Coronavirus Infections To Become 1000000 Per Day, Doctors Estimate

Nikki Attkisson | Last Updated : August 2, 2021

The dangerously contagious Delta variant of the Coronavirus is causing a surge in the US. According to doctors, the virus is more widespread in the country than what the official record shows.

There is nothing surprising even if America reports 1000000 infections a day, experts say.

The highly contagious Delta variant is causing a surge of infections in the US. According to doctors, the number of infections is much higher than what the official report shows. They will not be surprised even if they report that the country is having 1000000 infections a day.  At the moment, the report may be showing just one-tenth of the current infections. It may even be lesser, they say.

Coronavirus Infections To Become 1000000 Per Day, Doctors Estimate

As per an analysis, the present seven-day average of infections across the US is almost 67000. This is 53% higher than what it was last week.

The Delta variant was discovered first in India. At present, it is the reason for up to 83% of infections in the US. And it is the harsh reality the country is facing today. There is a virus that infects the vaccinated who display no symptoms or mild or moderate signs. It is also infecting the country’s younger generation. They too either develop no symptoms or show minor issues.  This happens because they are young and healthy.

Coronavirus Infections To Become 1000000 Per Day, Doctors Estimate

Most of the Coronavirus-infected patients that are hospitalized are young and previously healthy. This shows that there may be unidentified infections that don’t require hospitalization.

The highest weekly average reported in the US, according to an analysis, was 250000. That was on January 8th.

Later, the vaccination campaign gained momentum in the country. And the numbers decreased automatically. But the numbers are rising in recent days. Doctors are concerned that there may be numerous infections that go unreported. Experts attribute the difference in the testing scenario of today as the reason for the situation. It is quite different than the previous phases of the pandemic.

In the past, the country lacked sufficient resources for testing new infections. This led to a situation where the official numbers were much lower than the actual count. At present, the same thing is happening for a different reason.

People are reluctant to get tested because they either have little or no symptoms, experts observe. Furthermore, at-home testing kits are now available in the market. These results are not going to reach the authorities and get displayed in the official records.

A group of experts expressed their strong belief that the country is down in the surge more than people believe. The variant may go on its own by September, some predict.

This observation comes in the wake of reports by media that the risks Delta variant present is much worse. They got the news from a leaked document from CDC. It had been said that the Delta variant is as contagious as chickenpox. And even vaccinated people maybe it’s carriers like the unvaccinated lot.

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CDC recommends that everyone use face masks even in indoor settings. 

Here are certain things you can do to stay safe from the Delta variant:

  1. Keep your hand sanitizer at hand

See to it that you always have your hand sanitizers at hand. You should stock up on such supplies so that you may never run out of them when required. Keep a large bottle of hand sanitizer at home. You can fill up your small bottle as and when needed.

  1. Don’t forget your mask

Buy face masks in large quantities. See to it that the one you buy is of excellent quality. It should fit comfortably and you should not experience any difficulty breathing.

Disinfecting wipes, a thermometer, weighted blankets, air purifiers, and humidifiers too would go a long way in helping you fight off the Delta variant.

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