2-year warranty certificate which will be emailed to you upon purchase.

It is generally recommended to buy the screen protector and smartwatch case along with your purchase. You can’t be too careful.

There currently seems to be a promotional offer that has slashed the prices down to 50%. So, it’s a downright steal if you act now! 

WT2 SmartWatch Reviews: Final verdict 

The ‘World Health Organisation’ (WHO), estimates that between the years 2020 and 2030, cardiovascular diseases will affect more than 23.6 million people. And 85% of those people will suffer heart attacks and strokes between the ages of 40 and 65.

Early detection and treatment will be necessary to avoid a disaster. 

Smartwatches and fitness trackers are therefore undeniably useful and will prove to be so in the coming years. 

Currently, the WT2 smartwatch seems to be one of the best and cheapest devices in the market. Its unique design and choice of material variants make it ideally suitable for different age groups.

It will make a stylish addition to both your formal and casual attire while keeping your vitals in check all time. 

I will make a lovely and thoughtful gift for your aged loved ones for sure.

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